Top 5s from Issue #91

Apr 04, 2016

(glitched cover by candice)

Adam Perry
1. Massenger, Peeling Out LP
2. Massenger with MAäSK, Rotations, Ventura, CA, 1/29/16
3. Tomboy by Liz Prince (graphic novel)
4. Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein (book)
5. Armageddon in Retrospect by Kurt Vonnegut (book)

Andy Garcia
1. The Truth of Revolution, Brother: An Exploration of Punk Philosophy
2. Strangers, Where Do We Go? 7”
3. Stick Men With Ray Guns, Grave City LP
4. Electrocutioner, Wretch in Order CS
5. Digi Boys, Digi Demo CS

Art Ettinger
• Face To Face, Protection LP
• The Thermals, We Disappear LP
• Darkbuster, No Revolution LP
• Violent Femmes, We Can Do AnythingLP
• Kepi Ghoulie, Valentine 2016 7”

Billy Kostka
• The Lavender Flu, Heavy Air
• Monoshock, Lost Shock Vol. 1 & 2
• Patsy, Eat It
• Glassboots, demo tape
• A Frames, 1, 2 & 333

Chad Williams
In honor of the greatest rock’n’roll punk bastard of all time, Lemmy, these are the Top 5 Motörhead records from the second half of their forty year career, ‘cause Ace of Spades was only the beginning...
1. We Are Motörhead(2000)
2. Inferno (2004)
3. Overnight Sensation (1996)
4. Kiss of Death (2006)
5. The World Is Yours (2010)

Chris Mason
1. Outtacontroller, Television ZombieLP
2. Gag, America’s Greatest Hits LP
3. Marvelous Mark, Crushin’ LP
4. Public Eye, demo tape
5. Chroma, Cuerpos Dociles 12”

Chris Terry
1. Daylight Robbery, Accumulated ErrorLP
2. Uliczny Opryszek, Na Zawsze PunkLP
3. Nakam LP
4. David Bowie, Blackstar LP
5. MED, Blu, & Madlib, Bad Neighbor LP
Craven Rock
1. Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie, Blowfly, R.I.P.
2. Tie: Carnival by Rawi Hage and Marvel and a Wonder by Joe Meno (books)
3. Dumb Luck, Zone Out, Listen, Lady! at a house
4. Patterson Hood at Tractor Tavern
5. Decline of the Western Civilization I – III (movies)

Daryl Gussin
• Lost Balloons LP
• Backbiter, Fvck the Bozos
• Angries, Hollowed Out
• Acid Fast, Last Night on EarthLP, tie with Red Dons, Dead Hand of Tradition LP
• Swirlies, Blonder Tongue Audio Baton LP, tie with Period Three CD-R that Vince burned me.

Designated Dale
Top 5 Artists That Lemmy Kilmister Had Collaborated with
1. The Damned
2. Girlschool
3. Johnny Ramone
4. Wendy O. Williams
5. Throw Rag

Eric Baskauskas
Five Highlights of Early 2016, Self-Obsession Edition
1. Releasing a new record with my band
2. Brutal Youth, School Damage, Eradicator, and Brain Vacation (that’s my band!) live in Toronto
3. Bong Mountain, Eradicator, and my band live in Grand Rapids
4. Wishing my band was as cool as Sleep and Bongripper, live in Chicago
5. Wishing my band’s new record was as cool as Blood Pressure’s Need to Control 12”