Top 5s from Razorcake #65: A buncha people ramble about Awesome Fest and other assorted nonsense.

Jan 10, 2012

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Adrian Salas
Top 5 Songs Based on Comics
5. Ramones “Spider-Man” (cover of Spider-Man theme)
4. Anthrax “I Am the Law” (Judge Dredd)
3. The Bomb “The Rescue” (Never specific, but definitely Superman)
2. Damned “Melody Lee” (A British kid’s comic named Bunty)
1. Naked Raygun “Coldbringer” (The Dark Knight Returns)

Andy Conway
1. ALL, Descendents, and Plow United at Riot Fest East, 09/25/11
2. Night Birds, The Other Side of Darkness LP
3. Vacation, Vacation LP
4. Frank Zappa, 200 Motels LP
5. Hoax, Hoax 7”

Art Ettinger
• A Radio With Guts, Acoustic (reissue with unreleased tracks)CD
• Various Artists, Maximumrocknroll Presents: Noise Ordinance LP
• The Spits, V LP
• Crusades, The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In LP
• The Connection, New England’s Newest Hit Makers LP

Ben Snakepit
Top Five Burritos of Awesome Fest Weekend
1. California burrito from Benny’s
2. Surf and Turf from the place up the street from Bear Paw’s
3. Chile relleno from Rigoberto’s
4. Carne asada from Los Panchos
5. Carnitas from Ray’s.

Candice Tobin
1. The Brokedowns, Species Bender
2. Fugazi, The Argument
3. Toys That Kill, Shanked!
4. Dillinger Four, Situationist Comedy 
5. Mclusky, Mclusky Do Dallas

Chris Mason
Top Five Sets I Caught at Awesome Fest
1. Iron Chic
2. Scared Of Chaka
3. Mean Jeans
4. Muhammad Ali
5. Steve Adamyk Band

Chris Terry
1. The Energy, The Energy’s First Album LP
2. You can still call me “C.T.” if you want.
3. Danny Brown, XXX MP3 album
4. Being all coffee’d up in Al Scorch’s living room and hearing “Troubled Heart” by the Future Virgins for the first time.
5. My short story “The Language of Hairzilla” online in SmokeLong Quarterly 33.

Christina Zamora
Top 5 Moments at Awesome Fest 5!
1. The Bananas and M.O.T.O. at Bar Eleven
2. Carrying a liter bottle of Jameson in my purse all day Saturday.
3. Giving Nato Coles a pint glass filled with Jameson and ten minutes later, seeing him on the ground outside of Soda Bar.
4. White Wires, Mean Jeans, VacationBibleSchool, God Damn Doo Wop Band at Soda bar
5. Sitting at the pool at my hotel with Donna B. drinking The Crackin and talking about the Ramones and PJ Soles topless scenes in movies.

Corinne Elmore
Top 5 Shows at Awesome Fest 5
1. Rumspringer
2. Muhammad Ali
3. David Dondero
4. The Bertos
5. Greenland Is Melting

Craig Horky
1. ALL (with Chad Price) live at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago
2. Broadway Calls, Toxic Kids EP
3. The Bombpops
4. Gigposters, Vol. 2 (book)
5. Color Ink Book Magazine

Craven Rock
1. Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Seattle and all sister protests
2. Do the Work by Steven Pressfield (book)
3. Tie: KRS-One & Marley Marl Hip-Hop Lives CD and KRS-One & Buckshot Survival Skills CD
4. Sugar & Heartstrings by Amina Foxdye (zine)
5. Capone-N-Noreaga, The War Report 2 CD

Danny Spit
1. NoMeansNo, Wrong
2. Dead Fucking Last, Proud to Be
3. Das Racist, Sit Down, Man
4. Scaredycat, Nine
5. Too Many Daves, Dawn of the Daves

Daryl Gussin
• Awesome Fest 5 tie with Razorcake 10 Year Anniversary Show
• Brain F≠, Sleep Rough, tie with Night Birds, The Other Side of Darkness
• True Stereo 7”
• Crusades
• “Things Take a Turn” by Career Suicide. Punkest song of 2011.

Designated Dale1. Our two-year wedding anniversary this past October 10th. My lady sure is somethin’ else. Love you, Yvonne!
2. D Generation at the Troubadour in Hollywood, CA on 9/24/11. NYC rock‘n’roll is still alive and well.
3. The Riverboat Gamblers’ Smash/Grab EP. Continuing to reiterate the RBG’s sonic translation of “Don’t Mess with Texas.”
4. Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood, CA. For over fifty years, this L.A. institution of a drum shop continues to serve many a sticksman respectfully without the loads of happy horseshit that Guitard Center & Sam Ass like to shovel into your lap. Thanks, Jerry!
5. The newest addition to our feline familia, Sheena (aka, The Other White Meat). Do Sasha (R.I.P.) proud, Sheena; you flailing, lovable punk-ass!

Ever a.k.a. The Girl About Town
1. Rorschach at Aladdin Jr., Pomona, CA
2. Razorcake Anniversary Show!!! The Arrivals, Hex Dispensers, Young Offenders, and Toys That Kill at the American Legion in Highland Park
3. Azül and Narwhal Party at Aladdin Jr., Pomona, CA
4. Release of the new limited edition GURU sneaker!
5. The Zapp Bad at The Art Laboe Show

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Bands That Make You Feel like You’re on Drugs Even When You’re Not
1. Scratch Acid
2. Arab On Radar
3. James Arthur’s Manhunt
4. Liars
5. Daughters

Joe Dana
Top 5 Most Memorable Moments of Awesome Fest
1. My friend grabbing me during Lenguas Largas’ set and scolding me for not turning him on to them sooner.
2. Leading six cars (including one with members of new favorite band, Iron Chic) on a wild goose chase to Pokez for breakfast only to find it closed for Labor Day. Sorry about that, chaps.
3. A cabbie becomes our all weekend chauffeur after getting us to the Vacation Bible School show in five minutes!
4. The stage is for everyone during Rumspringer.
5. Scared of Chaka! Bananas! M.O.T.O.! Shang-A-Lang’s last West Coast show! Don’t make me choose! Why does it have to end?!

Juan Espinosa
• Suburbanite 7”
• Total Control, Henge Beat LP
• Big Crux, Nature Cruising 12”
• Volahn and Arizmenda live at Vacation Records
• Moving to the Bay Area soon

Kurt Morris
1. Radiohead, The King of Limbs
2. James Bond films
3. M83, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
4. Black Flag, Loose Nut
5. Black Flag, My War

Lauren Measure
Top 5 Records I Finally Stopped Sleeping On
1. Archers Of Loaf, Icky Mettle
2. Sugar, Copper Blue
3. MEN, Talk About Body
4. Tenement, Napalm Dream
5. Future Virgins, Western Problems

Matt Average
• Big Crux, live at Kimo’s
• No Babies, live at the Smell
• Rat Columns, Self-titled EP
• Rank/Xerox, Self-titled LP
• Negative Lifestyle, Panic EP

Mark Twistworthy
• Stymie
• Crusades, LP and live
• We Were Promised Jetpacks new CD
• The OBN IIIs, LP and 7”s
• VLHS! So fun!

Marty Ploy
1. 12th & G Benefit Compilation LP
2. Sloane Peterson, Why Go Out
3. Shovel & Gun, demo CD-R
4. The Manix, Neighborhood Wildlife
5. Big Eyes, Hard Life LP

Mike Faloon
1. Blue Plate Special, On the Tracks CD
2. Chad Harbach, The Art of Fielding (book)
3. The Jennifers, Well-Intentioned World CD
4. Matt Kindt, Revolver (comic)
5. Various Artists, Stroke: Chris Knox Benefit 2 x CD

Mike Frame
1. Michael Monroe, Sensory Overdrive CD
2. Jayhawks, Mockingbird Time CD
3. Joan Jett, live in Deadwood, SD
4. Wild Flag, Self-titled CD
5. Rocket From The Tombs, Barfly LP

Naked Rob
The Thrash Attack/SFC
1. Low Places, Spiritual Treatment LP (PowVio)
2. Night Birds, The Other Side Of Darkness CD (Punk)
3. Glambilly, White BBQ Sauce CD (Texas Rock)
4. Landmine Marathon, Gallows CD (Grind)
5. Delaney Davidson, Bad Luck Man CD (NZ Blues Rock)

Nardwuar the Human Serviette
1. Rock Stardom for Dumbshits book (A genius reference for losers by The Phantom Surfers)
2. Nu Sensae, Iceage, White Lung live at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver
3. Fresh at Twenty Book (The Oral History of Mint Records)
4. Neptoon Records in Vancouver
5. Backspin Records in Austin, TX

1. The Cardinals Winning the NL Wild Card! 
2. The White Wires, WWII CD  
3. Bad Sports, Kings of the Weekend CD
4. Awesome Fest 5 CD
5. Richard Pryor, Black Ben The Black Smith LP

Rev. Nørb
• Guida, Racey Roller LP
• Happy Thoughts, Self-titled LP
• Thee Spivs, Taped Up LP
• Dwarves, The, The Dwarves Are Born Again
• Holly And The Nice Lions, Let’s Get Wild! CD

Paul J. Comeau
Top 5 Things I Was Listening to in 2001
1. Snapcase, Progression through Unlearning LP
2. Kill Your Idols, This Is Just the Beginning CD
3. Minor Threat, Complete Discography CD
4. Various Artists, Our Own Way: An International Hardcore Compilation CD
5. Various Artists, West Coast Hardcore Vs. East Coast Hardcore CD

Rene Navarro
1. Juana Janeth Galaviz Esparza
2. God Equals Genocide / Libyans, Split 7”
3. Lenguas Largas live at the Tower Bar in San Diego
4. The Who, Who’s Next LP
5. The drumming in Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman”

Replay Dave
Top 5 Records to Listen to While Occupying Gainesville
• Senders, Lucidity/Lividity LP
• Big Kitty, Florence LP
• Jon Gaunt & Guerrilla Grass 7”
• Good Luck, Without Hesitation LP
• The Blind Shake, Seriousness LP

Rhythm Chicken
Top 5 Unpunk CDs I’ve Been Listening to at Work (aka Top 5 Guilty Pleasures)
• Perez Prado and His Orchestra, Mondo Mambo!
• Whistkeytown, Strangers Almanac
• Maritime, We, the Vehicles
• Cake, Comfort Eagle
• Martin Denny, Exotica 1 & 2, The Exciting Sounds of Martin Denny

Ronnie Sullivan
My Top 5 Razorcake Podcasts
1. # 17 with Sean Carswell
2. (It’s not really a podcast, but...) Chapter One of Shirley Wins with Todd Taylor
3. # 117 with Ben Snakepit
4. # 175 with The Young Offenders
5. # 137 with Mitch Clem

Russell Van Cleave
• ADD/C, Busy Days
• Justin Hinds & The Dominoes, Peace & Love
• Pine Hill Haints, To Win Or to Lose
• King Friday, Everything Is Not OK
• Various Artists, Decca Country Classics 1934-1973 Box Set

Ryan Horky
1. House Boat, The Thorns of Life LP
2. Mountain Goats, All Eternals Deck LP
3. Worriers, Past Lives 7”
4. Caves, Homeward Bound LP
5. Wolves In The Throne Room, Celestial Lineage LP

Ryan Leach
Top 5 Things about the Wall Street Protests
1. Class warfare against the poor is being addressed.
2. Wars in the Middle East are being addressed as a drain on social services and the economy.
3. Unions are waking up to the fact that the Democratic Party is not their ally.
4. President Obama is not a friend of the working poor. He’s not a “socialist”; far from it.
5. The feeling that you’re not alone, plus the realization that (by and large) police officers, politicians, mainstream media, and corporate CEOs are not on your side.

Sal Lucci
Top 5 Zines I Still Miss
1. Hitlist
2. Flipside
3. Under The Volcano
4. Rock And Roll Outbreak
5. Carbon 14 (It’s been like two years since the last issue... could it really be gone?)

Sean Koepenick
Bands I Have Seen Live Recently That Are Still Keeping It Real
1. The F.U.’s
2. The Jabbers
3. Street Dogs
4. The Dopamines
5. Stiff Little Fingers

Steve Hart
1. Amebix, Sonic Mass
2. Occupy Wall Street Protests
3. George Helm, A True Hawaiian CD
4. Zeptember Concert on Maui
5. Bowie in Berlin (book)

Steve Larder
1. Drainland/Cellgraft, Split 7”
2. Cloud Rat, Self-titled 12”
3. Corrupted, Garten Der Unbewusstheit CD
4. Diet Pills/Grinding Halt, Split 7”
5. The Body/Whitehorse, Split 7”

Todd Taylor
• Crusades, The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In LP
• Bertos, The, San Diego, CD-R demo
• Cheeto Champ, Gets the Giggles CD
• Red Dons, “A Forced Turning Point” b/w “Se Foi” 7”
• Steve Adamyk, Desecrate 7”
• Night Birds, The Other Side of Darkness LP

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 “W” Bands
1. Wire
2. Weirdos
3. Wizo
4. Wipers
5. Wednesday Night Heroes

Vincent Battilana
• Aye Nako tape
• Dirty Marquee tape
• Homeowners tape
• Happy Noose, Self-titled LP
• Ghostface Killah, Ironman 2 x LP