Top 5s from Issue #75

Aug 06, 2013

(glitch art by candice/infinity-machine)

A selection of Top 5s from our most recent issue. Wanna see 'em all? Grab it here!

Bill Pinkel
• Steve Adamyk Band, Third LP
• Big Eyes, Almost Famous LP
• Testors, Live 1976-1979 LP
• Future Virgins / Toys That Kill, Split 7”
• Steve Adamyk Band and Needles//Pins live at the Redwood (Ow, my freakin’ ears!)

Daryl Gussin
• Handski, Terminal Dreamland
• Joyride!, Self-titled LP
• Gateway District, Old Wild Hearts LP
• Crusades, Parables 7” tie with Steve Adamyk Band, Third LP
• Repos, “Armed and Using” b/w “Hole in the Hill” 7”

Juan Espinosa
• The Repos, Poison Head Cassette
• Needles, Sudor, Kurraka live at 1234 Go! Records in Oakland, CA
• La Luz, Damp Face Cassette
• Belgrado, “Panopticon” b/w “Vicious Circle” 7”
• Night Birds, Maimed for the Masses 7”

Marty Ploy
• Rumspringer, Stay Afloat 
• Rational Anthem, Whatevermind
• The Ex-Boyfriends, Disease 
• Tight Bros, Self-titled
• VLHS 2nd Anniversary Party with Shark Pants, F.Y.P., Horror Squad, The Atom Age, and Spokenest.

Mark Twistworthy
• Oblivians, Desperation LP
• Rumspringer, Stay Afloat LP
• Toys That Kill / Future Virgins, Split 7”
• Crusades, Parables 7”
• The OBN III’s, Live at WFMU LP