Top 5s from Issue #62: See which contributor got yelled at by Blake's mom.

Jul 05, 2011

Andy Conway
1. Deep Sleep, Turn Me Off LP
2. Gridlink, Orphan LP
3. No Qualms, No, You Calm Down LP
4. Lil B The Based God, Illusions of Grandeur Mixtape
5. Louis C.K, Hilarious CD

Aphid Peewit
• Gaggers [England], Fix Me Up 7”
• Harelip [Sweden], Self-titled 7”
• OFF! live at the Triple Rock
• Wet Bags [Sweden], Self-titled 7”
Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back, by Douglas Rushkoff (Book)

Art Ettinger
• Lenguas Largas, Self-titled LP
• Condemned 84, The Real Oi! 7”
• Homostupids, Strawberry Orange Peach Banana LP
• Murder Junkies, Road Killer LP
• Screeching Weasel, First World Manifesto LP

Ben Snakepit
Top 5 Bands I Saw At SXSW
1. Personal and the Pizzas
2. The band I saw at Trailer Space on Friday that had the bass player from Vivian Girls.
3. Ratos Del Vaticano
4. The Vomettes
5. Shitty Beach Boys

Bill Pinkel
• The Descendents live in Long Beach!
• Lenguas Largas, Self-titled LP
• Sedatives, Self-titled LP
• Gateway District, Perfect’s Gonna Fail LP
• Dark Rides 7”

Bryan Static
• Mean Jeans/White Wires, Split 7” on Dirtnap (“R U Mental?” might be the greatest song of all time. My sympathy goes out to every band who did not win this award.)
• The Heartburns, Fixin’ to Die
• Headache City, Self-titled
• Cola Freaks, Self-titled
• CoCoComa, Self-titled

Candice Tobin
1. Cheap Freaks, Teenage Brains
2. Brick Mower, Under the Sink 
3. Guilty Gear X Soundtrack
4. Be My Doppelganger, No Composure
5. Fugazi, 13 Songs

Chris Mason
1. Lenguas Largas, Self-titled LP
2. Deep Sleep, Turn Me on LP
3. Weird TV, Demo
4. Measure [SA], Notes LP
5. Sonic Avenues, Self-titled LP

Craig Horky
1. Obits, Moody, Standard and Poor LP
2. The Night Marchers, “Thar She Blows” b/w “All Hits” 7”
3. The Fucking Cops, Fuck You Up with Some Truth
4. Small Brown Bike, Fell & Found LP
5. City Yards

Craven Rock
1. Reading Group, Prideswallower, Des Ark, Pygmy Lush at the Keswick Democratic Club, Louisville, KY.
2. Tie: Spiders 4 Eyes first show with The New Mexicans at Keswick Democratic Club/Spider 4 Eyes, Songs for Nobody 7” “Fuck you, boss! We’re gettin’ the band together!”
3. Getting killed by Jesus (The) Christ in Superhell 3, my first movie role.
4. P.O.S, Never Better CD
5. Operation Ivy, Energy CD

CT Terry
1. Two Bit Dezperadoes CD
2. Fat Shadow, Demo
3. Schoolboy Q, Setbacks Mixtape
4. Colson Whitehead, Sag Harbor(book)
5. Neutron Bomb, punk rock reading series

Daryl Gussin
• Cave Wimp, Rehearsal 1 CD-R
• Dead Dog, Don’t Touch Me 12”EP
• School Jerks, Control EP 7”
• Jus’ Folks, live
• Marvelous Darlings, Live at Gales LP

Designated Dale
Top 5 Rock & Roll/Metal Covers That Should Have Been (Or Still Need To Be)
1. Black Sabbath’s “Never Say Die” by Big Drill Car
2. Motörhead’s “Rock ‘N’ Roll” by Off With Their Heads
3. Iron Maiden’s “Drifter” by Hollywood Hate
4. Slayer’s “Darkness of Christ” by It’s Casual
5. AC/DC’s “Riff Raff” by The Candy Snatchers

Dave Williams
1. Cold Cave, Cherish the Light Years LP
2. Deafheaven, Roads to Judah LP
3. Terrible Feelings, THH Records 7”
4. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Belong LP
5. Victims, A Dissident LP

Ever a.k.a The Girl About Town
1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor at The Fox
2. Bastard Noise at the Rock Fest Pomona
3. U.R.T.C. & Boats at The Redwood
4. Second annual Hellfish record swap in Laguna Hills
5. Something’s Gone Wrong Again, The Buzzcocks CoversCompilation (Thanks Dale!)

Jake Shut
1. The leftist resistance in Madison to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s radical, right-wing agenda.
2. The Gateway District, Perfect’s Gonna Fail
3. Hannibal Buress, My Name Is Hannibal
4. Red Fang, Murder the Mountains
5. Les Breastfeeders, Dans La Gueule Des Jours

Jessica T
Top 5 Mono Men Songs
1. “You’re Gonna Miss Me”
2. “Already Gone”
3. “Over the Edge”
4. “No Time”
5. “See My Soul”

Jimmy Alvarado
Five Tunes I Recommend You Play Full Blast at Work Between the Hours Of 3-4 p.m.
• The Soft Moon, “Tiny Spiders”
• Devo, “Penetration in the Centerfold”
• Swell Maps, “Another Day”
• Teenage Jesus And The Jerks, “Baby Doll”
• Rhys Chatham, “Drastic Classicalism”

Joe Dana
1. Success, the Pillowfights, The Albert Square at Ramano’s Pizza in Riverside. (Show was originally planned for Warehouse at 12th & G but had to be moved because the Warehouse is closing. I’m sure the Warehouse will come back as something even better.)
2. Motörhead at the Nokia Theater and then the Mean Jeans at the 5 Star Bar in the same night (The first time the eight-band punk bill worked out in a good way (for me).)
3. Madison Bloodbath at the Down And Out in Downtown L.A. for the Los Angeles Burrito Project. Great cause. Great band.
4. Getting yelled at by (supposedly) Blake Schwarzenbach
’s mom during The Forgetters show at the Center of the Arts, Eagle Rock. We gave her a heartfelt apology.
5. Putting together the 5th Annual Dre Day at the Blue Star with the Maxies (covered “Ain’t No Fun” by Snoop Dogg), Toys That Kill (covered “Nobody Move” by Eazy E), and the Jew Cocks (covered a plethora of Dre Tunes).

Joe Evans III
• Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children Macnuggits, F LP
• Hüsker Dü, Spot’s Arcade LP
• Spazz, Crush Kill Destroy LP
• Vacation, Dream Dad 7”
• “Downtown Soulville With Mr. Fine Wine,” (Radio show/podcast)

Joshua Ian Robles
1. Tiltwheel, “Iron Chic”
2. Leatherface, “Diego Garcia”
3. Wreckless Eric, “Whole Wide World”
4. Be My Doppelganger, “Chemical Spin”
5. Shonen Knife, “I Am a Cat”

Juan Espinosa
• Mind Spiders, Self-titled LP
• Folded Shirt, Self-titled LP
• Naw Dude/It Burns, Split cassette
• Much Worse, Absolute Nightmare EP
• Gridlink, Orphan/Amber Gray LP

Keith Rosson
• Pretty Boy Thorson & the Slow Death / The Strait A’s, Split 7”
• The Thumbs, Make America Strong CD (and word of reissues/unreleased stuff out soon via Grave Mistake! Holy shit!)
• Strawman, They Sing Us Pop Songs 7”
• Insurgent, Inside Every Kid 10”
• Good Men Die Like Dogs, Postscript 7” and Self-titled 10”

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
Top 5 Pro Tips To Succeed At Cartooning
1. Marry a person more famous than your comic
2. Play in a band that is more famous than your comic
3. Commit a crime more famous than your comic
4. Start a rivalry with someone whose comic is more famous than your comic
5. Sell the comic book adaptation movie rights about the story of people more famous than your comic for millions of dollars

Kurt Morris
1. WTF with Marc Maron (Podcast)
2. Mark Kozelek live at First Church Congregational in Cambridge, MA
3. Audrey Ryan live at The Nave in Somerville, MA
4. Audrey Ryan, Thick Skin
5. Pig Destroyer (everything)

Marcos Siref
• The World/Inferno Friendship Society, The Anarchy and the Ecstasy
• The Sugar Stems, Sweet Sounds of
• For Science, Way Out of Control EP
• New Creases, Self-titled CDEP
• Cake, Showroom of Compassion

Mark Twistworthy
Top 5 Shows I Absolutely Cannot Miss at Chaos In Tejas 2011:
1. The Marked Men/FYP/This Is My Fist/Chinese Telephones show!
2. Milk Music
3. Universal Order Of Armageddon
4. Citizens Arrest
5. Spits/Arrivals/Shellshag show!

Matt Average
• Cülo, live and Toxic Vision EP
• School Jerks, live and new EP
Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution, by Sara Marcus
• Demon’s Claws, Laserbeam 7”
• Oak, II LP

Mike Dumps
• Unfun, Sick Outside View LP
• ADD/C, Busy Days LP
• Dark Rides, Self-titled 7”EP
• Awful Man, New Ways to Say Fuck Off! 7”EP
• Dead Dog, Don’t Touch Me LP

Mike Faloon
Top 5 Book Recommendations I Got While on Tour
1. Revolt of the Cockroach People, by Oscar Zeta Acosta
2. Willard and His Bowling Trophies, by Richard Brautigan
3. The Land of Laughs, by Jonathan Carroll
4. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Diaz
5. Monsiuer, by Jean-Philippe Toussaint

Mike Frame
1. Hunx And His Punx, Too Young to Be in Love
2. Lucinda Williams, Blessed
3. Chixdiggit, SafewaysHere We Come
4. Drive By Truckers, Big to Do
5. Biters, two EPs and live

1. B-Lines, Self-titled 12"
2. White Wires, live at SXSW
3. Unnatural Helpers, live at SXSW
4. Jail, There's No Sky LP
5 .The Martial Arts, Do it Riot Grrl CD

Top 5 Things I Plan to Do in 2011:
• Finally record my rap album, Straight Outta Lemay.
• Start writing my book, If Everyone in the World Was Like Me.
• Learn to play bass guitar.
• Take my dad to his first Cards/Cubs game at Wrigley Field.
• Watch a women’s college volleyball game live.

Paul J. Comeau
1. No Lessons Learned, Demo 2010 Cassette
2. So Adult, Rookie Cassette
3. Red Fang, Murder the Mountains CD
4. Sleepwalkers, Your Hell Looks Like Heaven to Me CD
5. Youth Avoiders, Demo 2010 Cassette

Rene Navarro
1. DFMK, Manual Practico Para La Autodestruccion CD
2. Weird TV, Calafia Puta, and San Pedro El Cortez live in Tijuana
3. Ecstasy by Irvine Welsh
4. Lenguas Largas, How a Man Should Live 7”
5. Os Mutantes, Everything Is Possible CD

Replay Dave
• Chris Wollard and Addison Burns 7”
• Napalm Death, flexi 7” from Decibel
• High Tension Wires, Welcome New Machine LP
• Fuses, I Wanna Burn LP
• Obits, Moody, Standard andPoor LP

Ryan Horky
1. Rotten Sound, Cursed LP
2. Mike Watt, Hyphenated-Man LP
3. Wormrot, Dirge LP
4. Gateway District, Perfect’s Gonna Fail LP
5. Billy Joel, Greatest Hits I and II 2 x LP

Sean Koepenick
Songs at 4/9/11 DYS show at The Ottobar, Baltimore, MD
1. “Wolfpack”
2. “No Escape”
3. “Circle Storm”
4. “Sound of Our Town” (New!)
5. “We Are the Road Crew” (Motörhead)

Steve Hart
1. William Fitzsimmons, Gold in the Shadow
2. Otis Redding, Otis Blue
3. A Band of Misfits, by Andrew Baggarly (book)
4. Back to the Future, by David Sirota (book)
5. Kriegshög, Self-titled LP

Steve Larder
• Fell Voices, second LP
• Torn Apart/Sick Suckin-O, Split EP
• Closure, second EP
• Mob Rules, The Donor LP
• A Birthday Party Band, Lead Sky LP

Todd Taylor
• ADD/C, Busy Days LP
• Mind Spiders LP
• Overnight Lows, “Slit Wrist Rock n Roll” b/w I’ll Be Everything” 7”
• The Assassinators, I Disse Mørke Tider 7”EP
• Young Governor, “Firing Squad” b/w 25 with a Bullet” 7”
• Pretty Boy Thorson And The Falling Angels / Worthwhile Way, split 7”EP

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 “T” Bands
1. Toys That Kill
2. Teengenerate
3. Teenage Head
4. Tiltwheel

Vincent Battilana
• Deltron 3030, Self-titled LP reissue
• Spacemen 3, 12” singles reissues
• The English Singles, live at The Hub and CD-R
• The anticipation of what will come from Milk And Alcohol Records
• The anticipation of getting to see Archers Of Loaf live

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