Top 5s from Issue #72: I heart you, all-you-can stomach NY-style pizza.

Feb 28, 2013

(glitch art by Candice Tobin)

Adam Bowers
• Cheap Girls, Giant Orange
• Crimpshrine, The Sound of a New World Being Born
• Mogwai, Hardcore Will Never Die but You Will
• Archers Of Loaf, Vee Vee
• Jason Kutchma’s cover of “Jinx Removing”

Adrian Salas
Five (or so) Best of 2012
5. One Man Army, She’s an Alarm
4. Grimes, Visions / Torche, Harmonicraft
3. The Men, Open Your Heart / Propagandhi, Failed States
2. Cloud Nothings, Attack on Memory
1. Royal Headache, Royal Headache

Art Ettinger
• Todd Congelliere, Time to Be a Pussy 7”
• Yellow Stitches, Good Times Violent Crimes CD
• Forgetters, Self-titledLP
• No Fuckin Good, From Sea to Sea CD
• Dirt Dress, DLVNVN LP

Chad Price
1. Propagandhi, Failed States LP
2. From Ashes Rise, live at Fest and Rejoice the End 7”
3. No Problem, Living in the Void 7”
4. Rat Damage, Cursed LP
5. Swingin’ Utters, Librarians 7”

Chris Mason
1. Swearin’, Self-titled LP
2. Treasure Fleet, Future Ways LP
3. Bob Mould, Silver Year LP
4. Legendary Wings, Making Paper Roses LP
5. Gremlins UK, Self-titled 7”

Chris Terry
1. Flashlights, I’m Not Alone LP
2. Kendrick Lamar, good kid m.A.A.d. city LP
3. nine:fifteen, Electric Blanket LP
4. Ohbliv, Up LP
5. My story “Nerf Ball Water Balloon Beanbag Chair” in Curbside Splendor #4

Christina Zamora
Top 5 Records I Can’t Stop Listening to on Repeat
1. The Only Ones, Another Girl, Another Planet 7”
2. Crusades, The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In LP
3. The Scientists 7” EP
4. Future Virgins, Western Problems LP
5. Go-Go’s, Beauty & the Beat LP

Craven Rock
1. The Grand Jury Resistors. Learn about them and support them! (
2. Daniel Higgs at Cairo and at Hollow Earth Radio
3. Crackbox, Couldn’t Get Worse LP
4. Peace Is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh (book)
5. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (book)

Daryl Gussin
• Bill Bondsmen, “Nineteen” b/w “Things Fall Apart” 7"
• Grabass Charlestons, Dale and the Careeners LP
• Purple 7, “W.T.P.T.M.”
• Tom Grrrl, live at VLHS
• School Jerks, Self-titled LP tie with River City Tanlines, Coast to Coast LP

Designated Dale
1. Off With Their Heads, French Exit, Turkish Techno, Pu$$y Cow at VLHS 11/28/12. Flu rock and Thin Lizzy proven to kick all your asses.
2. Born Loose, Self-titled LP. Larry May & Co. deliver the sonic salvation of rock’n’roll, straight to your ears.
3. YouTube user JamesNintendoNerd. Hilariously fucking GREAT! (Thanks to the recommendation of my ese Juan Espinosa)
4. Hawaiian shenanigans by way of traveling cruise ship.
5. Eating like Hansel and Gretel on said cruise ship. I heart you, all-you-can stomach NY-style pizza.

Ever a.k.a. The Girl About Town
1. Kid Koala’s 12 Bit Blues Vinyl Vaudeville Tour, Dan The Automator, Money Mark, David Choe, Adira Amram And The Experience at the Echoplex
2. The Melvins at MasonicLodgeHollywoodForeverCemetery
3. Big Business at Alex’s Bar
4. The Rezillos, The Stitches, Gestapo Khazi at the Echo
5. Razorcake #71 Issue Release Party with Bombón and Death Hymn Number 9 at Permanent Records

Jeff Proctor
Top 5 Bands of 2012
1. Lenguas Largas
2. King Tuff
3. Mean Jeans
4. Audacity
5. Royal Headache

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Oldies but Goodies (American)
• “Blitzkrieg Bop” by The Ramones (1976)
• “New Pleasure” by Richard Hell And The Voidoids (1977)
• “I Wanna Be Loved” by Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers (1977)
• “Attitude” by Misfits (1978)
• “Human Fly” by The Cramps (1979)

Jimmy Alvarado
Funky Fresh Five
• No More Art, Trouble to Breathe 7”
• March Violets, Botanic Verses CD
Marley (documentary)
• Cravats, In Toytown 2 x CD
We Got Power!: Hardcore Punk Scenes from 1980s Southern California book by Dave Markey and Jordan Schwartz

Joe Dana
1. Off With Their Heads, French Exit, and Turkish Techno at VLHS
2. PLG/VNDR (Plague Vendor), Black Hands, and As If And The Whatevers at Three Clubs
3. Chotto Ghetto, Hard Girls, and American Lies at the Redwood
4. Stanley Kubrick Exhibit at LACMA
5. Raising a toast to our departed friend Danny Bauder of the Kibitz Room

Josh Brown
Top 5 Live Shows/Sets of 2012
1. Arliss Nancy at Death To False Hope Fest 2, Garage Stage, Durham, NC
2. The Maxies at Way Out West Fest, Tucson, AZ
3. Black Dots, Horror Squad, Dude’s Night, GNU Gallery, Fort Collins, CO
4. The Capitalist Kids at Death To False Hope Fest 2, Main Stage, Durham, NC
5. Yacht Rocket and Bedevilled Eggs at Beckie’s house, Montpelier, VT

Juan Espinosa
• Mellow Harsher, Self-titled 7”
• Total Control, “Scene from a Marriage” b/w “Contract” 7”
• The Ropes, “Always Nothing” Cassette
• Sea Of Shit/Water Torture, Split 7”
• Dum Dum Girls, CD-R mix that Claudia made for me

Keith Rosson
• Banditas, Save the Rats LP
• Chicken’s Call, 27 LP
The Ask by Sam Lipsyte (novel)
• Great Apes, Self-titled and split with Daikon 7”s
•, which hosts hundreds of episodes on MP3 of the Gunsmoke radio program from 1952-1961

Kevin Dunn
• Lemuria, “Cannonballs to Hurt” b/w “Varoom Allure” 7”
• So Cow / Squarehead, Out of Season split 12”
• Moutpiece, Black Banana EP
• Teeth, The Strain LP
Hand Job: A Labor of Love (zine) by the Ladydrawers Comics Collective

Kurt Morris
Top Five Albums of 2012 (In No Particular Order)
• Prayer Breakfast, Family Business LP
• Merchandise, Children of Desire LP
• Baroness, Yellow & Green LP
• Burning Love, Rotten Thing to Say LP
• Strand Of Oaks, Dark Shores LP

Marcus Solomon
Top 5 Songs I First Heard in 1980 at the Skatepark that Introduced Me to Punk Rock
• Dead Kennedys, “Police Truck”
• Sex Pistols, “God Save the Queen”
• Black Flag, “No Values”
• Buzzcocks, “Boredom”
• Plasmatics, “Butcher Baby”

Marty Ploy
Top 5 Bands I Got Turned onto in 2012
• Murmurs
• Siren Songs
• White Lung
• Square Business
• Neighborhood Brats

Matt Average
• Blue Cross, I Am Death LP
• Unholy Thoughts, The Attic LP
• Beartrap, Sleep Deprivation EP
• Modra, The Line for the Men’s Room LP
• D-Clone, Creation and Destroy LP

Mike Bruno
• The Purple 7, One-sided 12”
• Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Psychedelic Pill
• Nervosas, Descension
• Audacity, Mellow Cruisers LP
• Low Culture, Screens

Mike Frame
1. ZZ Top, La Futura CD
2. Chris Knight, Little Victories CD
3. Bluefields, Pure CD
4. Public Enemy / The Coup, new albums
5. Michael Dean Damron, Ghost LP

1. TeenBeat Mayhem book by Mike Markesich (Incredible A-Z discography and more of 1960s USA garage 45s!)
2. Black and White Illustrations book by Raymond Biesinger (Collection of Raymond from the Famines amazing drawings!)
3. Perfect Youth book by Sam Sutherland (Wonderful, detailed document of the birth of Canadian punk!)
4. Death (Detroit) live!
5. Colin’s Godson, In Time CD and comic (Super catchy Scottish punk!)

Nick Toerner
• Grabass Charlestons, Dale and the Careeners LP
• Vacation, Shitty City 7”
• Parasol, Crush Season 7”
• Big Eyes, Hard Life LP
• Treasure Fleet, Cocamotion LP

• Neighborhood Brats, Self-titled 12” EP
• Kepi Ghoulie with Mean Jeans at Fest
• F.Y.P. at Fest
• Watching Mr. Belvedere on YouTube
• Starting my own record label

• Kurt Baker, Brand New Beat LP
• Legendary Wings, Making Paper Roses LP
• Medical Tourists, Self-titled LP
• Onions, Self-titled LP
• Porcharitas, Get Wasted With... 7” EP

Paul J. Comeau
Top Five Favorite Releases of 2012
1. La Armada, Self-titled LP
2. Converge, All We Love We Leave Behind CD
3. Weird TV, Self-titled 12” EP
4. Verse, Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace CD
5. Ceremony, Zoo CD
Honorable Mention: The Coup, Sorry to Bother You CD

Replay Dave
• Tragedy, Darker Days Ahead LP
• Hot Water Music, Live In Chicago 3 x LP
• Van Morrison, Astral Weeks LP
• Post Teens / Mauser, flexi
• The Evens, The Odds LP

Rick Ecker
1. My wife for putting up with me.
2. My cat Hamilton, for giving me eight years with her before we had to say goodbye to her.
3. Getting to review punk rock, my dream since high school.
4. The Ramones for getting me into punk back in 1979 while watching Rock’n’roll High School in the theater.
5. Making it through a shitty 2012.

Naked Rob
Radio Valencia 87.9FM, SFC
1. Nazi Gold, A Message of Love LP (ATX post-punk)
2. Kicker, Not You LP (Oakland punk rock)
3. Two Much! comp LP (Punk rock, garage, pop comp from artist Dirty Donny Gillies)
4. Heart Attack Alley, Living in Hell CD (New Zealand blues trash)
5. Touch My Rash, Destined for Disaster CD (Punk rock from San Jose, CA)

Ryan Horky
1. Mixtapes / Broadway Calls, Vision Quest 7”
2. D-Clone, Creation and Destroy LP
3. Midnight, Satanic Royalty LP
4. Flatfoot, Blue Water LP
5. City Mouse / Homewreckers, Manic Recession 7”

Sal Lucci
1. Buck Biloxi And The Fucks, Self-titled 7”
2. No Bails, Self-titled 7”
3. Barbaras, 2006-2008 LP
4. Sharp Balloons, Evening News 7”. I’ve had this for months and I can’t stop listening to it!
5. OBN IIIs, Self-titled LP

Sean Arenas
• Tom Grrrl, Even When She’s Losing, She Is Still Winning Zine and CD-R
• Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 Cassette
• Walter Mitty & His Makeshift Orchestra, ‘09-’11 Discography Cassette
• Headwind, Fall Back EP
• Roman Candles, This One’s for Terminal Boredom Cassette

Sean Koepenick
Bands that are Playing Salad Days Documentary Party at The Black Cat in D.C. on 12/28-12/29/12
1. Dag Nasty
2. Government Issue / Scream (tie)
3. Kingface
4. Youth Brigade (DC)
5. Black Market Baby

Stephen Hart
1. Kowloon Walled City, Container Ships
2. X TG, Desertshore
3. Neurosis, Honor Found in Decay
4. Swans, The Seer
5. Giants winning the World Series

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Enjoyed Recently
1. Better This World
2. Kill All Redneck Pricks (KARP documentary)
3. Safety Not Guaranteed
4. Wild Bill (2011)
5. How’s Your News? (1999 DVD, 2004 & 2012 Campaigns, 2009 TV series)

Todd Taylor
• Grabass Charlestons, Dale and the Careeners LP
• Solid Attitude, BB Gun Picnic LP
• Lost Sounds, Lost Lost LP + 7”
• Pink Reason, “Ache for You” b/w Darken Daze” 7”
• Swingin’ Utters, “The Librarians Are Hiding Something” b/w “Rude Little Rooms” 7”
• Heavy Times, “Lost Dogs” + “P.O. Box” Flexi 7”

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 Records of 2012
1. Mind Spiders, Meltdown
2. Toys That Kill, Fambly 42
3. Riverboat Gamblers, The Wolf You Feed
4. Bob Mould, Silver Age
5. The Spits, Müde und Einsam