Top 5s from Issue #67: Individual opinions expressed within are not necessarily...

Apr 24, 2012

Adam Bowers
• Summer Vacation, Condition
• Andrew Jackson Jihad, Knife Man
• Bridge and Tunnel, Rebuilding Year
Burn Collector #15
• Explosions In The Sky, Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place

Adrian Salas
Best Things from 2011 I Just Got around to
• Cutman, Universal Laws
• 400 Blows, Sickness and Health
• Dum Dum Girls, Only in Dreams
• Bomb the Music Industry!, Vacation
• Cutman, Universal Laws

Andy Conway
1. For Science reunion at the Don Giovanni Records Showcase, Music Hall of Williamsburg, 2/11/12
2. The Boston Strangler, Primitive LP
3. Omegas, NY Terminator EP
4. Nazi Dust, Witching Hour LP
5. Brick Mower, Under the Sink LP

Aphid Peewit
• Spits, V CD
Words of Advice: William S. Burroughs on the Road DVD
• Fucked Up, David Comes to Life CD
Austin Osman Spare, by Phil Baker (book)
Joseph Campbell: Mythos 3 DVD

Art Ettinger
• Summer Vacation, Condition LP
• Various Artists, 30 Years of Oi! …Never Surrender… 3 x LP
• ANTiSEEN / Flat Tires, Hail to the Chief, Split 7”
• No Statik, No Hospice 7”
• Cute Lepers, Head Over Heels 7”

Ben Snakepit
Top Five Songs Played at My Wedding
1. Groovie Ghoulies, “Til Death Do Us Party”
2. Hex Dispensers, “Buy You a Ring”
3. RFTC, “Let’s Get Busy”
4. Fleshies, “Shitface”
5. Marked Men, “My Love”

Bill Pinkel
• Marvelous Darlings, Single Life LP
• Tenement, Blind Wink LP
• Delay, Rushing Ceremony LP
• The Max Levine Ensemble live at VLHS and their Elephant in the Room 7"
• Low Culture, demo

Billups Allen
Top 5 Band Declaration Songs: With “We’re” in the Lyrics
1. Devo, “Jocko Homo”
2. Reagan Youth, “Reagan Youth”
3. The Queers, “You’re Trippin’”
4. The Anti-Nowhere League, “We Are the League”
5. Metallica, “Whiplash”

Bryan Static
• Diarrhea Planet, Loose Jewels
• The Spits, V
• The Brokedowns, Species Bender
• Riverdales, Storm the Streets
• Sonic Avenues, Television Youth

Candice Tobin
1. The Spits, IV
2. The Sultans, Ghost Ship
3. Night Birds, Fresh Kills Vol. 1
4. The Broosevelts, DUIOU
5. The Bananas, New Animals

Chad Williams
• Paper Bags, II 7”
• Hookers, Horror Rises from the Tombs LP
• Classics Of Love, Self-titled LP
• Sharp Objects, Self-titled LP
• Sydney Ducks, Esprit de Corps 7”

Chris Mason
1. Jay Reatard, Watch Me Fall LP (Yeah, I know...I’m a bit late.)
2. Sonic Avenues, Television Youth LP
3. Nervosas, Demo cassette
4. Peeple Watchin’, Demo cassette
5. Post-Teens, Self-titled 7”

Chris Pepus
What Would Jello Do? (news program)
• Journalist Chris Hedges’s lawsuit against President Obama over the indefinite-detention law.
World on a Wire (film)
Another Year DVD
The Bride Wore Black (film)

Chris Terry
1. Reports, Dinamo Cambridge LP
2. Action Bronson, Contemporary Man MP3
3. Ohbliv, Freekphone Cassette
4. Sam Greenlee, The Spook Who Sat by the Door (novel)
5. My short story “Red Velvet” on

Craig Horky
1. Emotionally unavailable redheads
2. All Eyes West, Self-titled
3. Cheap Girls, Giant Orange
4. The Fencemen
5. The EMP Collective in Baltimore

Craven Rock
1. Radical Dreaming: Use Your Dreams to Change Your Life by John D. Goldhammer, Ph.D. (book)
2. Reading Group, Hugging Is Mandatory EP and songs from forthcoming EP
3. Raw Deal #13 by Joey Alone (zine)
4. Basic Paper Airplane #5 (zine)
5. ShabazzPalaces, Black Up CD

Danny Segura
1. Canadian Rifle, Facts 7”
2. Lagwagon, Thrashed
3. Summer Vacation, Condition LP
4. Fatlip, The Loneliest Punk
5. The Ergs, Upstairs/Downstairs

Daryl Gussin
• Shellshag, Fuck Society Vol. 1 LP
• Kim Phuc, Copsucker LP
• Marvelous Darlings, Single Life LP
• Dead Language, Self-titled LP
• Blood Buddies, Demo and live

Designated Dale
Top 5 Female Powerhouse Singers
1. Joan Jett
2. Chrissie Hynde
3. Exene Cervenka
4. Roxy Epoxy
5. Donita Sparks

Donna Ramone
Top 5 Ramones Songs (You Probably Have Never Heard)
1. “All The Way,” End of the Century
2. “Somebody Like Me,” Subterranean Jungle
3. “Love Kills,” Animal Boy
4. “Smash You,” Too Tough To Die
5. “I Don’t Want to Grow Up,” Adios Amigos

Ever a.k.a. The Girl About Town
1. Violence Girl by Alice Bag
2. Finally seeing The Descendents
3. Smashing Pumpkins, Siamese Dream 2 x LP
4. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, …Return to the 36 Chambers: Dirty Version 2 x LP

Jennifer Federico
• Future Virgins, Western Problems
• Sydney Ducks, “Esprit De Corps” b/w “Joaquin Murrieta” 7”
• Kicker and Ghoul at Gilman, Berkeley
• Boats! and Avengers at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco
• La Corde and Neighborhood Brats at the Stork Club, Oakland

Joe Dana
1. Ian’s Party in Chicago! Sass Dragons, the Brokedowns, Strait A’s, In Defence, VacationBibleSchool, Rad Payoff, Treasure Fleet, the Manix and so much more!
2. Sixth Annual Dre Day at the Blue Star. Summer Vacation did “Express Yourself.” French Exit did a mash up of “El Scorcho” and “Bitches Ain’t Shit.” Rumspringer did “Fuck with Dre Day.”
3. The Spits at Nomad Gallery. My first time seeing them!
4. Banner Pilot Shows at VLHS and the Blue Star with awesome openers: Turkish Techno, French Exit, Horror Squad, Madison Bloodbath, Dudes Night, and more!
5. Chissum Worthington and Rumspringer at VLHS for Marty’s b-day

Joe Evans III
• Defect Defect, Self-titled cassette
• House Boat, The Thorns of Life LP
• Lagwagon, Let’s Talk about Feelings CD Reissue
• Squints, Taking Toll CD
• Toys That Kill, The Citizen’s Abortion LP

Juan Espinosa
• Warrior Kids, Les Enfants de l’Espoir reissue LP
• True Radical Miracle, Cockroaches LP and Termites LP
• Give, Boots of Faith 7”
• Wax Museums, Eye Times CD
• Various, Relief Mixtape CDR compiled by White Wards

Keith Rosson
• Reckless, Ocean LP
• Various Artists, Teenage Kicks Cassette
• Christ On Parade, A Mind Is a Terrible Thing LP
• Waxahatchee, American Weekend LP
• Assembling a new design/illustration portfolio for the first time in five years and realizing, goddamn, I have worked on some pretty rad projects.

Kurt Morris
1. The Ex, Catch My Shoe
2. Misfits, Collection I
3. Primal Screamer by Nick Blinko (book)
4. Life on the Color Line by Gregory Howard Williams (book)
5. My Dark Places by James Ellroy (book)

Liz Prince
Top Five Performances at Ladyfest Boston
1. Sick Fix
2. Siamese Twins
3. Alice Bag reading from her book Violence Girl
4. Waxahatchee
5. Libyans

Mark Twistworthy
• White Crime, End of Change EP
• The Maxines, Queer Mods EP
• Uh-Oh, Self-titled LP
• The Best, EP and live
• Weird Party, EP and live

Matt Average
• Festa Desperato, Psi Vatikanu LP
• Bloody Hammer, Apathy Is Bliss EP
• Grin And Bear It,Self-titled EP
• Eddie Brock / Lapse, Split EP
• Koban, Solid Gold EP

Marty Ploy
• Divers, Self-titled 7”
• The Max Levine Ensemble, Elephant in the Room 7”
• ADD/C, Busy Days LP
• Horror Squad / Dudes Night, Split 7”
• Marvelous Darlings, Single Life LP

Mike Frame
1. Descendents, live in Denver
2. Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Belong
3. Slow Death, Born Ugly Got Worse
4. Chris Knight, entire catalog
5. Nick 13, Self-titled

Mor Fleisher-Leach
Top Five Singles by The Chills
1. “Doledrums” b/w “Hidden Bay” 7”
2. “I Love My Leather Jacket” b/w “The Great Escape” Double A-Sided 12” Single
3. “Pink Frost” b/w “Purple Girl” 7”
4. “Heavenly Pop Hit” 12” Single
5. “Wet Blanket” b/w “I Think I Thought I’d Nothing Else to Think About” 7

Nardwuar the Human Serviette
1. John M. Bennett’s sound poetry (
2. Lux and Ivy’s Favorite Records (
3. The Ballantynes, “Message” b/w “Railtown Abby” 7”
4. Happy Noose LP
5. J.J. And The Real Jerks, “The Wringer” b/w “Shootin’ from the Hip” 7”

• Underground Railroad To Candyland, Knows Your Sins LP
• Iron Chic, Not Like This LP
Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns DVD
• The Mr. T Experience
• Watching The Royal Rumble live in Saint Louis (Sixth row off the floor! Thank you Evan “Air” Bourne!)

Paul Comeau
1. Youth Avoiders, Time Flies 7”
2. Fucked Up, Year of the Tiger 12” EP
3. The War Is On, Welcome to the Rust Belt CD
4. Police Truck, Under Custody 7”
5. Now Denial / Get Laid, Split 7”

Rene Navarro
1. Pangea, Killer Dreams 7”
2. Johnny Ill Band, Self-titled 7”
3. Having a ticket to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
4. To a God Unknown by John Steinbeck
5. A Better Life, directed by Chris Weitz

Replay Dave
• Steve Adamyk, Forever Won’t Wait LP
• Averkiou, The New Imperative 7”
• Cheap Girls, Giant Orange LP
• Traveling, End of Summer 7”
• Billy No Mates, Duck, Duck, Goose LP

Reverend Nørb
• Impediments, The, Amphetamine Stepdad 45
• Sir Lord Von Raven, Please Throw Me Back in the Ocean LP
• Jet Staxx, I’m Gonna Be the Best Guy 45
• Pumphouse Gang, Self-titled LP
• Armitage Shanks, All Cisterns Go! 7”EP

Naked Rob | Radio Valencia 87.9FM, SFC
1. Black Cobra, Valera LP (SF sludge metal)
2. Zero Down, Looking to Start a Riot CD (Seattle r’n’r)
3. On Top, Top Heavy CD (Philly r’n’r)
4. Iron Reagan, Demo 2012 (East Coast hardcore punk)
5. Melvins, Endless Residency box set (Duh! It’s the Melvins!) 

Ryan Horky
1. Napalm Death, Utilitarian LP
2. Piebald, We Are the Only Friends We Have LP
3. Wormrot, Noise 10”
4. Sonny Sharrock, Ask the Ages CD
5. The Copyrights, North Sentinel Island LP

Sal Lucci
1. OBN IIIs, The One and Only LP
2. Mark Sultan, Whatever I Want LP
3. Mark Sultan, Whenever I Want LP
4. Ardillas, Self-titled LP
5. Jay Reatard, Better than Something documentary

Sean Koepenick
Upcoming Spring Shows in Boston, MA
1. Cock Sparrer (May)
2. Peter And The Test Tube Babies (April)
3. Nightbirds (April)
4. Dropkick Murphys (day before St. Patrick’s Day)
5. Refuse Resist / Pinkerton Thugs / Swaggerin’ Growlers / Dead Aces / The Old Edison (St. Patrick’s Day)

Steve Hart
1. To Serve God and Wal-Mart, by Bethany Moreton (book)
2. James Thomas (Mermen), Blues of Elsewhere CD
3. 33 1/3:Reign in Blood, by D.X. Ferris (book)
4. Spray Paint the Walls, by Stevie Chick (book)
5. Black Flags and Windmills, by Scott Crow (book)

Steve Larder
1. Shyster, That’s My Story and I’m Stickin’ to It
2. Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble, From the Stairwell
3. Gridlink, Orphan
4. Nazi Dust, Wretched Hour
5. Normand Corbeil, Heavy Rain Ost

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Enjoyed Recently
1. Tyrannosaur
2. Tucker and Dale vs Evil
3. Take Shelter
4. An Idiot Abroad, Season 1
5. A Dangerous Method

Todd Taylor
• Summer Vacation, Condition LP
• Mind Spiders, Meltdown LP
• Eddy Current Suppression Ring, So Many Things 2 x LP
• Weird Lovemakers, Electric Chump CD
Geneva13 (zine)
• Marvelous Darlings, Single Life LP

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 Y Bands
1. Young Canadians
2. Youth Brigade
3. Young Offenders
4. Yuppie Pricks
5. Young Livers

Vincent Battilana
• Woollen Kits, “Maths” b/w “Out of Town” 7”
• Boomgates, “Layman’s Terms” b/w “Nothing” 7”
• Kim Phuc, Copsucker LP
• Sea Lions, Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sea Lions but Were Afraid to Ask LP
• Tunabunny, Minima Moralia LP