Top 5s from Issue #78: Top 5 Songs for Burying a Drifter in Your Backyard

Feb 24, 2014

(glitched cover by infinity-machine/candice)

Adam Bowers
Top 5 Bands with Women Singers
• Hop Along
• PS Eliot
• Lemuria
• Slingshot Dakota
• Pohgoh

Adam Mullett
1. Matt Berry, Witchazel
2. Pleasure Cross, Demo
3. The Exploited, Horror Epics (RIP Todd Murphy)
4. The Replacements, Tim
5. Arsenal being top of the Premier League

Art Ettinger
• The Ills, Tuning Out Cassette
• Benny The Jet Rodriguez, Home.Run. LP
• StamfordBridge, Solstice Demo 7”
• Can Of Beans, Self-titled LP
• Bad Religion, Christmas Songs LP

Billy Kostka
• The Spits, IV
• White Fence, Live in San Francisco
• Pampers, Self-titled
• Bad Times, Self-titled
• Iron Chic, The Constant One

Caitlin Hoffman
The 5 Best Albums I Discovered through a Promo Agency
1. Ron LittleJohn And The Funk Embassy, Shining On
2. Stoney, More Than Animals
3. Louise Aubrie, Time Honoured Alibi
4. The Black Clouds, Better Days
5. Vulture Kult, Don’t Let Rock n’ Roll Ruin Your Life

Camylle Reynolds
Top 5 All XX Bands, New and Old, That I’ve Got Much Love for XOXOXO
1. Le Tigre (First love)
2. Hysterics (Still patiently waiting for their new release!)
3. Quaaludes (Never heard of them? Better seek that shit out!)
4. Kleenex/LiLiPUT (First Swedish punk love)
5. Midnite Snaxxx (Rock’n’’roll goodness)

Candice Tobin
1. Something to Dü: A Tribute to Hüsker Dü 7”
2. Red Dons, Notes on the Underground 7”
3. Calvinball / Rumspringer, Split 7”
4. Homeowners, Light and Vision 7”
5. Rations, Martyrs and Prisoners 7”

Cassie Sneider
Top 5 Songs for Burying a Drifter in Your Backyard
• “Drift Away” by Dobie Gray
• “Ramblin’ Man” by the Allman Brothers
• “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone” by The Temptations
• “Sweet Freedom” by Michael McDonald
• “Hard Luck Woman” by KISS

Chris Mason
1. Love Triangle, Clever Clever LP
2. Radioactivity, Self-titled LP
3. Iron Chic, The Constant One LP
4. Tenement / Screaming Females, Split 7”
5. Red Dons, Notes on the Underground 7”

Chad Williams
1. NO///SÉ, Beach Bathroom Bingo 7”
2. Holier Than Thou?, You Can’t Have Slaughter without Laughter LP
3. 45 Adapters, Dress Well, Drink Heavily 7”
4. Autistic Youth, Nonage LP
5. Radioactivity, Self-titled LP

Chris Terry
• Big Bill / Basketball Shorts, Split cassette
• EurekaCalifornia / Good Grief, Split 7”
• The Babies, Our House on the Hill LP
• The Range, Nonfiction LP
• Pusha T, My Name Is My Name LP

Craven Rock
1. The Coup, Sorry to Bother You
2. El-P, Cancer 4 Cure
3. RVIVR, The Beauty Between LP
4. Pop Magic!by Grant Morrison (essay)
5. Gnarl! by Rudy Rucker (book)

Daryl Gussin
• Prince, “Young Americans”
• All the new Dirtnap releases! Radioactivity, Mind Spiders, Missing Monuments, and Bad Sports!
• French Exit, Guts & Black Stuff, tie with The Visitors, Yeti
• Red Dons, Notes on the Underground 7”
• The Libyans, Expired Language LP

Designated Dale
1. Nightmare Boyzzz, Bad Patterns LP (Fuck yes)
2. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Unvarnished LP (Joanie continues to deliver)
3. The Osmonds, Crazy Horses LP (Holy shit, still can’t believe I never heard this record!)
4. The Ugly Ducklings, Nothin’ 7” (Bitchin’ Toronto proto punk, via 1966)
5. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders and The Woggles on 11/09/13 at The Redwood, DTLA

Donna Ramone
The General Consensus for Best Albums of 2013, in No Particular Order
• Crusades, Perhaps You Deliver this Satansatansatanhellfire
•  Radioactivity, Self-titled (Sick tunes)
•  Mind Spiders, Inhumanistic (We are DEVO)
•  Low Culture, Screens (That’s the third Marked Men-related band on this list, if you’re counting)
•  RVIVR, The Beauty Between the three years everyone waited for this.
•  Honorable Mention to my friends’ bands that put out stuff, I guess.

Evan Wolff
1. Radioactivity, Self-titled LP
2. Extra Feeler, Queen for a Day Cassette
3. Acid Fast, Rabid Moon Cassette
4. The Elsinores, Dreams of Youth
5. Swearin’, Surfing Strange

Gabe Rock
Top 5 Mixtape #4
1. Dead Moon, “It’s OK”
2. The Five Discs, “Doctor”
3. Cormega, “Fallen Soldiers”
4. Joe Strummer, “Coma Girl”
5. The Small Faces, “Itchycoo Park”

George Rager
Top 5 Things I Currently Listen to on My Iphone Whilst Driving Back-And-Forth from Torrance to West LA Since I Deleted Everything and Started Over Because It Was Jammed Up with Crap (In No Particular Order)
•  Pleasure Leftists, Self-titled
•  Mind Spiders, Inhumanistic
•  Radioactivity, Self-titled
•  Direct Control, bootleg discography
•  Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, For the Last Time

Indiana Laub
• Adventures, Clear My Head with You 7”
• Boys’ Club, Self-titled EP
• Prince, Self-titled 7”
• High Dive, These Are Days EP
• Martha, “Sycamore” b/w “Lost Without You” 7”

Joe Dana
1. French Exit opening for some Florida band called Against Me! at The Troubadour.
2. The Fucking Wrath, Summer Vacation, Horror Squad, Boboso, and French Exit at their record release show at VLHS
4. RVIVR at the Talking Stick
5. Halloween Show at the Redwood: Hands Like Bricks as Bouncing Souls 182, Lysol Gang as Green Day, Members of French Exit, Adder, Payoff and Harry And The Hendersons as Limp Bizkit (It was rad. I swear.), Des and the Cendents as guess who and my silly band got to play the Cramps.

Joe Evans III
• Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Self-titled LP re-issue
• Future Virgins, Late Republic LP
• Gateway District, Old Wild Hearts LP
• Treasure Fleet, Future Ways LP
• Travis Fristoe and Aaron Cometbus, Radon (Book)

Jon Mule
1. Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar
2. Watching Conan the Destroyer with family on Thanksgiving
3. FILMAGE!!!!
4. Night Birds and Neighborhood Brats touring in 2014?
5. Mike Watt & the Secondmen at Permanent Records

Juan Espinosa
• Radioactivity, Self-titled LP
• Belgrado, Siglo XX LP
• Slight Slappers and Capitalist Casualties live in Baldwin Park, CA
• The Repos, Lost Still Losing Cassette
• No Statik, Unity and Fragmentation LP, tie with Libyans, Expired Language LP

Kevin Dunn
• Superchunk, I Hate Music LP
• So Cow / Image Makers, Split 7”
• Gordon Gano’s Army, Self-titled CD-R
• Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Self-titled LP re-issue
Heavy Metal in BaghdadDVD

Kiyoshi Lucky Nakazawa
5. Pu$$y Cramps at the Redwood, 10/25/13
4. Trying to understand lyrics to Dillinger Four songs.
3. Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin by Yoshiyuki Yasuhiko, published by Vertical
2. Futurebrite, Part 1 EP. The indomitable Karen Kanen Corea from Hissyfits, Demander, Money Brother and now her own band. 
1. Josh Barnett wore our collaborative T-shirt for his walk-out and win at UFC 164 and it was glorious.

Kurt Morris
Top 5 Albums of 2013 in No Particular Order
• The Rutabega, Brother the Lights Don’t Work
• Crusades, Perhaps You Deliver This Judgment with More Fear Than I Receive It
• Coliseum, Sister Faith
• Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle, Perils from the Sea
• Pelican, Forever Becoming

Lauren Measure
Top 5 New-Ish Bands I’m Really Excited About
• Cayetana
• All Dogs
• Personal Best
• High Dive
• Vacation

Mark Twistworthy
• Crusades, Perhaps You Deliver... LP
• Cosmic Psychos, re-issues
• Buck Biloxi & The Fucks, Self-titled LP
• Radioactivity, Self-titled LP
• Secret Prostitutes, Welcome to Punk LP

Marty Ploy
Top 5 Albums of 2013
1. Rumspringer, Stay Afloat
2. Iron Chic, The Constant One
3. RVIVR, The Beauty Between
4. Low Culture, Screens
5. Rational Anthem, Whatevermind

Matt Average
• See You In Hell, live
• Androids Of Mu, Blood Robots LP
• Various Artists, Cosmic Machine 2 x LP
• Neo Boys, Sooner or Later 2 x LP
• Various Artists, Paink: French Punk Anthems 1977-1982 LP

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