Top 5s from Issue #84: Top 5 Worst Songs to Hear on the Lite FM Station at Your Office Job

Mar 17, 2015

(gliched cover by Candice)

Adam Bowers
• Pity Sex, Feast of Love
• Potty Mouth, Hell Bent
• Cloud Nothings, Here and Nowhere Else
• An Horse, Rearrange Beds
• Owen, Other People’s Songs

Alex Barrett
1. Caves, Leaving
2. Ex-Cult, Midnight Passenger
3. Long Knife, Meditations on Self Destruction
4. Neighborhood Brats, Recovery
5. Sonic Avenues, Mistakes

Andy Garcia
1. Frau, Punk Is My Boyfriend 7”
2. Destruction Unit, live at Not Dead Yet Fest, Toronto, ON
3. S.H.I.T., Feeding Time 7”
4. Big Zit, Electric Zit Vol. 1
5. Depths Of Reality, The Demo

Art Ettinger
• M.D.C., Millions of Dead Cops: Millennium Edition LP
• Kepi Ghoulie, Kepi Goes Country LP
• Reducers SF, Essentials 4 x LP
• Apocalypse Meow / Todd Congelliere, split 7”
• Little Dave Merriman, Odd Bird Cassette

Bill Pinkel
• Black Rainbow, Self-titled
• Ty Segall, Manipulator
• Neighborhood Brats, Recovery
• Martha, Courting Strong
• I know I’m like way late to the party on this one, but Chance The Rapper, Acid Rap

Billy Kostka
1. Golden Pelicans, Self-titled
2. Gino And The Goons, Shake It!
3. Icky Boyfriends, Live in San Francisco
4. The Monsieurs, Self-titled
5. Nots, We Are Nots

Cassie Sneider
Top 5 Worst Songs to Hear on the Lite FM Station at Your Office Job
1. “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw
2. “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle
3. “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton
4. “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan
5. “Ebony & Ivory” by Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder

Chad Williams
Top 5 from Rock The Ship: Pirates Press 10th Anniversary Weekend
1. Secret Cock Sparrer set at midnight at Bottom Of The Hill
2. Cock Sparrer literally playing on the streets of San Francisco
3. Smalltown at 1 PM!
4. Reducers SF back in action!
5. Giants winning World Series Game 4 during Cock Sparrer. Take ‘em All!

Chris Mason
1. Martha, Courting Strong LP
2. Total Control, Typical System LP
3. Ex Hex, Rips LP
4. Protomartyr, Under Color of Official Right LP
5. RadiatorHospital, Torch Song LP

Chris Terry
1. Run The Jewels, RTJ2 LP
2. FKA Twigs, LP1 LP
3. Confessions of a Teenage JesusJerk by Tony Dushane (novel)
4. My short story “At Home with Rapper’s Delight” on
5. Felix Lynn Terry, 9 lbs. 7 oz., October 7, 2014

Craven Rock
1. Ferguson Uprising and all resistance in support.
2. Seattle anti-police brutality protestors shutting down Westlake Center Mall on Black Friday resisting Darren Wilson verdict and continued presence in the streets almost daily.
3. Gina Siciliano’s release of I Know What I Am and the release event where she read her essay about it.
4. Bob Mould at Neptune Theater (Thanks Kayla Greet!)
5. Seeing Simon Henneman’s Meridian Big Band premier at The Josephine and then Mike Watt at the Tractor.

Dave Williams
Top Ten Records of 2014 Not-So-Sneakily Masquerading As a Top Five
1. Martha, Courting Strong / Märvel, Hadal Zone Express (tie)
2. At The Gates, At War with Reality / Needles//Pins, Shamebirds (tie)
3. Cold World, How the Gods Chill / Taylor Swift, 1989 (tie)
4. Pallbearer, Foundations of Burden / Onyx, Wakedafucup (tie)
5. Bane, Don’t Wait Up / The Raging Nathans, Losing It (tie)

Designated Dale
1. Molotov at the Regent in DTLA, never a bad show with these guys. Ever.
2. Ripping through a Ramones set with homies Art, Kyle, and Mike (AKA Charm Like Bricks) at the annual VLHS Halloween Show to a packed house, rain be damned.
3. Dangerhouse Records night at the Echoplex in EchoPark. Say what ya want about the other bands, but The Deadbeats stole the fuckin’ show.
4. These four fantabulous full-lengths that turn forty-five this year: MC5, Back in the USA, Black Sabbath, Self-titled, The Stooges, Fun House, and David Bowie, The Man Who Sold the World.
5. My mom’s pumpkin pie recipe. It’s simply the best that I’ve put away over the years and I ain’t being biased one iota, shit you not.

Daryl Gussin
• The Brokedowns, Life is a Breeze
• Neighborhood Brats, Recovery
• Steppe People 7”
• Delay, live at The Wulf Den
• People all over the country taking their frustration to the streets. No justice, no peace.

Eric Baskauskas
Fest 13 Top 5ish
• Night Birds
• Tie: Direct Hit! / 5 Star Pizza
• Tie: Donovan Wolfington / Hard Girls
• Direct Effect
• Melvins

Evan Wolff
1. Swim Team
2. Bad Matches
3. Gazer
4. Leggy
5. Bummers Eve

George Rager
Top 5 Recent Discogs Purchases
• Lost Kids, Bla Bla
• Elton Motello, Victim of Time
• Soda Fraise, Ça Baigne Dans L’Huile
• Jet Staxx, French Girls
• Fehlfarben, Monarchie und Alltag

Indiana Laub
• Notches, Self-titled EP
• Glass Cake, Lunar Caustic EP
• Moto Surf, Self-titled EP
• Venkman, “Throw Rocks at Cats”
• Forrest Conifer, “Awkward Cult Forever”

Jamie Rotante
Top 5 Band Names Ideas Inspired by Dinosaurs 
1. Beast Foot (Theropod)
2. Swift Seize (Velociraptor)
3. Terrible Claw (Deinonychus)
4. Tidal Giant (Paralititan)
5. Different Lizard (Allosaurus)

Javier Cabral
Top 5 L.A. Pop Punk Shows of 2014 
1. New Found Glory at Santa Anita Racetrack
2. Masked Intruder at Roxy 
3. Direct Hit! at the Redwood
4. Teenage Bottlerocket at Warped Tour (Pomona)
5. Modern Baseball / Wonder Years at Fox Theater 

Jeff Proctor
Top Shows to Kick Off 2015
1. Octagrape and Stalins Of Sound, Jan. 3 at the Redwood Bar, DTLA
2. The Dictators and Angry Samoans, Jan. 16 at the Roxy, West Hollywood
3. Paul Collins Beat, Jan. 23 at the Smell, DTLA
4. Rocket From the Crypt, Jan. 31 at Alex’s Bar, Long Beach
5. Burgerama 4, Black Lips, Bleached, Witch, Shannon And The Clams, Audacity, Ty Segall, Gang Of Four, King Khan & BBQ Show, J. Mascis, Coathangers, Roky Erickson, March 28 and 29 at the Observatory, Santa Ana

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Traveling Bands
• Warsaw: bus from Belgrade to Zagreb (winter)
• Echo & The Bunnymen: bus from Gothenburg to Oslo (winter)
• Sonic Youth: train from Fukuoka to Nagasaki (autumn)
• Mark Lanegan: train from Paris to Geneva (spring)
ИO///sé: subway from Oakland to San Francisco (whenever!)

Jim Joyce
1. Sheer Mag, “Hard Lovin’” from self-titled 7”
2. Jonas Canon’s zine, SRVIV (compilation)
3. Eula Biss’ book On Immunity in particular, the perseverance of indie bookstores in general
4. Winter months/tonsil hockey season
5. Brimstone Howl, Blowhard Deluxe

Jimmy Alvarado’s
Funky Four Plus One More
• Deadbeats’ set at the Frontier Records/Part Time Punks’ “Dangerhouse Night” at the Echoplex
• Pre-”Dangerhouse Night” grubbin’ at El Tepeyac with the homie Designated Dale
Part Time Punks Sampler #5 comp
• Sin 34, Do You Feel Safe? reissue
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series. Yeah, I’m a geek.

Joe Dana
Top 5 Releases of 2014 to Lil’ ol’ Me
1. Against Me!, Transgender Dysphoria Blues
2. Chromeo, White Women
3. Fartbarf, Dirty Power
4. Run The Jewels, RTJ2
5. Neighborhood Brats, Recovery

John Mule
Swingin’ Utters songs That I Would Give a Thumb to Have Written...
1. “No Eager Men”
2. “A Promise to Distinction”
3. “Angels Pissing on Your Head”
4. “Pills & Smoke”
5. “After Thoughts” (Filthy Thieving Bastards)

Juan Espinosa
• Big Crux, Ponchito LP
• Low Culture / Needles//Pins, split 7”
• The Repos, Lost Nut Cassette
• No Love, Tape # 2 Cassette, tie with Freak Vibe, Prostration Cassette
• The Dead Milkmen, Big Lizard in My Back Yard LP reissue

Kelley O’Death
1. Miss Lana Rebel, All I Need
2. Amigo The Devil, Diggers, Manimals, and The Liars Club single
3. The Mountain Goats, Tallahassee
4. Lucero, Tennessee
5. The Smart Brothers, Self-titled

Kevin Dunn
1. Sonic Avenues, Mistakes LP
2. Sugar Stems, Only Come Out at Night LP
3. Big Eyes / Post Teens, split 7”
4. Low Culture / Needles//Pins, split 7”
5. Jawbreaker, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy LP reissue

Kurt Morris
1. The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds
2. Jesu (everything)
3. Misfits, Collection I & II
4. I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, Dust
5. Minor Threat, Complete Discography

Mark Twistworthy
• Meatbodies, Self-titled LP
• Fugazi, First Demo LP
• Wet Lungs, Vile Hobbies EP
• Mixed Band Philanthropist, The Impossible Humane LP reissue
• Spank Rock, The Upside EP

Matt Average
• Brody’s Militia, Napalm Zeppelin EP
• Zex, Wanderlust 7” single
• Larry Young, Lawrence of Newark LP
• Eric Dolphy, Iron Man LP
• Dystopia, Human=Garbage 2 x LP

Matt Werts
• Ivy, Self-titled
• Hot Tip, Demo
• Leonard Cohen, Popular Problems
• Belle & Sebastian, The Boy with the Arab Strap
Stepping Out, zine by Jason Schulmerich

Michael T. Fournier
• Screaming Females, Downtown Boys, Pujol, Whore Paint at SparkCity, Providence, RI 11/07/2014
• Survival Knife, Hungry Ghost at Great Scott, Allston, MA 11/20/2014
Sub Pop USA: The Subterranean Pop Music Anthology 1980-1988 by Bruce Pavitt
• Parkay Quartz, Content Nausea LP
• Trophy Wife, All the Sides LP

Mike Dumps
1. Ryan Adams, 1984 7”EP
2. Ryan Adams, Self-titled LP
3. Stay Clean Jolene, Self-titled LP
4. Recess Records, Cavalcade of Clowns Tour 7”
5. Even Hand, Drifted

Mike Faloon
My 5 Favorite Songs on the Minus 5’s New 5 x LP, Scott the Hoople in the Dungeon of Horrors
1. “Boyce & Hart”
2. “Michael Nesmith”
3. “Dead Irish Writers”
4. “Remain in Lifeboat”
5. “Hold Down the Fort”

Mike Frame
1. AC/DC, Rock or Bust CD
2. Haden Triplets, Self-titled CD
3. John Felice, entire catalog celebrated
4. The existence of Billy Joe Shaver
5. Black Hills Vinyl, Rapid City, SD (store)

Naked Rob
Radio Valencia 87.9FM SFCA
• Long Knife, Possession 7” (PDX hardcore punk)
• Psychic Teens, Face/All 7” (Philly post-punk shoegaze)
• Faking, Vices 7” (Philly noise rock)
• Movie Star Junkies, Evil Moods CD (Italian garage psych rock)
• The Shrine, Waiting for the War 12” (VeniceBeach skate metal punk) 

Rad Stuff Happening in 2015
• Dudes Weekend
• My Two Moms reunion
• Working a new job
• Putting out records again
• Really learning to play bass

Paul J. Comeau
1. The Bad Doctors, Burning City LP
2. Möbius Strip, Palabras Podridas 7”EP
3. La Armada, Crisis 12”EP
4. Unwed, “Made Of” b/w “Pope” 7”
5. Leonard Cohen, Popular Problems CD

Paul Silver
1. Pears and The Atom Age at the Ken Club, San Diego
2. Great Apes, Playland at the Beach EP
3. Trumans Water, Octagrape, Permanent Makeup at the Casbah, San Diego
4. New Colonies, Self-titled EP
5. Entropy, All Work, No Plagiarism LP

Rev. Nørb
• Mother’s Children, Lemon LP
• Various Artists, Power Pop from the Garage CD
• White Ass, Self-titled LP
• Boys [Australia], Self-titled CD
• Various Artists, Charred Remains 2 x LP

Rich Cocksedge
My November Has Been Enhanced by the Following Items
Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL DVD
• Wovenhand, Refractory Obdurate LP
• Vicious Pleasures, Self-titled 7”
• The No Marks, Light of One LP
• Bleeding Rainbow, Interrupt LP

Sal Lucci
1. Ausmuteants, Order of Operations LP
2. Ausmuteants, Fed Through a Tube 7”
3. The Humans (comic book)
4. The Klitz, Sounds of Memphis, ‘78 7”
5. Buck Biloxi And The Fucks, Culture Demanufacturer LP

Sean Arenas
• New JunkCity, Self-titled LP
• Your Pest Band, Time to Go LP
• Touming Magazine, Self-titled 7”
• Sharkpact, Run LP
• Mallory Whitten, Collected Poems & Stories

Sean Koepenick
Best RSD/Black Friday Scores
1. Johnny Thunders, Real Times10”EP
2. Joey Ramone, Christmas Spirit… 10”EP
3. Hüsker Dü, Warehouse: Songs and Stories 2 x LP
4. Joan Jett, Recorded and Booked 7” (plus book)
5. Sneakers, Self-titled 10”EP

Steve Hart
1. Graduating from the University Of Hawaii
2. Faith No More, “Motherfucker” single
3. Neil Hamburger on Oahu
4. Daniel Lanois, Flesh and Machine LP
5. Godflesh, A World Lit Only by Fire LP

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Enjoyed Recently
1. The Real Dirt on Farmer John
2. Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way
3. Kumaré
4. Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films
5. Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory

Todd Taylor
• Neighborhood Brats, Recovery LP
• Big Crux, Ponchito LP
• The Brokedowns, Life Is a Breeze LP
• Tie: Delay, live at The Wulf Den / Iron Chic, The Constant One LP
• Tie: Still Lifes / Dead Animals, Simon Sotelo (zine) / Problem? Solution, Bianca (zine)

Tommy Vandervort
1. The Brokedowns, Life Is a Breeze LP
2. Gateway District, Partial Traces EP
3. Shallow Cuts, Stormwatch EP
4. The Lillingtons, The Methadones, The Brokedowns, at The 10 Year Anniversary Party for Red Scare Records, The Metro, Chicago
5. Memorial for Bob Popp at Liars Club

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 Bands of 2014
1. Radioactivity
2. Neighborhood Brats
3. Mind Spiders
4. Needles//Pins
5. Video