Top 5s from Issue #57: Two-hundred opinions (too many?).

Sep 07, 2010

Adrian Salas
Top 5 Bands I’ve Been Turned on to through the Machinations of Vince “Battle of Atlanta” Battilana
5. Black Tambourine / Go Sailor
4. Plaid Retina
3. Rosa / Punkin Pie
2. Banner Pilot
1. MC Miker G & Deejay Sven—There was something missing in my life until Vince introduced me to “Holiday Rap” and its paradigm shifting lyrics: “We’re gonna ring rang-a-dong for a holiday!” Can life ever be the same after that?

Aphid Peewit
1. The Spits IV CD
2. Eric Davidson, We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001 (book)
3. In Defence / Party By The Slice,Split 7”
4. Negative Approach, Fair Warning Vol. 2 (DVD)
5. The Lost Satsang of Nisargadatta Maharaj (DVD)

Art Ettinger
• Stoned At Heart, Self-titledLP
• Dopamines, Expect the Worst LP
• Black Marias, A Clockwork Army CD
• Sloppy Seconds, Destroyed (Reissue) 2 x LP
• Various Artists, Is It Broke Yet? LP

Bill Pinkel
• Potential John’s Dirtnap 7”
• Shellshag, Rumors in Disguise LP
• Tiltwheel, The High Hate Us LP
• Riverdales, Tarantula LP
• Gypsy, 4-Song tape

Bradley Williams
Raddest Folks and Best Times
1.Chillin’ with Her Radness Amy Adoyzie for a couple of days
2. Burger Records
3. 45 RPM Records
4. Building a fence with Fose for Eric
5. Riding bikes down from Del Cerro to the sea

Bryan Static
Best of 2009 That I Found Out About in 2010
• Little Lungs, Hoist Me Up
• Mean Jeans, Are You Serious?
• P.S. Eliot, Inverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds
• Reigning Sound, Love and Curses
• The Spits, Volume 4

Chris Pepus
Top 5 Signs That a ‘70s-’80s Euro-Horror Film Revival Is Underway
1. The “Zombo Italiano” festival at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.
2. The screenings of The Beyond at the Hi-Pointe in St. Louis.
3. Filmbar70 in London showed The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue.
4. House played at the Webster Film Series in St. Louis. (Admittedly, that’s a Japanese movie.)
5. The Blood Spattered Bride. It’s not screening anywhere, as far as I know: I just like that film. Okay, I guess there are only three signs.

Craig Horky
1. Marc Navarro, RIP homie. Sorry we lost touch over the years.
2. My brother and his new wife. Congratulations Ryan and Kim.
3. Chason Huggins (and RadFest in general, but mostly just Chason)
5. Dear Landlord, Dream Homes

CT Terry
• White Whale, Demo
• The-Dream, Love vs. Money LP
• Josh Small, Juke LP
• Flying Lotus, Cosmogramma LP
• Short story “Hell, Where Barry Manilow Sings” in Knee-Jerk #12

Craven Rock
1. Endpoint, Sunspring, Parlour at Headliner’s, Louisville, KY
2. Kinghorse, Self-titled and Too Far Gone: Unreleased Records 1988-1992 CDs
3. Kate Bush, Hounds of Love LP
4. Philippe Petit (tightrope walker who walked between the twin towers)
5. Abandoned Cars by Jim Lane (book/graphic novel)

Daryl Gussin
• Daylight Robbery, Through the Confusion LP
• El Banda, Skutki Uboczne 2 x LP
• This Moment In Black History, Public Square LP
• Dan Padilla / Drunken Boat, split 7” tie with Stymie / Kicking Spit, split 7”
• Burning Love

Dave Williams
Top 5 Inevitably Awesome Things Happening This Summer/Early Fall:
1. Year Zero touring with Tiltwheel!
2. Celebrating Jessica and my first wedding anniversary in NYC!
3. Crusades’ 7” release show with Red Dons coinciding with Daryl’s visit!
4. Maiden in Ottawa!
5. Euro tour with The Steve Adamyk Band! Yay German pals!

Designated Dale’s
Top 5 Jack “The Winnebago Man” Rebney Quotes
1. “I wonder what the fuck the real dialogue is!?”
2. “Thank you very much, I appreciate that, Tony...don’t slam the fuckin’ door! NO MORE! Now listen, I gotta give a, a clue here, now. I don’t want any more bullshit, any time during the day, from anyone—that includes ME!”
3. “I gotta read it again because my mind is just a piece of shit this morning!”
4. (Mumbling under his breath to the camera crew) “Maaan, I’d like to kick your fuckin’ head in!”
5. “The accoutrement that you will need… ACCOUTREMENT!? What is that shit?!

Jake Shut
1. Going on tour with Droids Attack and all the people who gave us a place to stay and free drinks
2. Off With Their Heads, In Desolation
3. Birthday Suits, The Minnesota: Mouth to Mouth
4. Coffins, Buried Death
5. Black Tusk, Taste the Sin

Kristen Nakano
Top 5 Japanese Monster Movies
Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster (Hedora)—1971
Gamera vs. Guiron—1969
Latitude Zero—1969
Space Amoeba (Yog - Monster from Space—1970
Attack of the Mushroom People (Matango—1963

Mademoiselle Ever a.k.a “the girl about town”
• Screaming Females, Power Move LP
• Descarados, Descarados 7”
• Ilegal, Error De Orden 7’’
• Ra’kosi, Self-titled 7’’
• Tuberculosis, Disfrasandose 7’’

Jeff Proctor
Top 5 Reasons Why Johnny Rad Fest (July 22nd-25th, San Diego) Will Be the Best Fest of the Summer:
1. The Zeros
2. The Spits
3. Nobunny
4. Tokyo Electron
5. The Dissimilars

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Cool Things about a Quick Trip to Sweden
1. Regulations at Debaser
2. Bike tour of Stockholm
3. Moose Safari!
4. Extra vowels
5. Hammarby vs. Ljungskile atSöderstadion

Jim Ruland
Top 5 Jimmy Lee Lindsey Cuts Stuck in My Head
• “Robots on the Loose Again” Nervous Patterns
• “Destruction of a Man” Destruction Unit
• “I Get Nervous” Lost Sounds
• “Looking for Danger” (cover) The Reatards
• “My Shadow” Jay Reatard

“Front Row” Joe Dana
1. Sass Dragons and Toys That Kill at San Pedro Brewing Company in San Pedro
2. Cheap Girls at The Warehouse at 12th & G in Chino
3. Prizzy Prizzy Please, Spokesmen, and the Ex-Gentlemen at the Echo Curio in Echo Park
4. ShanghaiRiver and Spider Problem at Vlad the Retailer in Hel-Mel
5. (This hasn’t happened yet but I already know it is going to be rad) Dan Padilla and Madison Bloodbath at the American Legion Hall in Highland Park.

Joshua Ian Robles
1. “Pretty Good,” Polysics
2. “Thrash Unreal,” Against Me!
3. “Bomb,” Darkbuster
4. “Oi to the World,” The Vandals
5. “The Passenger,” Iggy Pop

Juan Espinosa
1. Walls EP / Nerveskade EP (Iron Lung)
2. Vile Gash EP / Raw Nerve LP (Youth Attack)
3. Society Of Friends CD / Quattro Stagioni LP (625)
4. Burning Love Demo EP / Burning Love Don’t Ever Change EP (Deranged)
5. Pigeon Religion Scorpion Milk EP / Dry Rot Philistine LP (Parts Unknown)

Keith Rosson
• The Wild, Set Ourselves Free
• Hostage Life, Centre of the Universe
• Songs For Emma, Red Lies and Black Rhymes
• State Lottery, When the Night Comes
• Submission Hold, Eat More Garlic (The Demos)

Kurt Morris
1. Guided by Voices, Bee Thousand
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, seasons 1-3
3. Graduating from grad school
4. Burn Collector #14
5. Al Burian, Natural Disasters (book)

Matt Average
• Warvictims, Domedagen CD
• Sotatila, Vituiks Meni EP
• Pigs, Illuminati House Party LP
• The Homicides, Black Leather Redneck 12” EP
The Fury #18 zine / Mountza #4 zine

Mike Frame
1. Airbourne, No Guts No Glory CD
2. Roky Erickson, True Love Cast out All Evil LP
3. Mississippi John Hurt, Today LP
4. Sharon Jones & Dap Kings, Learned the Hard Way CD
5. Rocket From The Tombs, I Sell Soul 7”

Nardwuar The Human Serviette
1. At Both Ends#9 /10 Fanzine (Incredible Vancouver punk fanzines’ last issue ever)
2. Treat Me like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk in Torontoand Beyond book, by Liz Worth
3. Mongrel Zine #8 (Filled with so much garage rock goodness!)
4. Defektors, Bottom of the City LP
5. Various Artists, Buried Treasures: Winnipeg Rock Gems 1958-1974 CD

Top 5 Lines from Boogadaboogadaboogada!, Part 2
• “Love to hate, I love to hate. Deck the halls with Sharon Tate.”
• “Always walking into trees, wakes me up to ask if I’m asleep. Sits around, stares into space. Oh god I hate her face.”
• “The lake is full of creepy snobs, I stare to get annoyed. This isn’t Honolulu dummy, this is Illinois.”
• “I don’t care if it’s against the law, I wanna live my life in the raw.”
• “Got a half a pack of cigarettes and my wallet is completely bare again. I might be broke, but I don’t care. I just watch TV in my baggy underwear.”

Rene Navarro
• Reigning Sound, Break Up...Break Down LP
• Leatherface, Horsebox CD
• The Breeders, Last Splash CD
• Pangea, Hold My Hand CD
• Hairdos On Fire / Hotdog! Split 7”

Rev. Nørb
• Poppees, Pop Goes the Anthology LP
• Various Artists, Florida’s Dying Party Platter LP
• Sticks N Stones, Red Light 45
• Half Rats, For the Sake of Love 45
• Top fives which consist primarily of records that the author enjoys and thinks others may enjoy as well.

Ryan Horky
1. New Superchunk this year
2. New Superchunk this year
3. New Superchunk this year
4. New Superchunk this year
5. New Superchunk this year

Samantha Beerhouse
1. Screaming Females, Power Move LP
2. Statues, Terminal Bedroom 7”
3. Randy, Welfare Problems LP
4. Various Artists, One Kiss Can Lead to Another LP
5. Tilt, ‘Til It Kills LP

Sean Koepenick
Bands I Am Stoked to See at The Big Takeover Fest in NYC
1. Channel Three
2. The Avengers
3. Libertines US
4. For Against
5. Springhouse

Steve Hart
• Blacktusk, Taste the Sin
• Melvins, The Bride Screamed Murder
• The Blood Of Heroes, The Blood of Heroes
• Mike Patton, Mondo Cane
• Bastard, No Hope in Here

Steve Larder
1. Drainland / Grinding Halt, Split 10”
2. Attack Of The Mad Axeman, Self-titled 12”
3. Noxagt, Self-titledCD
4. Seein’ Red / Mihoen, Split 10”
5. Napalm Death, Leaders Not Followers Pt.2 12”

1. The Wombles, You’re Invited to a Ping Pong Ball
2. The National, High Violet
3. Unnatural Helpers, Cracked Love and other Drugs
4. Scientists, Pissed on another Planet
5. Looking forward to not arguing with every damn body about every damn thing!

Todd Price AKA Buttertooth
1. Trans Am, Liberation CD
2. Swell Maps, A Trip to Marineville CD
3. The Bellakun, Bendicion Maldita
4. Black Lips, Let It Bloom CD
5. Audiology: Science to Practice (book)

Todd Taylor
• Dan Padilla / Drunken Boat, Split 7”
• God Equals Genocide / No People, Split 7”
• Statues, New People Make Us Nervous LP
• Potential Johns “Can I Really Not Go with You” b/w “Past Due”: 7” (tie) Mind Spiders World Destroyed 7”
• Young Governor, “Cindy’s Gonna Save Me” b/w “Cannabanoids”: 7”
• Gypsy, Self-titled 4-song CDEP

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 “O” Bands
1. Operation Ivy
2. Olivelawn
3. The Outlets
4. Off With Their Heads
5. Oppressed Logic

Vincent Battilana
• Tie: Summer Cats, Songs for Tuesdays LP; Happy Birthday LP
• Fever B, The Lonely Sailor Sessions 12” EP
• Tie: RVIVR LP; Shellshag, Rumors in Disguise LP
• Stuns Guns, And There Was Nothing We Could Do about It LP
• Dirty Marquee’s tracks at