Top 5s from Issue #74: The Only Cure is More!

Jul 04, 2013

(glitch art by candice/infinity-machine)

Art Ettinger
• Toys That Kill / Future Virgins, Split 7”
• Face To Face, Three Chords and a Half Truth LP
• Mind Spiders / Lenguas Largas, Sister Series 7”s
• Bonecrusher, Blvd. of Broken Dreams LP
• The Thermals, Desperate Ground LP

Chad Williams
Top 3 Spring 2013 Records and Top 2 2012 Records That I Somehow Missed the
Boat On

1. Marching Orders, Living Proof LP
2. Livids, Adrenalized Hearts and She Likes Zits 7”s
3. Bloody Hammer, Self-titled LP
1. Terrible Feelings, Shadows LP
2. White Lung, Sorry LP

Chris Mason
Top Five Venues Played on the Low Culture European Tour
1. Zoro in Leipzig, Germany (Amazing five story legalized squat with a record store, huge bar with ping pong tables, show space, and restaurant.)
2. Vera in Gronigen, Holland (Beautiful long-running student center with two show rooms, a huge lounge area for bands, and dorm rooms. The Mad Max-themed dance party after we played was unreal.)
3. The Pits in Kortrijk, Belgium (Small but fucking fantastic bar. Toilets are in the middle of the room where you sell merch. Hope you’re not shy.)
4. Storte in Hamburg, Germany (Another legalized squat. Big show space on the main floor. Bar, lounging rooms, and dining area in the basement.)
5. G18 in Bremen, Germany (I was jetlagged as this was our first stop right off the plane, but it was hard not to be amazed by this, my first exposure to a European living project.)

Chris Terry
1. PHL 2012: A Year in DIY (book)
2. Daylight Robbery, Distant Shores 7”
3. Dr. John, Locked Down LP
4. Aaliyah
5. Short story “The Gleam” in Moon City Review 2013

Craig Horky
1. Nothing But Teeth apparel
2. Broadway Calls, Comfort/Distraction LP
3. The Hat Madder, Orgy Opposite LP
4. Screen printing Lucero posters with whiskey mixed into the ink.
5. Floor, live at The Pyramid Scheme

Craven Rock
1. Tie: P.O.S, We Don’t Even Live Here LPand  Doomtree, No Kings LP
2. Behead The Prophet N.L.S.L, Hysterics, Body Betrayal, The Need at The Vera Project
3. Tie: Cometbus #55: Pen Pals by Aaron Cometbus (zine) / 45 RPM: Radon by Aaron Cometbus and Travis Fristoe (zine)
4. ThePower of Habit by Charles Duhigg (A book on the neuroscience of habits every punk should read.)
5. 45 Adapters, Don’t Trust Anyone Who Doesn’t Dance 7”

Daryl Gussin
• Tony Molina, Dissed and Dismissed LP
• Potty Mouth, Sun Damage 12”EP
• Eagulls, Self-titled 12”EP
• Bob Mould, The Silver Age LP, tie with Night Marchers, Allez! Allez! LP
DC Cab (Hilarious, over-looked gem of early ‘80s American goofball cinema. Revenge of the Nerds meets The A Team meets The Take. HarDCore.)

Dave Williams
1. Get High, Demos LP
2. Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Opium Morals LP
3. Ilsa, The Maggots Are Hungry 12”
4. AncientShores / Cynarae, Split LP
5. Alkaline Trio, My Shame Is True LP

Designated Dale’s
Top Five Things of Ass Kick
1. Neighborhood Brats ripping shit up at Ham & Eggs Tavern, 4/11/13 Downtown L.A. The power of rock compels you! New release coming soon!
2. Nightmare Boyzzz at some warehouse show 3/30/13 in Gardena, CA. Check out and grab anything you can by this band, post fucking haste!
3. By pure coincidence, getting to hang and shoot the shit for an entire afternoon with the original “Resident Punk” Legs McNeil. Check out his books and whatnot at
4. Off With Their Heads and F.Y.P at the Troubadour 3/27/13 in Hollywood, CA. A double-barrel shotgun of super-charged riffs ‘n hooks, peeling faces back, and the only cure is more!
5. The Bamboo Kids’ new double-LP, Safe City Blues. Your new party-rockin’ soundtrack, courtesy of the folks over at Drug Front Records. The ‘Kids continue to keep the good times comin’. Cannot emphasize enough how great a fuckin’ band they is!

Ever Velasquez
1. The Spits at The Echoplex
2. F.Y.P, The Leeches, Bombón, Can Of Beans, and Kid Little at San Pedro Shred Festival of Skate
3. Legs McNeil reading at La Cita
4. Street Eaters, Spokenest, and Behavior, house show
5. Dodger and Kings Season 2013! Yay! Yay!

George Rager
Top 5 Recent Scores
1. Valley Boys, Self-titled
2. Eagulls, Self-titled
3. Pissed Jeans, Honeys
4. The Rival Mob, Mob Justice
5. Nuclear Spring, Self-titled

Jeff Proctor
Top 5 Shows Of 2013 So Far
1. Morrissey with Patti Smith at StaplesCenter
2. Night Marchers with the Intelligence at the Satellite
3. Neurosis with SavageRepublic at Henry Fonda
4. Quicksand at Henry Fonda
5. Stalins Of Sound with the Leeches and Shirley Rolls at the Redwood

Jimmy Alvarado’s
Random Five
• Rough Kids, The State I’m In LP
• Kids Of Zoo, Self-titled LP
• Gang Of Four, Solid Gold CD
• Perspex Flesh, Ona 7” EP
• Augustus Pablo, King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown CD

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Guitarists Who Totally Slay Me
• Ricky Claudon (Pleasureboaters)
• Greg Ahee (Protomartyr)
• Jake Dudley (Synthetic ID)
• Kenny William (White Lung)
• Denis “Piggy” D’Amour, RIP (Voivod)

Joe Dana
Top 5 Moments of the 7th Annual Dre Day Celebration at El Cid
1. Horror Squad covering “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre
2. Neighborhood Brats (Their first show as an L.A. band) covering “Keep Their Heads Ringing” by Dr. Dre
3. Whiskey Christie playing the part of Ice Cube in our rendition of “I Ain’t Tha One” by N.W.A.
4. Fart Barf covering “Juice” by World Class Wrecking Crew
5. Adder vs. Horror Squad’s Aaron Ohio in a freestyle battle. Adder was the clear winner, but Aaron left a huge impression.

Juan Espinosa
• Wild Child, both 7”s
• Ancestors, III LP
• Iron Lung, Column Of Heaven, and the Rival Mob, live in Los Angeles
• Glam, Veneno en Sus Flechas 12”
• Criminal Code, Hollowed 7”

Keith Rosson
• Tom Grrrl, Even When She’s Losing, She Is Still Winning cassette
• Lazy Cowgirls, Somewhere Down the Line CD
• Hi Ho Silver Away!, Compromise 7”
One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Tropper (novel)
Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel (novel)

Kevin Dunn
• The Men, Open Your Heart LP
• Pissed Jeans, Honeys LP
• The Damned, Atthe BBC bootleg LP
• Lenguas Largas / Mind Spiders, Sister Series 7”s
• The Clash, Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg bootleg 2 x CD (The original mix for Combat Rock)

Kurt Morris
RIP Jason Molina
1. Magnolia Electric Co., Trials and Errors
2. Songs: Ohia, Untitled 7”
3. Songs: Ohia, Didn’t It Rain
4. Jason Molina, Pyramid Electric Co.
5. Jason Molina, Let Me Go Let Me Go Let Me Go

Mark Twistworthy
• Super Wild Horses, Crosswords LP
• Neon Piss, “Close the Door” b/w “Burn” 7”
• Camperdown & Out, Couldn’t Be Better LP
• Slow Warm Death, Self-titled LP
• Cheater Slicks, live during SXSW!

Matt Average
• Bremen, Self-titled 2 x LP
• FortBS, 1986 LP
• Pig//Control, Self-titled EP
Specious Species #5
• The Stops, Self-titled EP

Mike Faloon
1. Big Kitty, Recordings of Ferns LP
2. Wayne Hancock, Ride CD
3. David Kilgour, “Christopher Columbus” download single
4. Ebo Taylor, Appia Kwa Bridge CD
5. Treasure Fleet, Future Ways LP

Mike Frame
1. Tegan And Sara, Heartthrob
2. Off With Their Heads, Home
3. Bob Mould, The Silver Age
4. Shovels And Rope, o’be Joyful
5. Javier Escovedo, City Lights

• Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, Lost in the Ozone LP
• City Mouse, Bad Weather flexi disc
The Annotated Boris, by Rev. Norb (book)
• Night Birds and Tenement, live in Saint Louis, MO
• Cool Mutants and Funktown Connection, live in Evansville, IN

Rene Navarro
1. Spokenest, We M●ve 12”
2. Summer Vacation, Condition
3. Roman Candles, Spokenest, American Grizzly, and Wreck Of The Zephyr
at The Smell
4. Needles, Desesperacion 7”
5. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (Thanks Gabe!)

Replay Dave
• Wet Nurse, Daily Whatever LP
• Sugar Stems, Can’t Wait LP
• Pity Party, Do a Little Dance 7”
• Bananas, Nautical Rock’n’Roll LP
• Waxahatchee, Cerulean Salt LP

Rev. Nørb
• Barreracudas, 7th Time Around 45
• Bamboo Kids, SafeCity Blues 2 x LP
• Finders, Finders Keepers LP
• Four Slicks, Four on the Floor LP
• Lovesores, Self-titled 10”

Rick Ecker
1. Comic books: My escape to another world
2. Music: Another great escape from everyday crap
3. Free Fall, Power & Volume
4. Krokus, Dirty Dynamite
5. Only having a four-day work week

Ryan Horky
1. Nails, Abandon All Life LP
2. Darkthrone, The Underground Resistance LP
3. Rotten Sound, Species at War LP
4. Vaccine, Dead Inside 7”
5. Give, Singles Going Confetti LP

Sal Lucci
1. Ex-Cult, Self-titled LP
2. Manateees, Cat Food, 7” (New Goner faves!)
3. Buck Biloxi And The Fucks / Legendary Wings, Split 7”
4. John Wesley Coleman, Trans Am Summer Blues LP
5. Finally seeing John Wesley Coleman live!

Sean Arenas
• Bedhed / Merry Christmas, Split cassette
• Pocketknife, Tour Tape
• Mind Spiders / Lenguas Largas, Sister Sisters 7”s
• Spokenest, We M●ve 12” EP
• Fugazi, Red Medicine

Sean Koepenick
Best Quotes from Repo Man (Now finally out on Blu-Ray)
1. “Ordinary fucking people, I hate ‘em.”
2. “No Commies in my car.”
3. “Society made me what I am.”
4. “Best goddamn car on the lot.”
5. “There’s room to move as a fry cook.”

Steve Hart
1. Geneva13 #18
2. David Bowie, The Next Day
3. Iannis Xenakis, Metastasis, Pithoprakta, Eonta
4. Tomahawk, Oddfellows
5. Gary Numan, “Not the Love We Dream of”

Tim Brooks
• Rival Mob, Mob Justice LP
• Terror, Live by the Code LP
• Hounds Of Hate 7” EP
• Chief Keef, Hate Being Sober
• Battle Ruins, old demo

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. The Last Gladiators
2. Room 237
3. Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale (Two-hundred and seventy-six minute international version, not the shorter one.)
4. We Are Legion: The Story of The Hacktivists
5. Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

Todd Taylor
• Spokenest, We M●ve 12” EP
• Xaxaxa, Siromašni i Bogati LP
• Rough Kids, The State I’m In LP
• Night Marchers, Allez! Allez! LP
• Warm Soda, Someone for You LP
• Flag Of Democracy, Shatter Your Day 2 x LP
• The Resonars, Crummy Desert Sound LP
Tommy Vandervort
1. OWTH, The Slow Death, Fuck Yeahs, In Defence. The OWTH 10 Year Anniversary Party and Record Release. Triple Rock, Minneapolis, MN, March 8th, 2013. Words will never do this night justice.
2. OWTH, The Copyrights, The Slow Death, VacationBibleSchool, at the Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL March 9th, 2013.
3. Off With Their Heads, Home LP
4. Celebrating Ranae Hummel’s birthday.
5. Jesse Thorson: funniest motherfucker all weekend. Minneapolis, once again you guys roll out the red carpet and make a visitor feel welcomed and loved.

Ty Stranglehold
1. Night Birds, Born to Die in Suburbia LP
2. Big Eyes, Almost Famous LP
3. Mind Spiders / Lenguas Largas, Sister Series 7”s
4. Neighborhood Brats, Birth Right 7”
5. Rocket From The Crypt, all of it

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