Top 5s From Issue #86: Lemmy: 49 Percent Motherfucker, 51 Percent Son of a Bitch

Jul 13, 2015

(glitched cover by candice)

Adam Bowers
• Beach Slang’s cover of “Love My Way”
• Hurry, Self-titled
• Walleater, Self-titled
• Turnover, Magnolia
• Norm MacDonald podcasts

Art Ettinger
• The Traditionals, Tried & True CD
• Peripherique Est, Ring Est 12” EP
• Violent Femmes, Happy New Year 12” EP
• BOATS!, Black and White LP
• Pale Angels, Imaginary People LP

Andy Garcia
1. Strangers, demoCS
2. Lenguas Largas, Come on In CS
3. Blank Spell, demoCS
4. Stupid Life, Ruff, Raw, Relaxed CS
5. Red Dons and TV Smith, A Vote for the Unknown 7”

Chad Williams
Top 5 Contributions from David Jones and Heiko Schrepel, Two Friends and Bay Area Punks Who Left This Earth Recently, and Way Too Fucking Soon.
1. David (Enemy You) welcoming me into the Bay Area scene fifteen years ago and being the first really friendly face I’d see at shows after moving to SF from SoCal.
2. Heiko’s (One Man Army / Re-Volts / United Blood) infectious gold-toothed smile, reminding you that you’re at a great fucking punk show, so enjoy yourself!
3. One Man Army, Rumors and Headlines: Their masterpiece with Heiko locking down the bass, not to mention his magnetic stage presence. A true punk.
4. Enemy You, Stories Never Told: Truly underrated band and record; David’s songs and lyrics are important to a lot of people, including me.
5. Both Enemy You and One Man Army contributed amazing 7”s to the 2001 Fat Club series. “Kind Hearts” and “Victoria” are two incredible songs. David and Heiko, Rest In Peace.

Chris Mason
1. Sheer Mag, live and 7”
2. Hex Dispensers, live
3. G.L.O.S.S., demo and live
4. Broken Prayer, Misanthropocentric AKA Droid’s Blood LP
5. Steel Chains, demo

Craven Rock
1. Making homemade kombucha
2. At The Gates and Converge at Showbox Theater
3. Hollow Earth Radio’s Magma Fest with Pastel Ghost, Justin Medina, GoldenGardens, Nightspace, Silm, SicIll, LH 2020
4. JetCity Improv’s short form show
5. Killer of Sheep (movie)

Designated Dale
Top 5 Rock Docs
1. Looking For Johnny: The Legend of Johnny Thunders
2. Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL
3. Beware of Mr. Baker
4. End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones
5. Lemmy: 49% Motherfucker, 51% Son of a Bitch

Daryl Gussin
• Badlands, Dark Dreams 7”
• Sivle Si Dog, Concussion CDEP
• Miscalculations, A View for Glass Eyes LP, tie with Pale Angels, Imaginary People LP, tie with Dark Ages, Vapors LP
Tear A Cognita #01: Salt Lake City, Utah
• Bone Dust

Eric Baskauskas
• Torche, Restarter and live at The Empty Bottle, Chicago
• Swami John Reis And The Blind Shake, Modern Surf Classics and live at The Empty Bottle
• Gas Rag, On the Beach 7”
• Gay Kiss, Preservation Measures
• Broken Prayer, Misanthropocentric AKA Droid’s Blood

Evan Wolff
• Tenement, new tour tape
• Day Creeper, “CentralStates”
• Screaming Females, “RoseMountain”
• Nervosas, yet to come out new record
• Shellshag, yet to come out new record

George Rager
Top 5 Things That Are Keeping Me Sane Right Now
1. Daylight Robbery
2. Bigfoot documentaries
3. New bike
4. Writing an album
5. Debunking right-wing media

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Bike Songs
• Arrivals, “Simple Pleasures in America”
• Be Your Own Pet, “Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle”
• Queen, “Bicycle Race”
• This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, “Murder Bike”
• Zegota, “Bike Song”

Jimmy Alvarado’s
Five Things I’ve Listened to in the Past 24 Hours
• Population, Beyond the Pale LP (great modern gloom)
• Death In June, The Guilty Have No Pride LP (dovetailed nicely with the preceding album)
• DiE, Vexed EP (wild U.K. hardcore; thanks, Artcore fanzine, for the heads up)
• The Last, “She Don’t Know Why I’m Here” single (both the last truly phenomenal psych single and one of the best of the first L.A. punk singles, pre-1980)
• Coil, The Ape of Naples CD (the final album from a seminal industrial outfit)

John Mule
1. Zack Zack, Wir Haben Zeit 
2. Mommy Long Legs, Life Rips
3. The return of Dodger baseball
4. Modern Action, “Where the Girls Are”
5. Randy Newman, “I Love L.A.” (Opening day win!) 

Juan Espinosa
• Wymyns Prysyn, Head In a Vise LP, tie with GG King, Unending Darkness LP
• TRTRKMMR, Avec la Souillure Nous Entrons au Règne de la Terreur LP, tie with Nudity, Astronomicon LP
• Various, Hardcore Gimme Some More 7”
• Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, live at Space Forty Two
• Treasure Fleet, Lenguas Largas, Underground Railroad To Candyland, and Audacity, live at Non Plus Ultra

Kayla Greet
1. Anxious and Angry podcast
2. Murmurs Bound record release show at Black Lodge
3. Low Culture, Needles//Pins, Dead Bars at The Narwhal
4. Hex Dispensers, Bad Future, Therman Shanks at Victory Lounge
5. My house becoming the Reagan Youth Hostel for a weekend

Kevin Dunn
1. The Bomb, Axis of Awesome EP
2. The Buzzcocks, The Way LP
3. Hysterese, Self-titled LP
4. Feral Trash, Trashfiction LP
5. Deflowered: My Life in Pansy Division by Jon Ginoli (book)

Kurt Morris
1. Miles Davis, Milestones
2. John Coltrane, Giant Steps
3. John Coltrane, A Love Supreme
4. Julie Doiron And The Wooden Stars, Self-titled
5. Cursive, The Ugly Organ

Mark Twistworthy
• Yes, I’m Leaving, Slow Release LP and live
• Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Straight to Video LP
• The Bomb, Axis of Awesome 12”
• Mean Jeans, Singles LP
• Torche, Restarter LP

Matt Werts
• The Coneheads, LP1
• Cate Le Bon, Mug Museum
• Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly
• Ricky Eat Acid, Seeing Little Ghosts Everywhere
• Various Artists, You Can’t Kill a Corpse!!

Mike Frame
1. Descendents, Filmage (movie)
2. Sleater Kinney, No Cities to Love CD
3. Michelle Tea, How to Grow Up (book)
4. Promise, Self-titled LP reissue
5. Hot Knives, Self-titled LP reissue

Patrick Houdek
1. The Mons. Untitled (In the Original It’s Red) LP
2. Off With Their Heads and PEARS, live at Brauerhouse, Lombard, IL
3. Melanie Ramsey and Donald Murphy wedding, Chicago, IL 
4. Teenage Bottlerocket and PEARS, live at Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, CO
5. Dethwarrant, Dethwarrant II LP

Paul Silver
1. Success, Radio Recovery LP
2. Lenguas Largas, URTC, robot (re)pair, John Denver’s Last Flight, Detached Objects, Japanese Monsters at Yucca Tap Room Tempe, AZ
3. Caskitt, This Machine Kills Sadness LP
4. Masked Intruder, Success, Caskitt at Soda Bar, San Diego
5. Retox, Whores., Ghetto Blaster at The Casbah, San Diego

Rene Navarro
1. Bird Strike as an entity, a group of people—Bird Brothers and Sisters; different feathers sticking together.
2. Charles Bradley, No Time for Dreaming LP
3. Badlands, Dark Dreams 7”
4. Handski at The Wulf Den
5. Bone Dust in all his artistic endeavors.

Replay Dave
• Thunderclap, The Moon Leads LP
• Swami Jon Reis And The Blind Shake, Modern Surf Classics LP
• The Bomb, Axis of Awesome 12”
• Torche, Restarter LP
• War On Women, Self-titled LP

Rev. Nørb
• The Sonics, This Is the Sonics LP
• Barreracudas, Promises, Promises 45
• Fashionism, Smash the State (with Your Face) 45
• Urinals, Next Year at Marienbad CD
• Last Sons Of Krypton, Teenage Trash LP

Rich Cocksedge
• La Urss, Maravillas del Mundo LP
• Boss Tuneage’s remastered reissues by Doctor Bison and The Jones
• War On Women, Self-titled LP
• Live performances by Stiff Little Fingers and Pears
• Jim Ruland’s book, Forest of Fortune

Sal Lucci
1. El Barrio, Bad Boogaloo CD
2. Hierophants 7”
3. Vatican Dagger 7”
4. John Wesley Coleman, “I Feel Like a Sad Clown” b/w “I Found a Home” 7”
5. Stevens 7”

Sean Arenas
• Fellow Project, Basic Axemanship 10”
• The Coltranes, The Cat of Nine Tails 7”
• War On Women, Self-titled LP
The Last Pogo Jumps Again DVD
• Colleen Green, I Want to Grow Up CD

Sean Koepenick
Best Lesser-Known Naked Raygun-Related Side Projects
1. Arsenal
2. Pailhead
3. DV8
4. The Tarts
5. Condor

Stephen Hart
• New Faith No More songs
• The written works of James Baldwin
• Miles Davis, Big Fun
• The Iconoclast playing again 
• Swans, To Be Kind

Susan de Place
1. N.W.A.
2. Wu-Tang Clan
3. Notorious B.I.G.
4. Salt-N-Pepa
5. Gucci Mane

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Code Black
2. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
3. Mommy
4. Wild Tales
5. Hits

Todd Taylor
• Tenement, Bruised Music, Volume One LP
• Badlands, Dark Dreams 7”
• The Creeps, Eulogies LP
Dragon’s Breath by MariNaomi (book) tie This Is Not a Camera by Jim Ruland (zine)
• Angry and Anxious podcast
Tear A Cognita #01: Salt Lake City, Utah

Tommy Vandervort
1. Meatwave, Brother LP
2. Off With Their Heads, PEARS, The Timmy’s, at The Firehouse, Normal, IL
3. The Brokedowns, Canadian Rifle, Meatwave, at The Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL
4. Powertrip at The Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL
5. Poison Idea at The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL

Tricia Ramos
It Follows soundtrack by Disasterpeace
Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
• Badlands show at SGRAFFITO Gallery, Oakland, CA
• Disneyland trip for my birthday
Cactus Haiku zine by Adrian Chi

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