Top 5s from Issue #61: Community, courage, and thrift store copies.

Apr 26, 2011

Andy Conway
1. Joyce Manor, Self-titled LP
2. The Boston Strangler, Outcast tape
3. Watching the 1992 WWF Royal Rumble
4. RVIVR, Self-titled LP
5. Left For Dead, Splitting Heads LP

Aphid Peewit
• OFF!, First Four EPs, 7” box set
• Poison Idea, Latest Will & Testament CD
• Grabbies, Hate Delirium Fucks My Brain LP
• GG Allin & Tiny Tim, Two American Legends split 7”
• David Loy, The World Is Made of Stories (book)

Art Ettinger
• 45 Adapters, Don’t Trust Anyone Who Doesn’t Dance 7”
• Oh Shit They’re Going To Kill Us, Cryptozoological Attack LP
• Klasse Kriminale, Oi! Una Storia LP
• Thermals, Not Like Any Other Feeling 7”
• Geoff Useless, Don’t StopCD

Bill Pinkel
• Young Offenders, Leader of the Followers LP
• Mind Spiders, Self-titled LP
By All Means, Do Ya Hear We? Compilation LP
• Joyce Manor, Self-titled LP
• Tie between Mean Jeans “R U Mental” / White Wires “Please Write” split 7”
and Shang-A-Lang / BrokenMountain split 7”

Candice Tobin
1. Bad Banana, Crushfield
2. Billy Raygun, Seasick EP
3. Serious Tracers EP
4. Not On Tour, Self-titled
5. The Haverchucks, Demo

Chris Mason
1. Mind Spiders, Self-titled LP
2. White Lung, It’s the Evil LP
3. Dead Uncles, Self-titled 7”
4. Iron Chic, Not Like This LP
5. Crusades, Self-titled 7”

Chris Pepus
Motion Sickness (zine) box set
In Celebration (1975 film version of the play by David Storey)
Urban Struggle: The Battle of the Cuckoo’s Nest (film)
Beckett on Film (DVD set)
Trumbo (film)

Craig Horky
• Bedford, Smiles Are the Batteries
• Mid Carson July, Ten Years on Autopilot
• Canine Sugar, Canine Sugar Goes for a Walk
• So Adult, Rookie
• The Fullerenes,Better Dating through Technology

Craven Rock
1. Go, Egypt, Go!
2. Knifey Spooney, Animal Pleasures demo cassette
3. Shiny Things on the Ground (zine)
4. Dalek, Gutter Tactics CD
5. Scared Of Chaka, Hutch Brown Sangwych LP

CT Terry
• Ultra Dolphins, Alien Baby LP
• HTRK, Marry Me Tonight LP
• Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy LP (I know, I know…)
• J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (book)
• Sharon made me a website:

Danny Spit
1. Tyler the Creator, Bastard
2. Scared Of Chaka, Masonic Youth
3. Tera Melos, Patagonian Rats
4. Earl Sweatshirt, Earl
5. What Happens Next?, Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter

Daryl Gussin
• Dirty Marquee, Self-titled 7”
• ADD/C, Busy Days LP
• Dark Rides, Self-titled 7”
• Foreign Objects, A Kind of Life 7”
• Hot New Mexicans, Self-titled LP

Dave Williams
1. Ghost, Opus Eponymous LP
2. Burzum, Fallen LP
3. Coven, Witchcraft LP / Black Widow, Sacrifice LP
4. Rot In Hell, As Pearls Before Swine LP
5. Mercyful Fate, Self-titled / Melissa / Don’t Break the Oath

Designated Dale
1. Lemmy: 49% Motherfucker, 51% Son of a Bitch—a real look into one of the most real dudes left in rock’n’roll. This film has been a long time coming and is definitelynotto be missed.
2. Throw Rag at Alex’s Bar 11th Anniversary Show in Long Beach. And just when you think it couldn’t get any crazier, Larry May of The Candy Snatchers jumps up on stage with ‘em for a fiery version of “Rocket in My Pocket.” God damn!
3. Saxophone-induced tunes that make you wanna kick holes in the drywall brought to you by artists like Rocket From The Crypt, The Saints, and Little Richard.
4. Having reliable co-workers who flagged security down after some stupid fuck tried splitting after she backed into (and plowed) the side of my truck in the parking structure. You rule, Kevin and Bobby!
5. Last but not least, the Ramones getting a Lifetime Achievement Grammy after all these years, and a big fuck you to whoever was in charge and didn’t see fit to have it included in the live broadcast besides some three second blurb. Shame on you.

Ever a.k.a The Girl About Town
• The Muffs at Spaceland (It will always be Spaceland to me.)
• Sourpatch, Self-titled 7’’
Destroy All Movies (book)
• Paul Collins Beat at The Redwood Bar
• Youth Against at Infest Warehouse

Garret Barnwell
1. Gasoline Grenade / The Mindless Show, split cassette
2. Rad Company / Ships In Masses, split cassette
3. Women In Prison, demo cassette
4. Vacation, The Do Shit Disc CD
5. Zero Heroes 7”

Jake Shut
1. The righteous and courageous revolutionaries in Tunisia and Egypt.
2. The Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers
3. Motörhead, The World Is Yours
4. Three Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bars
5. Electric Wizard, Black Masses

Jeff Proctor
1. Samiam, Tiltwheel at Alex’s Bar, Long Beach 12/29
2. Death Crisis, Stalins Of Sound at Kensington Club, San Diego 01/29
3. Les Savy Fav at Echoplex, Los Angeles 02/04
4. Nobunny, Shannon And The Clams, the Widows, Mexico City Rollers at Til-Two, San Diego 02/12
5. Sebadoh, Quasi at the Echoplex, Los Angeles 02/25

Jennifer Federico
1. A-Frames, Black Forest
2. White Lung, It’s the Evil
3. Liars, Sisterworld
4. Cactus, Self-titled
5. Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Rush to Relax

Joe Evans III
• Nick Flanagan, I’m Here All Weak CD
Cometbus #54
• Burrito Reich, live
• Liquor Store, Free Pizza 7”
• Community

Juan Espinosa
• Big Crux, Is a Big Funk 7”
• Vaccine, Demo 7”
• Urban Blight, Total War 7”
• Low Threat Profile, Product Number Two LP
• Bastard Noise / Despise You / Brutal Truth / Lack Of Interest, live at the Boulevard.

Keith Rosson
• The Sainte Catherines, Fire Works CD
Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned by Wells Towers (short story collection)
• Bread And Water, Everything So Far CD
• Lost Tribe, The Dawn cassette
• Images, Five cassette

Kurt Morris
1. Misfits, Collection I
2. Misfits, Collection II
3. M83, Saturdays = Youth
4. Ethel Meserve, Spelling the Names
5. Les Savy Fav, Let’s Stay Friends

Lauren Measure
Bands I’m Excited about Right Now
1. Aye Nako (ex-fleabag, best demo I’ve ever heard)
2. Very Okay
3. Dead Ringer
4. Hot Mess
5. Foreign Objects

Lucky Nakazawa
Top 5 Qualifications to Work for Razorcake
1. Sleep with someone in Dillinger Four.
2. Publicly have a drinking problem.
3. “Considering” going to grad school.
4. Think that Ben Snakepit draws really well.
5. Be Asian. Asians own Razorcake.

Maddy Tight Pants
1. Magic Kids, Memphis LP
2. Nobunny, First Blood LP
3. Marked Men, The Other Side 7”
4. Unko Atama, Another Creature CD
5. Ghosts of Ready Reference#4 zine by R. John Xerxes

Marcos Siref
• Human Baggage, Two Cities cassette
• Violent Femmes, The Blind Leading the Naked
• No Trend, More
• Di Nigunim’s 2011 North America Tour
• Spider Fever

Mark Twistworthy
1. Milk Music, Beyond Living 12”
2. Getting Dr. Tony Balls to make me a fuzz pedal.
3. MuhammadAli (the band, not the man)
4. Mean Jeans / White Wires, split 7” (both of ‘em)
5. Finally getting to see Mean Jeans!

Matt Average
• To Hell And Back, Will We Be Torn Apart LP
• Countdown To Armageddon, Eater of Worlds LP
• Cola Freaks, Self-titled CD
• Warcollapse, Crust as Fuck Existence 12” EP
• Women In Prison, demo cassette

Matt Bloodbath
• Off!, First Four EPs
• Forgetters, Street Eaters at The EagleRockCenter For The Arts
• The 5th Annual Dre Day at The Blue Star
• Grabass Charlestons/Toys That Kill, Split LP
• Against Me!, White Crosses LP

Mike Faloon
• Black Wine, Dark Energy 7”
• Budos Band, III LP
• Mary Halvorson Quintet, Saturn Sings CD
• Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait and Switch, What Is Known CD
• Midwest Beat, At the Gates LP

Mike Frame
1. Swingin Neckbreakers, Top of the Pops CD
2. Lemuria, Pebble LP
3. Welders, Self-titled 7”
4. Berlin Brats, Believe It or Rot LP
5. The Biters, both EPs

MP Johnson
Sweet Tooth: In Captivity by Jeff Lemiere
• Short Fast & Loud 10th anniversary show at Gilman St.
• Sick Of It All at the Triple Rock
• Robyn at First Ave.
• My short story “Clown Underground” appearing in Out of the Gutter #7

Nardwuar the Human Serviette
1. Hot Lixx Hulahan, Airway to Heaven/Sound of Silence 7” EP (2008 World Air Guitar Champion’s Craigums Billmeier’s genius 7” release)
2. Sheetah et les Weissmuller, Hola Ye-Yeah CD (Wicked French garage punk crunch!)3. Adventures of Power DVD (The real Ari Gold’s comedy about love, air drumming, and the American Dream)
4. Rock –afire Explosion DVD (Documentary about the animatronic band of animals at Showbiz Pizza Place)
5. Jetwolf, Self-titled CD (Super catchy, bouncy VancouverBC teenage zit rock angst!)

Nation of Amanda
Top 5 Worst Types of Customers at My Restaurant...
1. Picky church ladies with big hats
2. People who ask for food that isn’t on the menu.
3. Teenagers.
4. People with lots of babies.
5. Teenagers with lots of babies.

Nick Toerner
• Vacation, Dream Dad 7”
• Tiltwheel, The High Hate Us LP
• Lose The Tude, Self-titled 7”
• Statues, Holiday Cops LP
• Sloane Peterson, “Knots” b/w “Telephone” 7”

• Watching the Packers win Super Bowl 45 at Time Bomb Tom’s house in Green Bay!
• Sex Robots, Nightmoves LP
• Eating nothing but pizza for ten days
• The Jabbers, American Standard CD
• Passing out in Less Than Jake’s tour bus in Milwaukee

Paul Comeau
1. Zombie Dogs, Self-titled LP
2. Youth Avoiders, Demo 2010 cassette
3. Supertouch, The Earth Is Flat LP
4. H20, Nothing to Prove LP
5. Hoover, Lurid Traversal of Route 7 CD

Rene Navarro
1. Muddy Waters, Can’t Be Satisfied DVD
2. All Quiet on The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque
3. The Stranglers, The Early Years 74-76 Rare Live CD
4. Fucked Up, Hidden World CD
5. Kylesa, To Walk a Middle Course LP

Replay Dave
• Amateur Party, Truncheons in the Manor LP
• ADD/C, Busy Days LP
• Cheap Girls / Lemuria 7”
• Post Teens (live)
• Songs For Emma, Red Lies and Black Rhymes CD

Rev. Nørb
• Eddy J. Lemberger, Aaron Rodgers Rock & Roll Video/MP3
• Charlie & The Skunks, Take an Ice Cream Scoop out of My Brain 7” EP
• Ramma Lamma, This Carton Contains 2 x 7”
• First Base, I Saw Her First 7”
• Flesh Lights, Maybe Baby 7”

Rhythm Chicken
Top 5 Musical Acts I’ve Been Enjoying Lately
• Happy Schnapps Combo
• Fugazi
• Dismemberment Plan
• Luna
• Packer fans worldwide singing “The Bears Still Suck Polka”by the Happy Schnapps Combo

Naked Rob
The Thrash Attack, San Francisco
1. Smart Cops, Cominciare A Vivere 7” (Italian punk)
2. Jonny Manak And The Depressives, I Am Not a Bum...I’m a Jerk! (San Jose punk rock)
3. Total Fucking, Destruction Haters (grindcore)
4. Carlton Melton, Self-titled 7” (SF psych rock)
5. Short Fast & Loud 10” Comp (thrash/grindcore/hardcore)

Ryan Horky
1. Low Threat Profile, Product #2 LP
2. Paul Simon, Rhythm of the Saints LP
3. Jack Palance Band, Get This Shit Underway LP
4. Napalm Death, Utopia Banished LP
5. Motörhead, The World Is Yours LP

Sean Koepenick
Music Books That I Have Recently Checked Out
1. No Certainty Attached: Steve Kilbey and The Church, by Robert Dean Lurie
2. Why Be Something That You’re Not—Detroit Hardcore 1979-1985, by Tony Rettman
3. Suburban 100-Selected Lyrics, by Paul Weller
4. Hell On Wheels—A Tour Story Compilation, by Greg Jacobs
5. Touch & Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine ‘79-’83, by Tesco Vee & Dave Stimson

Sal Lucci
• Humpers, War Is Hell/My Machine CD
• Parting Gifts, Strychnine Dandelion LP
• Natural Child, White Man’s Burden 7”
• Gentleman Jesse And His Men, You’ve Got the Wrong Guy 7”
• Crisis Hotlines 7”

Steve Hart
Top Five Podcasts
1. Citizen Radio
2. Counterspin
3. The Nerdist
4. The Breakdown
5. Best of the Left

Todd Taylor
• Dark Rides, Self-titled 7” EP
• Rough Kids, “Into the ‘00s” b/w “So Sophisticated” 7”
• Gestapo Khazi, “Escalators” b/w “The Atomic Kind” 7”
• Dirty Marquee, Self-titled 7” EP
• Nuclear Family, Self-titled 12”
• ADD/C, Busy Days LP

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 “S” Bands
2. Subhumans (Canada)
3. Sloppy Seconds
4. Snuff
5. Smogtown

Vincent Battilana
• Teenage Fanclub, Bandwagonesque LP
• Skatelites, Rollin’ On LP
• Various artists, Ska-Ba-Dip LP
• Spacemen 3, Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to 2 x LP
• The Beat, Self-titled LP (Why couldn’t I have found the three dollar thrift store copy before I picked up the reissue?! And, yes, I did get the thrift store copy.)