Top 5s from Issue #71: Neighborhood Brats made every band look like a bunch of WIMPS.

Jan 26, 2013

(glitch art by Candice Tobin)

Adam Bowers
• Owen, At Home with Owen
Permagrin: The Music of Justin Veatch
• Propagandhi, Failed States
• P.S. Eliot, Sadie
• Tig Notaro, Live

Aphid Peewit
• Poison Idea, The Fatal Erection Years CD
• Friends Of Dorothy, Too Perverted for Sex 7”
• The Lewd, Kill Yourself...Again, CD
Pity the Billionaire by Thomas Frank (book)
Hardcore Zen Strikes Again by Brad Warner (book)

Art Ettinger
• Patriot, TheSpirit of Rebellion LP
• Federation X, The Only Fool Is You 7”
• School Jerks, Self-titledLP
• Audacity, Mellow Cruisers LP
• The Dollyrots, Self-titled LP

Bill Pinkel
• Red Dons, Ausländer 7”
• Young Guv & The Scuzz, A Love Too Strong 12”
• Muhammadali, Self-titled LP
• Occult Detective Club / Something Fierce, Split 10”
• Nervosas, Self-titled 7”

Bryan Static
• Neon Piss, Self-titled LP
• King Tuff, Self-titled LP
• Nervosas, Rev 45
• Various Artists, The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore LP
• Capitalist Kids, Lessons on Love, Sharing, and Hygiene LP

Chris Terry
1. Staring Problem 7”
2. Prince, live
3. THEEsatisfaction, live
4. Pym, novel by Mat Johnson
5. Struggling to Surface, play by my students in juvie

Christina Zamora
Top 5 Awesome Fest 666 Moments
1. Siren Songs at Soda Bar on Friday (orgy optional) & Mind Spiders at Bar Eleven on Friday.
2. Used Kids at Soda Bar on Saturday.
3. Bananas at Bar Eleven on Saturday.
4. Masked Intruder at U31 on Sunday.
5. Spending AF666 with my Eric and completing another successful AF with some of my favorite friends ever! THANK YOU ALL!

Craven Rock 
1. Flying into the Chandelier (zine)
2. Arms Aloft, Fault Lines, Yogurt Brain at my buddy Zach’s house in Oakland
3. From Death to Morning, by Thomas Wolfe (book)
4. Jimmy Cliff, Rebirth
5. Pulphead: Essays, by John Jeremiah Sullivan (book)

Daryl Gussin
• Red Dons, live (twice in two days) + Ausländer 7” (Thanks for annihilating the post-AF depression.)
• Criminal Code, Hollowed 7”
• Brokedowns, The / Wide Angles, Split 7”
• Custody Battle 10” + live
• Black Wine, Hollow Earth LP

Denise Depaolo
Top 5 Fests in Sioux Falls This Year
1. Oddfest
2. 605 Summer Classic
3. 44 Fest
4. JazzFest
5. RibFest

Designated Dale
1. Stains, Charm Machine, and The Hellers at The Redwood 9/25/12—Raging in downtown L.A.
2. Christopher Titus’ podcast,—Shit’s pretty funny and Nerd Punk keeps it real.
3. Razorcake’s continuing guest podcasts that offer a bitchin’ cross-section of what we’re all about: /podcast
4. Marc Bolan of T.Rex’s short-lived Marc show, all up and streaming on YouTube. Although it only ran for six weeks before his fatal car crash, it showcased some awesome talent including Bolan himself, David Bowie, The Jam, and Generation X.
5. Food boners. Hell, yeah.

Ever a.k.a. The Girl About Town
1. We Got Power, art exhibit and show with Adolescents, Saccharine Trust, The Last, White Flag, and Dead Issue
2. Los Straight Jackets at the Echoplex
3. F.Y.P, Four Letter Words, Death Hymn #9, and Maniac at the Blue Star
4. Young Guv & The Scuzz, A Love Too Strong 12”
5. Daylight Robbery, Ecstatic Vision LP

George Rager
Top 5 Record Scores of Summer 2012
1. Michiro Endo, 破産
2. Night Birds, Midnight Movies West Coast Tour 7” (#28/70)
3. Poison Idea, Darby Crash Rides Again (blue/black marble vinyl) / Pick Your King (red/cream vinyl)
4. Bizarros, Complete Collection 1976-1980
5. Radio Birdman, Hot Rails to Hell (#49/500, color vinyl)

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Oldies but Goodies (British):
• “Boredom” by The Buzzcocks (1976)
• “Promises Promises” by Generation X (1978)
• “Love in a Void” by Siouxsie And The Banshees (1979)
• “Liar” by The Damned (1979)
• “Grinding Halt” by The Cure (1979)

Joe Dana
5 Awesome Fest Things
1. Best band I’ve been waiting forever to see: Are you fucking kidding me? Marked Men!
2. Most “I feel like I’m in a huge warm hug” moment was a tie: Worthwhile Way’s whole set and The Bananas leading us all in an acapella version of “Nautical Theme”
3. Best Cover Song Moment: Comedian, Kyle Kinane, whistling the loudest during French Exit’s cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”
4. Best band I didn’t know much about: Neighborhood Brats made every band look like a bunch of WIMPS.
5. Best Comedy set was a TIE: Kyle Kinane and the Maxies made fun of everybody.
5.5 I wish I could mention EVERY BAND! Best Awesome Fest EVER! (You can leave this out if you need to, Daryl.)

Joe Evans III
Top Five Awesome Fest Highlights
• Sass Dragons
• Kyle Kinane
• Fleshies
• Pu$$y Cow
• Lipstick Homicide

Katie Dunne
Top 5 Things about Reading Frank Herbert’s Dune
5. Finally getting so many references.
4. Never seeing the movie so you can imagine Sting as Piter, which makes a lot more sense.
3. Bene Gesserit = perfect Halloween costume
2. Getting to nerd out with almost everyone.
1. The word “dukeling.”

Keith Rosson
Top 5 Novels of the Past Few Months
Dog Soldiers, Robert Stone
When We Get There, Shawna Seliy
Gold, Chris Cleave
Toxicology, Jessica Hagedorn
The Orphan Master’s Son, Adam Johnson

Kevin Dunn
1. Blood Buddies 7”
2. Lemuria, 2004 Demos 12”
3. Bob Mould, Silver Age LP
4. Stevie Tombstone, Greenwood CD
5. Brooklyn #77 zine

Kurt Morris
1. Maserati, Maserati VII
2. Prayer Breakfast, Family Business
3. Merchandise, Children of Desire
4. Pig Destroyer, Book Burner
5. Dinosaur Jr., I Bet on Sky

Lauren Measure
Top 5 Band I’m Excited to See at Fest
1. Caves
2. Traveling
3. Gateway District
4. Cheap Girls
5. Now People

Lucky Nakazawa
1. Two new art pieces in Giant Robot Biennale 3 at JapaneseAmericanNationalMuseum 9/23/12 through 1/20/13.
2. Teaching comic making classes through Blue Rooster Art Supplies store.
3. One new art piece in Have A Killer Day group art show at Grass Hut, PDX.
4. Interacting with Praying Mantis and other large urban insects in L.A.
5. Staying alive.

Marcus Solomon
Top Five Favorite Bands I Have Never Seen Live
1. Blondie
2. Devo
3. Minor Threat
4. Dinosaur Jr.
5. Plasmatics

Mark Twistworthy
• Digger And The Pussycats, Real Hard Time 7”
• Sea Pinks, Freak Waves LP
• Boomgates, Double Natural LP
• Guinea Worms, Smiles LP
• Bob Mould, The Silver Age LP

Marty Ploy
• Two-year Clean/Sober Celebration at VLHS with RVIVR, American Lies, Dudes Night, Horror Squad, and Bonsai.
• Murmurs, Fly with the Unkindness
• Sass Dragons, New Kids on the Bong LP
• Worthwhile Way, Love Is All CD
• Awesome Fest 666

Matt Average
• Red Dons, live at the Blue Star Cafe, and Ausländer 7”
• Fraude, Atrako, Pessimist, and Los Tomados, live at the Warsaw Pad
• Spiritual Warrior, Hysterics, Grimace, Blood Buddies, Spokenest, live at the Bomb Tomb Room
• Surgeons, Whip Them Lord 7”
• Troubled Sleep, Whacky Past Is Now 7” EP

Mike Frame
1. Off! / Negative Approach, live
2. Bob Mould, The Silver Age
3. Redd Kross, Researching the Blues
4. Midnite Snaxxx, Self-titled
5. Chris Knight, Little Victories

1. Youth Bitch, Don’t Fuck This Up LP
2. Calvin Johnson and Nü Sensae, live in Vancouver
3. Tranzmitors, Concrete Depression 7”
4. White Lung, Sorry LP
5. Peace, The World Is Too Much with Us LP

• The Reds losing to the Giants in the NLDS (Fuck you, Nick Toerner)
• Eating at a diner with Dave Decker in San Diego
• Mean Jeans at Awesome Fest
• Neighborhood Brats at Awesome Fest
• House Boat at Awesome Fest

Paul Comeau
1. Cognitive Dissonance, Into Madness LP
2. Moss Icon, Discography 2 x CD
3. Bitch Magnet, Discography 3 x CD
4. Give, “Flower Head” b/w “Kiss the Flame” 7”
5. Verse, Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace CD

Replay Dave
1. Quicksand, Slip LP
2. Smith Street Band, Sunshine and Technology LP
3. Legendary Wings, Making Paper Hearts LP
4. GWAR covering Kansas on The Onion AV Club
5. Kevin Seconds, Don’t Let Me Lose Ya LP

Ronnie Sullivan
1. 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
2. Demons in the Spring by Joe Meno
3. FIFA 13
4. “Punk Rock” Mogwai (Come On Die Young)
5. Regular Show

Russ Van Cleave
1. Grabass Charlestons, Dale and the Careeners
2. The Soft Boys, Underwater Moonlight
3. GleamGarden, Brilliant Nightmare
4. Big Boys, No Matter How Long the Line Is at the Cafeteria, There’s Always a Seat!
5. Otis Clay, That’s How It Is

Ryan Horky
1. Thou, To the Chaos Wizard Youth 10” 
2. Mountain Goats, Transcendental Youth LP
3. Phobia, Remnants of Filth LP
4. Cannibal Corpse, Eaten Back to Life LP 
5. Teenage Bottlerocket, Freak Out ! LP

Sal Lucci
1. Gonerfest 9
2. Cataracts Festival, Indianapolis, IN, August 2012
3. John Wesley Coleman—can’t get enough of him!
4. Midnite Snaxxx, You Kill Me 7”
5. Sharp Balloons—can’t get enough of them!

Sean Arenas
• Glocca Morra, Ghoul Intentions 7”
• Colossal Rex, Every Place is Sacred EP
• Hard Girls, Isn’t It Worse LP
• La Bella, Recomposition 7”
• The Bananas, The First 10 Years... CD

Sean Koepenick
Halloween Punk Songs
1. The Freeze, “Halloween Night”
2. The Damned, “Nasty”
3. Agent Orange, “This House Is Haunted”
4. Lillingtons, “Zombies”
5. Roky Erickson, “Burn the Flames”

Stephen Hart
1. Bob Mould, Silver Age
2. A Flock of Seagulls, live concert on Maui
3. Killing Joke, Down by the River
4. Born Without A Face, Sound Recordings (Reissue)
5. Melvins tour diary online

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Enjoyed Recently
1. A Separation
2. Give Me the Banjo
3. Homeland, Season 1 (Inigo Montoya and Angela Chase team up to fight terrorism)
4. My Perestroika
5. Sleepwalk with Me

Todd Taylor
• Red Dons, Ausländer 7”
• Something Fierce / Occult Detective Club, Split 10”
• Neighborhood Brats, OceanBeach Party 7”
• Various Artists, Are You with the Band? A Collection of Female Fronted Pop-Punk LP
• The Chantey Hook, Self-titled CDEP
• Alicja Trout / James Arthur, “Close UR Eyes” b/w “Go West Old Bastards” Split 7”

Tommy Vandervort
1. Negative Approach, Hoax, Kontaminant, and Violent End at Cobra Lounge
2. Off With Their Heads and Mikey Erg at Liars Club
3. Pegboy and Droids Attack at Liars Club
4. Arctic Flowers, Procession
5. Crusades, Parables EP

Ty Stranglehold
1. Neighborhood Brats, OceanBeach Party 7”
2. Occult Detective Club, Alright Gentlemen 7”
3. Something Fierce / Occult Detective Club, Split 10”
4. The Briefs, Singles Only 7” box set
5. Open Relationship, Born Weird 7”

Vincent Battilana
• The Dead C, Harsh ‘70s Reality 2 x LP reissue
• Rat Columns, Sceptre Hole LP
• Tie: The Great Unwashed, Clean out of Our Minds LP reissue; The Clean, Odditties 2 x LP reissue
• Tie: Sonic Boom, Spectrum LP reissue; Spectrum, Soul Kiss (Glide Divine) LP reissue
• Bob Mould live in SF, which was one of the greatest things ever!