Top 5s from Issue #83: It’s Fall and I Want to...DIY Everything!

Jan 12, 2015

(glitch art by candice)

Adam Bowers
• Beach Slang, Cheap Thrills on a Dead End Street
• American Football, (Deluxe Edition)
• Cayetana, Nervous Like Me
• Tigers Jaw, Charmer
• Tenement, Napalm Dream

Andy Garcia
1. La Femme, Psycho Tropical BerlinLP
2. Generacion Suicida, Todo Termina LP
3. Crazy Spirit, 2014 Demo Cassette
4. Moth, First Second LP
5. DiE, Vexed 7”

Art Ettinger
• Thulsa Doom, The PxCx 7”
• Harrington Saints, “Upright Citizen” b/w “Let’s Go Rob a Bank” 7”
• Lenguas Largas, Come On In LP
• The Dead Milkmen, Pretty Music for Pretty People LP
• Pretty Pretty, Leather Weather 7”

Bill Pinkel
Top 5 Podcasts (Besides the Razorcake Podcast of Course) That I’ve Been Enjoying Lately
99% Invisible
Love and Radio
Snap Judgment

Billy Kostka
• Supercharger, Self-titled
• Loli & The Chones, P.S. We Hate You
• OBN IIIs, Live in San Francisco
• Total Control, Typical System
• Lamps, Under the Water under the Ground

Camylle Reynolds
• New Musk LP. Can’t forget the handmade Musk meat cover, some freaky DIY shit!
The Cruising Dairies by Brontez Purnell
• Cold Beat, Over Me LP, on repeat
• Crude Studs [Sacramento] 7”EP
• Icky Boyfriends, live at 1-2-3-4 Go!

Cassie Sneider
The Only 5 Songs Dads Will Dance to at a Wedding
1. Bob Seger, “Old Time Rock and Roll”
2. Billy Joel, “You May Be Right”
3. Village People, “YMCA”
4. Sugarhill Gang, “Rapper’s Delight”
5. Steely Dan, “Peg”

Chad Williams
1. Lagwagon, Hang LP
2. The Drips, Destroy the Chemistry 7”
3. White Lung, Deep Fantasy LP
4. Sick Of It All, Last Act of Defiance LP
5. Swingin’ Utters, Fistful of Hollow LP

Chris Mason
1. Hurula, Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för LP
2. Cancers, Fatten the Leeches LP
3. Murmurs, Bound LP
4. Delay, Circle Change LP
5. Crow Bait, Sliding Through the Halls of Fate LP

Chris Terry
1. Lenguas Largas, Come On In LP
2. Teargas Rock 12”
3. Lansbury, Everything Went Static LP
4. Going Clear by Lawrence Wright (book)
5. I interviewed my friend Jessie Ann Foley on

Christina Zamora
Top 5 Bands I Saw at Awesome Fest
1. Shellshag, AF pre-fest at The Hideout
2. DFMK, AF pre-fest at Soda Bar
3. Rumspringer, at Soda Bar
4. Toys That Kill, at Soda Bar
5. 48 Thrills, at U31
Thanks everybody for another rad year. Love you all! See you next year!

Craven Rock
1. Olytopia / Magical Unicorn Landistan Camp at Autonomous Mutant Festival XVIII
2. Doing a Razorcake podcast with Todd
3. Cindy Crabb’s piece on writing in Doris #27
4. PageMuseum / La Brea Tar Pits
5. Four-way tie for zines: Secret Life of an Apprentice Electrician, Four Eyes, Two Wheels, Mishap #33, No Gods, No Mattresses #49

Designated Dale
Top 5 Molotov (from D.F. Mexico) Songs
• “Puto”
• “Frijolero”
• “Chinga tu Madre”
• “Here We Kum”
• “Changuich a la Chichona”

Daryl Gussin
• Big Crux, Ponchito LP
• AWESOMEFEST 8! Best fest ever.
• Total Control, Typical System LP tie with Reigning Sound, Shattered LP
• The Gotobeds, Poor People Are Revolting LP
• Hex Dispensers, Parallel 7” (Mandatory for any fan of the band. It came out on Red Lounge in 2011. Track it dyour own.)

Dave Williams
1. Today Is The Day, Animal Mother LP
2. Märvel, Hadal Zone Express LP
3. Minus The Bear, Lost Loves LP
4. Code Orange, I Am King LP
5. Ryan Adams, 1984 EP

Eric Baskauskas
• Gas Rag, Beats Off 12”
• Power Trip and Mammoth Grinder, live at Beat Kitchen, Chicago
• S.H.I.T. 7”s
• Copyrights, Report
• DiE, Vexed 7”

Evan Wolff
1. Shellshag
2. Basement Benders, demo
3. Marvin Berry And The New Sound, Bootleg
4. Yuze Boys
5. Black Rainbow, Self-titled LP

Garrett Barnwell
1. Phenomenauts, Escape Velocity CD
2. Sterile Jets, Liquor Store CD
3. The Frantix, My Dad’s a Fucking Alcoholic CD
4. The J.B.’s, Funky Good Time: The Anthology CD
5. Aphex Twin, Syro CD

George Rager
Top 5 Songs I Keep Listening to Over and Over
1. “Falling Like a Domino” by Elton Motello
2. “Falling Out” by Rikk Agnew/DI
3. “When You Find Out” by The Nerves
4. “New Race” by Radio Birdman
5. “Shining Silver Light” by Weirdos

Indiana Laub
• New JunkCity, Self-titled cassette
• Dumb Luck’s EP being recorded in my living room
• LVL UP, Hoodwink’d LP
• Canine, Self-titled cassette
• The first six AFI albums on repeat

Jamie Rotante
Top 5 Tunes for When I’m Feelin’ Weird
1. “Anxious Tendencies” by Nervosas
2. “My Shadow” by Jay Reatard
3. “The Cult Song” by Shannon And The Clams
4. “Oblivious” by Night Birds
5. “Nothing Left” by The Feejee Mermaids

Javier Cabral
Top 5 Mexican Pop Punk bands in Español to Youtube while You Work
1. Division Minuscula
2. Taller Para Niños
3. Los Maledukados
4. Bye Sammi
5. Los Garigoles

Jeff Proctor
Top 5 Shows of Summer 2014
1. Drive Like Jehu reunion show at the Balboa Park Organ Pavilion, San Diego
2. Recess Records Cavalcade of Clowns at Til-Two, San Diego: Underground Railroad To Candyland, Lenguas Largas, Swing Ding Amigos, Treasure Fleet, and Blank Pages.
3. Burger-a-Go-Go at the Observatory, Santa Ana: Dum Dum Girls, Shannon And The Clams, the Muffs, Colleen Green, the Coathangers, Bleached, Peach Kelli Pop, Teenage Burritos.
4. Blank Pages, Street Eaters, and Nerve Beats at the Redwood, DTLA
5. Obits and Toys That Kill at the Fold (Bootleg Theatre), Westlake, Los Angeles

Jimmy Alvarado
Five Albums I’ve Listened to in the Past 48 Hours
• A Certain Ratio, To Each....
• Bangles, Self-titled EP
• Bush Tetras, Boom in the Night
• Pere Ubu, The Modern Dance
• Pretty Things, The Vintage Years

Joe Evans III
Top 5 Record Stores I’ve Seen in ‘14
• Iris Records (Jersey City, NJ)
• Extreme Noise (Minneapolis, MN)
• Grave Face Records (Savannah, GA)
• Celebrated Summer (Baltimore, MD)
• Static Age Records (Asheville, NC)

John Mule
It’s Fall and I Want to...
1. D.I.Y. everything!
2. Listen to folk punk!
3. Sew a Crass patch on something.
4. Ride bikes to the record store
5. Drink beer, bake a pie, and watch Army of Darkness with friends.

Juan Espinosa
• Total Control, Typical System LP
• White Wards, The Lowest Form, Doses at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock, CA; and White Wards, Cigarette Burns LP
• Hank Wood And The Hammerheads, Stay Home! LP
• Dillinger Four, Midwestern Songs of the Americas and Vs. God LP reissues
• Clayton Kershaw’s bid for 2014 NL Cy Young award and regular season MVP

Kayla Greet
Top 5 songs That Bum Me out in a Good Way
1. Off With Their Heads, “Clear the Air”
2. Screeching Weasel, “Leather Jacket”
3. RVIVR, “Spider Song”
4. Descendents, “When I Get Old”
5. Bad Religion, “Wrong Way Kids”

Kevin Dunn
1. Baby Ghosts, Maybe Ghosts LP
2. Canadian Rifle, Deep Ends LP
3. So Cow, The Long Con LP
4. Ex-Cult, Midnight Passenger LP
5. Hospital Jobs, The Believers LP

Kurt Morris
1. Sun Kil Moon, Benji
2. Notorious B.I.G., Ready to Die
3. Starflyer 59, Americana
4. Propagandhi (everything)
5. My old Razorcake podcasts

Mark Twistworthy
• Per Purpose, Circle the Stains LP
• Anger House, Asleep 7”
• Ausmuteants, new LP and live
• The Gotobeds, Poor People Are Revolting LP
• Lesser Beings, This Is All There Is Cassette

Marty Ploy
Top 5 Most Fun Shows I Threw in 2014
1. Awesome Fest 8, San Diego, CA 8/29 to 9/31
2. Iron Chic, Turkish Techno, Summer Vacation, Bastards Of Young at VLHS 3/16
3. Rumspringer, Samsara, Wreck Of The Zephyr, Western Setting, Rev Lee Peters at VLHS 2/15
4. Everybody Row, Dangers, Graf Orlock, Moxiebeat at VLHS 6/28
5. Benny The Jet Rodriguez, Underground Railroad To Candyland, Winter Break, Needle Craft, Hillary Chillton at VLHS 7/03

Matt Average
• Sonny Vincent, Cyanide Consommé LP
• Matchess, Seraphastra LP
• Kluster, Klopfzeichen LP and Zwei Osterei LP
• Advlts, Self-titled EP
• Golden Pelicans, Self-titled 12”EP

Matt Seward
5. Cove, Self-titled LP
4. Canadian Rifle, Deep Ends,tie with Living Alone, Self-titled
3. Turntable Tour at Seasick Records (travelling art show ft: Tim Kerr, Chris Shary, Kepi Ghoulie)
2. Shallow Cuts, Storm Watch 7”
1. Crow Bait, Sliding through the Halls of Fate LP

Matt Werts
• Cass McCombs, Big Wheel and Others
• Peter Gutteridge, Pure
• Hank Wood And the Hammerheads, Stay Home!
• Sneaks,Self-titled
• Myriam Gendron, Not So Deep as a Well

Meztli Hernandez
Top 5 Records I Bought This Year
1. Dum Dum Girls, Too True Loser Edition
2. Generacion Suicida, Con la Muerte a Tu Lado clear vinyl
3. Catholic Spit, A Pact with the Devil French pressing
4. Total Control, Typical System
5. The Jesus And Mary Chain, Psycho Candy reissue

Michael Fournier
• Ex Hex, Rips LP
• Milltown Ink in Bondsville, MA
• Reading with Joe Evans III, Mike Faloon, and Larry Livermore in Brooklyn on 10/10 and Jersey City on 10/11.
• Vampires, Every Kind of Light EP
• John Williams, Butcher’s Crossing (novel)

Mike Frame
1. Ex Hex, Rips LP and live
2. Iron Reagan, Tyranny of Will CD
3. Real Kids, Shake Outta Control CD
4. Descendents, live with Tony Lombardo
5. Dum Dum Girls, live and on record

Naked Rob
Radio Valencia, SF, CA
1. Churchwood, 3: Trickgnosis LP (Texas freak-blues)
2. The Hares, Smoking in Bed LP (South San Antonio R’N’R)
3. John Schooley, The Man Who Rode the Mule around the World CD (Texas blues trash)
4. Silver Screams, Creep Joint Scratch (Boston punk rock’n’roll)
5. Atown Sluts, Steal Your Drugs (Pennsylvania punk rock)

Nardwuar the Human Serviette
1. Sauna, Cheap Date Cassette—Denver goodness on Burger Records!
2. The Lopez, Travel Fast Cassette—Pittsburgh punk on Machine Age Records!
3. Tubuloids, This Wave Sucks 7”—Vancouver surf punk!
4. The Caffiends, Self-titled Cassette—Florida punk on Baldy Longhair Records!
5. The Arrogants, Introducing CD—Wicked, French garage rawk on Dirty Water Records!

• Billy Bragg, live
• Bob Mould Band, live
• The Baseball Project, live
• Quitting smoking
• Trying to understand the game of cricket

Paul Silver
1. World movie premiere of It’s Gonna Blow: San Diego’s Music Underground 1986-1996
2. The Dirty Nil record release show, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
3. Drive Like Jehu reunion show with the Spreckels Organ, BalboaPark, San Diego
4. Awesomefest 8, all of it!
5. Baby Ghosts, Maybe Ghosts LP

Replay Dave
• Tim Version, Ordinary Life LP
• Big Business, Here Come the Waterworks LP
• Black Rainbow, Self-titled LP
• Any Trouble, Self-titled LP
• The wasted morning DJ on 104.9 FM in Gainesville

Rev. Nørb
• Cozy, Button by Button LP
• Dials, “Schoolgirl” b/w “Nervous” 45
• Sonny Vincent, Cyanide Consommé CD
• Spruce Bringsteen, Game On 10”
• ZHOD, Would You Rather...? LP

Rich Cocksedge
1. Castro, Hidden Agenda 7”
2. H.D.Q., When Worlds Collide 7”
3. Low Culture / Needles//Pins, Split 7”
4. Dalaplan, Plikt Och Elande LP
5. Castro, Hidden Agenda 7” (so good it has to be in twice)

Rishbha Bhagi
1. Lauryn Hill, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
2. Franz Kafka, The Castle (book)
3. The Cramps, Bad Music for Bad People
4. Rene Daumal, Pataphysical Essays (What is this shit?)
5. Kendrick Lamar, good kid, m.A.A.d city

Ryan Nichols
• Cold Circuits, Out of Hat Yai LP
• Moving out
• The Great Sabatini, Dog Years LP
• Quitting coffee 
Lipstick Traces by Greil Marcus

Sal Lucci
1. Golden Pelicans LP
2. Crime, Murder by Guitar LP
3. Ausmuteants, live at Gonerfest 11
4. Ausmuteants, Split Personalities LP
5. Cal And The Calories, Demo 7”

Sean Arenas
• Testors, Complete Recordings 1976-1979 2 x LP
• Chest Pain, Weltschmerz LP
• Black Wine, Yell Boss LP
• Lenguas Largas, Come On In Cassette
• Ruined Families, Blank Language LP

Sean Koepenick
Import Albums from the Far East (Some of Which Feature a Paper Insert SpineThat Serves No Practical Purpose)
1. Dead Mechanical, OK Night (Waterslide Records, Japan)
2. Date Bait, I Spit on Your Grave (Century Records, Japan)
3. XTC, GO 2 (Toshikazu Ohtaku Records, Japan)
4. Blue Cheer, Hello Tokyo, Bye Bye Osaka (Live in Japan 1999) (Captain Trip, Japan)
5. Robyn Hitchcock, Obliteration Pie (Oak Tree Records, Japan)

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Particle Fever
2. Calvary
3. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz
4. Filth
5. The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden

Todd Taylor
• Total Control, Typical System
• Delay, Circle Change LP tie SwingState(book) by Michael T. Fournier
• Black Rainbow, Self-titled LP tie Bite the Cactus Awesome Fest 8 Edition (zine) by Adrian Chi
• Iron Chic, The Constant One LP tie Giuseppe Makes a Movie (movie)
• Hard Skin “We Are the Wankers” 7” tie No Hope (zine) by Marcos Siref

Tommy Vandervort
1. Pegboy, Stiff Little Fingers, and Bad Religion in Cincinnati and Milwaukee
2. Patrick Houdek photography show at Township
3. JoeyCape at Gingerman
4. Red Scare Records, 10 Years of Your Dumb Bullshit compilation
5. Going on a quick trip with Pegboy. Best dudes around.

Ty Stranglehold
1. Neighborhood Brats, Recovery LP
2. Steve Adamyk Band, Dial Tone LP
3. Forest of Fortune by Jim Ruland 
4. Dwarves, Invented Rock’n’Roll LP
5. The Mants, Destroyed by Fuzz 7”