Top 5s from Issue #60: Acquisitions

Mar 01, 2011

Aphid Peewit
• Subhumans, Same Thoughts, Different Day
• SNFU, …And No One Else Wanted to Play
The Weird World of Eerie Publications, by Mike Howlett (book)
Open Your Mouth and Say Mr. Chi Pig (DVD)
Dexter’s Laboratory, Season One (DVD)

Art Ettinger
• The Templars / The New Chords, Split 2 x 7”
• The Sablowskis, Self-titledCD
Destroy All Movies!!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film (book)
• ANTiSEEN, Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match 7”
• Bad Religion, 30th Anniversary Box Set 15 x LP

Ben Snakepit
Top Five New Texas Bands
• Muhammadali
• The Stampede
• Criaturas
• The Cassingles
• The Fleshlights

Bill Pinkel
• Swing Ding Amigos, Kings of Culo (What took me so long?)
• Vapid, Practically Dead
• Mean Jeans show at 5 Star Bar
• Unfun, Sick Outside View
• White Wires, WWII

Bryan Static
Best 7”s of the Year
• Like Bats, Look on the Bright Side
• That’s Incredible, Self-titled
• Southside Stranglers, Strangle You
• Night Birds, Self-titled
• Good Men Die Like Dogs, Postscript

Candice Tobin
1. Selby Tigers, Charm City
2. Rumspringer, Empty Towers
3. The Measure [SA], Notes
4. Discount, Half Fiction
5. Mean Jeans, Are You Serious?

Chris Mason
1. The Arrivals, Volatile Molotov LP
2. ADD/C, Busy Days LP
3. Young Offenders, Leader of the Followers LP
4. Libyans, A Common Place LP
5. White Wires, WWII LP

Craig Horky
1. Superchunk, Majesty Shredding
2. Tin Horn Prayer, Get Busy Dying
3. The Art of Musical Maintenance VII
4. Eclectic Art Tattoo Gallery
5. Fisherking, Forget It

Craven Rock
1. Leslie Neilson R.I.P Shirley, he’ll be missed.
2. Wendy Call’s journal writing workshop @ Seattle Public Library
3. The Mindscape of Alan Moore (movie)
4. Teen rap group Tacoma Aroma’s Youtube videos. If the video for I Need Food doesn’t make you immensely happy, you are a bad person.
5. Cancer Rising, Self-titled CD

CT Terry
1. The Humms, Don’t Think About Death 7”
2. Forgetters 2 x 7” and live
3. Hang Glider EP
4. Vegan Soul Kitchen cookbook by Bryant Terry
5. Short story “The Girls and The Guards” to appear in Hair Trigger 33, Spring 2011

Daryl Gussin
• De Høje Hæle, Skal Vi Aldrig Videre? CD
• Catburglars, Self-titled CD
• Parting Gifts, Strychnine Dandelion CD
• Sun God, both 7”s and split 12” with TMIBH
• Nuclear Family, 7” and 12”

Dave Disorder
1. Superchunk, Majesty Shredding
2. The Arrivals, Volatile Molotov
3. Iron Chic, Not Like This
4. Sass Dragons, New Kids on the Bong
5. Forgetters, Too Small to Fail EP

Dave Williams
1. White Wires, WWII LP
2. Sonic Avenues, “Fading Love” (from upcoming split 7”)
3. Coralie Clement, Toystore CD
4. Blind To Faith / Gehenna, Split 7”
5. Fabienne Delsol, On My Mind CD

Designated Dale
1. Hollywood Hate and Fracas at Thee Parkside in SF Thanksgiving weekend for the Dog Patch Winos/Jaks Winter Formal 2010
2. Charm Machine and It’s Casual at the American Legion Hall in Highland Park 12/11/10
3. Motörhead, The World Is Yours LP
4. The Saints, Eternally Yours LP
5. The History of Iron Maiden: Part 1: The Early Days DVD

Ever a.k.a The Girl About Town
• She’s Dead, Self-titled EP
• Sourpatch, God Equals Genocide, and Handski at Marin’s House
• Destroy All Movies Film Festival
• Mean Jeans at The 5 Star Bar
• Deskonocidos, En La Oscuridad LP

Garrett Barnwell
1. Woodgrain, Selsun 7”
2. Rumspringer, Empty Towers CD
3. Savage Brewtality, The Last Slice LP
4. Autistic Youth, Idle Minds LP
5. Bad Religion 30th Anniversary Box Set LP(s)

Jeff Proctor
• Mark Sultan at Bar Pink, San Diego 10/23
• Mean Jeans w/Shannon and the Clams, 5 Star Bar, L.A. 11/06
• Nobunny w/the Intelligence at Spaceland, L.A. 11/10
• Jens Lekman at Skybar, West Hollywood 12/04
• Red Pony Clock w/Still Flyin’ at Tin Can Alehouse, San Diego 12/09

Joe Dana
Top 5 Records of 2010
1. The Arrivals, Volatile Molotov
2. Dan Padilla, As the Ox Plows
3. Too Many Daves, Weekend at Dave’s
4. Tiltwheel, The High Hate Us
5. Sick Sick Birds, Heavy Manners
Honorable Mentions: Prizzy Prizzy Please, Chroma Canon and Sass Dragons, New Kids on the Bong

Joe Evans III
• The Arrivals, Volatile Molotov LP
• Anne Frank Zappa, Self-titled 7” EP
• Superchunk, Majesty Shredding LP
Scud: The Whole Shebang, (book)
• Various, Ain’t No Shame LP

Josh Ian Robles
1. “Whole Wide World” Wreckless Eric
2. “It’s a New Find” Shonen Knife
3. “Hot Chocolate” Shonen Knife
4. “Oi to the World” The Vandals
5. “Each Life Each End” Polysics

Juan Espinosa
1. Nerveskade, Self-titled LP
2. Hygiene, Town Centre EP
3. Marvelous Darlings, Live at Gales 12”
4. Get Rad, What the Fuck Happened to Common Sense? 12”
5. How I Met Your Mother: Seasons 1 and 2 DVDs

Keith Rosson
Acquisitions for Three Bucks Or Less
• Combat Wounded Veteran, What Flavor Is Your Death Squad Leader? 7”
• Grade, Under the Radar CD
• Swingin Utters, The Streets of San Francisco CD
• The Taxpayers, To Risk So Much for One Damn Meal CD + zine/LP
• Fresh Coats, A Train Wreck Named Desire (Download from They say they’re gonna make physical copies, but who knows. Pipes provided by Go Sell Drugs. Awesome.)

Ken Dirtnap
Top 5 New(ish) Portland Bands
• Welcome Home Walker
• Guantanamo Baywatch
• The Shivas
• Therapists
• The Chemicals

Kurt Morris
1. Leatherface, Mush
2. Agalloch, Marrow of the Spirit
3. Jesu, Heart Ache & Dethroned
4. Starflyer 59, The Changing of the Guard
5. The Replacements, Let It Be

Matt Average
• Abortti 13 / Sekaannus Split EP
• Timebombs, Mumbling 10”
• Bloodtype, Self-titled EP
• Culo, Military Trend EP
• Nomos, Notes from the Acheron 12”

Megan Pants
Top 5 Things I’ve Learned by Listening To My LPs Alphabetically (00-B):
• I truly do need (at least) three Hasil Adkins albums
• Adam Ant’s Friend or Foe record is probably the best record I haven’t
listened to in over a decade
• Pet Benatar’s song, “Wuthering Heights” alone is reason to keep an entire
• I have no idea why I own Black Oak Arkansas
• I’m lucky to have a partner willing to deal with my musical whims that
take months of dedication

Miguel Hopper
Top 5 Sets of 2010
• Pop Atak! for Cesar’s B-day at Old Towne Pub
• Smokejumper at The 12th St. Warehouse
• Like Bats at Angelo’s Pizza
• Madison Bloodbath at The Blue Star Café
• City Mouse at Awesome Fest 4

Mike Faloon
1. Herbie Hancock, anything the used bins offer
2. The Measure [SA], Notes LP
3. Mind Spiders, Worlds Destroyed 7” EP
4. Shannon And The Clams, “Paddy’s Birthday” b/w “Diary, Jimmy” 7”
5. Splinters, “Blood on My Hands” b/w “Hot Hands” 7”

Mike Frame
1. Lucero, entire catalog and live
2. Jets To Brazil, Perfecting Loneliness CD
3. Jukebox Zeros, City of Bother and Loathe 7”
4. Belle And Sebastian, Write about Love CD
5. Ray Lamontagne, God Willin and the Creek Don’t Rise CD

1. Mongrel Fanzine (Yes again Tops in Rock’n’roll Edutainment)
2. White Lung, It’s the Evil LP
3, The New Creation, Troubled CD(Re-issue of  Vancouver Jesus-Rock Trio’s 1970 LP)
4. The Ugly Beats, Motor! CD
5.Dwight Twilley, Green Blimp LP

• Too Many Daves, Weekend at Dave’s LP
• The Manix, Van Activities 7”
• That’s Incredible, Self-titled 7”
• Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers, Live at the Speakeasy, picture disc LP
• Rumspringer, Self-titled 10”

Paul Comeau
1. Zombie Dogs, Self-titled LP
2. Horseback, The Invisible Mountain CD
3. Mouth Of Flowers, Demo CD
4. Great Falls, Demo cassette
5. Dinosaur Jr., Spring 2009 Tour 7”

Replay Dave
Top Five Secret Santa Gifts For Punks
1. Arrivals, Volatile Molotov
2. Iron Chic, Not Like This
3. All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Make It Right
4. Mean Jeans, Are You Serious?
5. Rainer Maria, A Better Version of Me

Rev. Nørb
• Undertones, An Anthology bootleg LP
• Sugar Stems, Sweet Sounds of the Sugar Stems LP
• Welders, Self-titled 7” EP
• Various Artists, Rip Off Records Compilation LP
• Tutu & The Pirates, Sub-urban Insult Rock for the Anti/lectual LP

Russ Van Cleave
• The Arrivals, Volatile Molotov
• The Flamin’ Groovies, Supersnazz
• Hot New Mexicans, Hot New Mexicans
• Wire, Pink Flag
• Roberta Flack, Quiet Fire

Ryan Horky
1. Superchunk live in Detroit 12/10/10
2. OFF! First Four EPs Box Set
3. Mixtapes, A Short Collection of Short Songs 7”
4. Shang-a-Lang, Collection LP
5. Gruesome Stuff Relish, Horror Rises from the Tomb LP

Ryan Leach
Top Five Underrated L.A. Bassists
1. Rob Ritter (Gun Club, 45 Grave, etc.)
2. Skip Battin (Byrds)
3. Dianne Chai (Alley Cats)
4. Smog (Tex And The Horseheads)
5. Tommy Branch (Flash Express)

Sean Koepenick
Top 5 Government Issue Songs at DC Reunion Show on 12/11/10
1. “Strange Wine”
2. “Teenager in a Box”
3. “Understand”
4. “Caring Line”
5. “It Begins Now”

Sharod Bines
Top 5 Shows of 2010
• Wizard Sleeve at Mocking Bird Café
• The Spits and Nobunny at Will’s Pub
• Vermillion Sands at Mocking Bird Café
• King Khan And The Shrines at BottleTree Café
• Shannon And The Clams at Mocking Bird Café

Steve Hart
Top Five of 2010
• SF Giants winning the World Series
• Killing Joke, Absolute Dissent
• Negative Approach, Friends of No One
• Neil Young, Le Noise
• Devo, Something for Everybody

Steve Larder
1. The Body, All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood
2. Bong, Gilgamesh Lives
3. Normal Man, That Joyless Vibe
4. The Impalers, Demo
5. Swans, My Father Will Guide Me a Rope to the Sky

Todd Taylor
• The Arrivals, Volatile Molotov LP
• Tiltwheel, The High Hate Us LP
Destroy All Movies!!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film (book)
• Red Dons, Fake Meets Failure LP
• Tranzmitors, “Sunday Morning” b/w “Jimmy’s at the Mod Shop” 7”
• Young Governor, “Call Me When the Cat Dies” b/w “Fade Away” 7” tie with Too Many Daves, Weekend at Dave’s LP

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 “R” Bands
• Riverboat Gamblers
• Rocket From The Crypt
• Ramones
• Ripcordz
• Radio Birdman

Vincent Battilana
• Aloe Blacc, Good Things CD
• The Left, Gas Mask CD
• Apollo Brown, The Reset CD
• Quasimoto, The Unseen CD
• tie: Love, Forever Changes CD and Funkadelic, Maggot Brain LP