Top 5s from Issue #68: Vampirizzati Oggi Pizza Face

Jul 10, 2012

Adam Bowers
• Leatherface, Mush
• The Deep And HolySea, The Deep and Holy Sea
The Catechism Cataclysm (movie)
If a TreeFalls(documentary)
• “Top 100 Emo Songs” list at

Art Ettinger
• ANTiSEEN, New Blood LP
Last Fast Ride: The Life, Love, and Death of a Punk Goddess DVD
• God Equals Genocide, Rattled Minds LP
• World’s Scariest Police Chases, Unfuckwithable CD
• Ratface, Ratfaced EP 7”

Bryan Static
• The Manix, Neighborhood Wildlife LP
• Mean Jeans, On Mars LP
• Pangea, Living Dummy LP
• Shang-A-Lang, Waiting for the End 7”
• Talking Heads, 77 LP

Things I’m Currently Excited About
1. New Toys That Kill album in May
2. Finishing my first goddamn zine
3. My tax refund
4. Mary Roach’s new book
5. Burritos 

Chad Williams
• Cock Sparrer, live in San Francisco
• Battle Ruins, Self-titled 7”
• Marching Orders, Nation of Ghosts 7”
• Bad Advice, Do Not Resuscitate 7”
• High On Fire, De Vermis Mysteriis LP

Chris Mason
1. Frozen Teens, Self-titled LP
2. Marvelous Darlings, Single Life LP
3. Royal Headache, Self-titled LP
4. Sickoids, Self-titled LP
5. Mind Spiders, Meltdown LP

Chris Pepus
Battle Royale (film)
• The late Paul Foot’s archived writings for the London Review of Books
An Affair of State: The Profumo Case and the Framing of Stephen Ward (book)
National Review being forced to fire two racist writers in four days (at that rate, they’ll have to cease publication in a month)
• Naked Raygun coming to St. Louis in July (maybe I’ll even be able to see that show)

Chris Terry
• Ghosts Run Wild, If You Want Evil cassette
• Full Sun, Bare Floor cassette
• The Techniques, Techniques in Dub LP
• Hanging out with Craven Rock in Seattle
• Podcast of me reading “The Impersonator” on

Craig Horky
1. BeRT
2. the Infernal Names
3. Red Pandas (far superior to those regular old pandas)
4. 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (book)
5. Ogrefest 2012

Craven Rock
1. The Selected Poems of Li Po by Li Po (book)
2. Magma Festival: Jan Terri, Slow Dance at Black Lodge
3. The Smell, Ire Adrift, Agatha at FBK
4. Sol, Yours Truly CD
5. Keith Walsh Experience, Motorik CD

Danny Segura
1. The Stains, Self-titled SST LP
2. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Lost in Translation
3. Stikky, Spamthology Vol. 1
4. Future Virgins, Western Problems LP
5. Falling Sickness, Right on Time LP

Daryl Gussin
• Consumers, All My Friends are Dead LP
• Mind Spiders, Meltdown LP
• White Guilt, Self-titled 7”
• Tenement, Blind Wink LP
• Glow Kit, Self-titled LP

Replay Dave
• Frozen Teens LP
• Creepoid / Shores 7”
• Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 LP
• Crusades, The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding in LP
• High On Fire, De Vermis Mysteriis LP

Dave Williams
1. Matt Skiba & The Sekrets, Babylon LP
2. Imperial State Electric, Pop War LP
3. Burzum, Umskiptar LP
4. Terrible Feelings, Shadows LP
5. Countdown To Oblivion, Discography LP

Ever a.k.a. The Girl About Town
1. Los Angeles Zine Fest
2. God Equals Genocide at Daryl’s house
3. Upcoming Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today at the Glasshouse
4. Upcoming The Jesus And Mary Chain show at Hollywood Park
5. Upcoming Devo show at Hollywood Park

Garrett Barnwell
1. The Last Chucks, Zombie High CD
2. The Shrine, Bless Off demo
3. The Anchor Babies, Self-titled CD
4. Poison Idea, Darby Crash Rides Again CD
5. Youthbitch, Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Cassette

Ian Wise
Top 5 Best Punk-Related Things About Moving Back to Illinois, and Their Respective Downfalls
1. Seeing Creem / Getting my nose broken at Creem
2. Shows at Ranchos Huevos / Creepy drunk dudes grabbing girls at Ranchos Huevos
3. Seeing Kontaminat at the Spaceship / Not seeing Los Crudos at the Fireside Bowl
4. Getting to see Raw Nerve three times in a week / Raw Nerve breaking up
5. Getting to hang out with Pete Repellent every day / Any mix CD made by Pete Repellent

Jennifer Federico
1. The Damned, “Smash it Up Part 1”
2. X, “True Love Part 2”
3. Minutemen, “History Lesson Part 2”
4. Public Image, “Religion (Part) 2”
5. Gallows, “The Vulture Part 1” (okay, technically it’s an “act”)

Jimmy Alvarado’s
Fantabulous Five
• Stains, 2009 Demo, unreleased
• Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Very Best of
• The Soft Moon, Total Decay EP
• Radar Eyes, Self-titled
• Void, Sessions 1981-83

Joe Dana
2. Mean Jeans and Guantanamo Beach Party at VLHS in Pomona and again at Bar 11 in San Diego.
3. Harry Jerkface’s thirtieth Birthday with the Maxies, Mikey Erg, and French Exit at The Blue Star in DTLA.
4. Menzingers, Cheap Girls, Sidekicks, BombPops, Dudes Night at Aladdin Jr’s in Pomona.
5. Metallagher (Metallica cover band fronted by Gallagher impersonator. Messy!) and StabCity at Alex’s Bar.

Juan Espinosa
• Despise You / Final Draft live at the Black Castle
• Ancient Filth 7”
• GG King, “Joyless Masturbation” b/w “Bag” 7”
• Young Governor, Pizza Face EP
• God Equals Genocide, Rattled Minds CD

Keith Rosson
• Amoebas, Self-titled cassette
• Capitalist Kids, “Sarah” b/w “Ayn” 7”
• The Magnificent, Self-titled CD
The Universe in Miniature in Miniature by Patrick Somerville (short stories)
Stay Awake by Dan Choan (stories)

Ken Dirtnap
• Flip Tops, Are Still a Band LP
• Gentleman Jesse, Leaving AtlantaLP
• Legendary Wings, new recordings
• Los Vigilantes, Self-titled LP
• Eddy Current Suppression Ring, So Many Things 2 x LP

Kurt Morris
A Thousand Lives, by Julia Scheeres (book)
Approaching Eye Level, by Vivian Gornick (book)
• Punch, Nothing Lasts EP
• The Prayer Chain, Mercury
• Nails, Unsilent Death LP

Lauren Denitzio
Top 5 Bands I’ve Seen Play Live Recently
1. Death First
2. The Wedding Present
3. Tiny Teeth
4. Traveling
5. Swearin’

Liz Prince
Top 5 Shows I Missed Because I’m a Dedicated Stay-At-Home-Punk
1. The Spits at Church
2. Delay / Tin Armor at Trouble Ahead
3. Screaming Females at Lorem Ipsum
4. Hunx And His Punx at Great Scott
5. The Queers / The Ataris at Middle East Downstairs

Mark Twistworthy
• The Golden Boys, Dirty Fingernails LP
• Gentlemen Jesse, Leaving Atlanta LP
• Mean Jeans, On Mars LP
• Unnatural Helpers, Self-titled LP
• Spray Paint, Self-titled 7” and live

Matt Average
• Nü Sensae, live at the Smell
• God Equals Genocide, live
• NASA Space Universe, live at the Smell
Fistula, Loser LP

Marty Ploy
1. Touring the Midwest with Horror Squad and Dudes Night.
2. VLHS being the new Disneyland for kiddies and party peeps.
3. Maggie moving out.
4. The Partys Over Productions turning ten years old.
5. Awesome Fest 666 artwork by Bill Pinkel.

Mike Dead Broke
1. Frozen Teens, Self-titled LP
2. Summer Vacation, Condition LP
3. Nude Beach, II LP
4. Suspicious Beasts, Used to Be Beautiful 12”
5. The Dauntless Elite, More Bloody Bad News LP

Mike Frame
1. Ray Wylie Hubbard, Grifter’s Hymnal LP
2. Teenage Fanclub, Songs from Northern BritainLP
3. Lucero, Women and Work LP
4. Savage Damage Digest #2 (zine)
5. Dan Baird, live in Kansas City

The Saint Louis Blues winning the Western Conference Central Division!
• Going on tour with The Haddonfields.
• Guitar Wolf and Transistors at Firebird in Saint Louis, Missouri on April 5th.
• The Copyrights, The Treasure Fleet, Lipstick Homicide, and Hospital Job at Hangar 9 in Carbondale, Illinois on April 7th.
• Pedals On Our Pirate Ships and Hold Tight! at Strange Matter in Richmond, Virginia on March 30th.

Rene Navarro
1. God Equals Genocide, Rattled Minds LP
2. Wreck Of The Zephyr, For Helen LP
3. The Domestics, Keep It Lean CD
4. HARCO, Self-titled Cassette
5. Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Tombstone Shadow” b/w “Commotion” 7”

Ryan Horky
1. Napalm Death, From Enslavement to Obliteration LP
2. Two Cow Garage, Sweet Saint Me LP
3. Mean Jeans, On Mars LP
4. Bruce Springsteen, Wrecking Ball LP
5. Cannibal Corpse, Torture LP

Ryan Leach
Top 5 Records in Order of Current Rotation
1. Lydia Lunch, Queen of SiamLP
2. The Chills, Kaleidoscope World LP
3. John Cale, The Academy in Peril LP
4. Acid Baby Jesus, Self-titled LP
5. Kraftwerk, Trans-Europe Express LP

Sal Lucci
1. Thee Headcoats, LP reissues
2. The Hussy, Weed Seizure LP
3. Gentleman Jesse, Leaving Atlanta LP
4. John Wesley Coleman, Last Donkey Show LP
5. Mind Spiders, live

Sean Koepenick
Top 5 Bands I Am Looking Forward to at 2000 Tons of TNT Festival
1. Anti-Nowhere League
2. The Bruisers
3. Infa-Riot
4. Fear
5. Menace

Steve Hart
1. Killing Joke, MMXII LP
2. High On Fire, De Vermis Mysteriis LP
3. Justin Townes Earle, Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel about Me Now LP
4. OMD, Live Architecture and Morality LP
5. The Ramones, Subterranean Jungle LP

Steve Larder
1. Coil, Time Machines LP
2. Thou, To the Chaos Wizard Youth LP
3. Samothrace, Life’s Trade 2 x LP
4. Ô Paon, Courses LP
5. Broccoli, Home LP

Toby Tober
Top 5 movies I Have Enjoyed Recently
1. God Bless America
2. The Myth of the American Sleepover
3. (Gus Van Sant’s) Restless
4. The Catechism Cataclysm
5. Silent Tongues

Todd Taylor
• The Secret Prostitutes, The Kenrock 7 Inch 7”EP
• Kalashnikov, Vampirizzati Oggi 7”EP
• Young Governor, Pizza Face 7”
• Sloane Peterson, Why Go Out? LP
• The Consumers, All My Friends Are Dead LP
• Definitely, absolutely not, never-ever God Equals Genocide’s Rattled Minds LP

Tommy Vandervort
1. Ranae Hummel’s Birthday Party with the Brokedowns, VacationBibleSchool, The Slow Death, and Little Dave at The Cobra Lounge
2. Pegboy at The Liars Club
3. Pegboy at The Flatiron
4. Crusades, The Sun Is Down and Night Is Riding In LP
5. Ryan Young (see #1)

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 Z Bands
1. Zero Boys
2. The Zeros
3. Zeke
4. Zodiac Killers
5. Zoinks!

Vincent Battilana
• Woolen Men, The Hair of the Night Cassette
• Knock Knock, We Will Raise Your Child LP
• Sac Records 1999-2004 comp Cassette
• God Equals Genocide, Rattled Minds LP
• El Jesus De Magico, Just Deserts LP