Top 5s From Issue #54: Parisian bouncers, taco cheese, Abel Ferrara, and more!

Jan 12, 2010

Adrian Salas
5 Old Bands I Hope to Finally See Live in 2010, after Always Missing Them
5. Green Day—I’ve seen Pinhead Gunpowder and the Network, but never the Billy Joe band millions of other people have seen.
4. Stan Ridgway/Wall Of Voodoo—Solo or with some version of WOV would be good. The guy’s voice and lyrics are brilliant.
3. GWAR—Every year they play. Every year I say I’m going. Every year has me regretting not showing up in clothes I plan on never wearing again.
2. Cheap Trick—If they open for a shit band like Foreigner at some amphitheatre the show’s semi-affordable, but if they headline a small place the price is really high. Weird how one pays for the privilege of not having to listen to AOR crap.
1. Descendents—Okay, I don’t know if they’re active, but they never technically broke up, right? And they still owe the world a tour for their Cool to Be You album. If you’re reading this Descendents, this is your year to tour! Even if just a two-show run in So-Cal…

Art Ettinger
• Fleshies, Brown Flag LP
• Shutouts, Saturday Night at the Bunk House CD
• Homostupids, The Load LP
• Jeff Clayton and the Mongrels, Self-titled7”
You Weren’t There: A History of Chicago Punk 1977-1984 DVD

Ben Snakepit
• Stymie, AOTU 7” single
• Homewreckers. demo CD
• Serious Tracers, demo CD
• Fleshies, Brown Flag LP/CD combo
• Seventeen Again, LP

Chris Pepus
Top Five Current Reasons Why It Pays to Go See Documentaries
Capitalism: A Love Story
October Country—One year in the life of a working-class family in New York state
Chelsea on the Rocks—Abel Ferrara’s look at the Chelsea Hotel
Severe Clear—Iraq in 2003, shot by a Marine and edited by a filmmaker
• Director Kristian Fraga’s presentation about Severe Clear at the St. Louis International Film Festival

Craig Horky
Top 5 Christmas Movies
1. Die Hard
2. Gremlins
3. A Christmas Story
4. Die Hard 2
5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Craven Rock
5. Captain Black The BigGulp! (CD-R)
4. The 42nd Parallel by John Dos Passos (book)
3. Give Me a Dollar (zine)
2. The Old, Weird America at The Frye (art exhibit)
1. “My Fate”by Charles Bukowski (poem)

CT Terry
1. Old Growth / 12XU, split 7”
2. Tegan and Sara, Sainthood LP
3. Scarface, The Fix LP
4. Terribly Happy (Frygtelig Lykkelig) (movie)

Designated Dale’s
Top 5 Cheeses for Your Tacos...
1. Queso fresco, sprinkled on top.
2. Panela, sprinkled on top.
3. Anejo, sprinkled on top.
4. Queso Oaxaca (Quesillo), melted down with the meat before slapped onto the tortilla.
5. Asadero (Queso Quesadilla), also melted down with the meat before being slapped onto the tortilla.

Danny Martin
Top 5 ‘80s Wrasslers
1. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
2. Andre the Giant
3. Ted Dibiase (the "Million Dollar Man")
4. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
5. Hulk Hogan

Danny Spit
• Shang-a-Lang/ God Equals Genocide, split 7”
• Bastidas, demo
• In Control, Another Year
• Herbie Hancock, Headhunters
• Virgin Megawhore, Doorknob of San Diego

Daryl Gussin
• Rough Kids 7"
• Hidden Spots, Hundred Million Voices LP
• Everything Falls Apart, Relief LP
• Fat Beavers, There’s No End to That Shit CD
Trainwreck #07 tie with Cometbus #53

Dave Brainwreck
Capitalism sucks. Compromise here:
1. Punk bookstores: Left Bank Books, Book Thug Nation (Seattle, Brooklyn)
2. Punk record stores: Singles Going Steady, Love Garden (Seattle, Lawrence)
3. Punk eats: Wayward Cafe, Black Bear Bakery (Seattle, St. Louis)
4. Punk coffee: Porchlight Coffee, Hard Times Cafe (Seattle, Minneapolis)
5. Punk donuts: Daily Dozen (Seattle, but all donuts are punk besides Dunkin)

Dave Williams
Top 5 Moments from Last Night’s Municipal Waste show
1. Meeting Danny Lilker! (I’m twenty-eight years old and still star struck by decidedly un-famous people… embarrassing)
2. Hanging with Tony (Always a treat).
3. Insane all-girl mosh pit during Cauldron’s set. Awesome.
4. Boogie-board stagedives still looking awesome even after the 1,000th time.
5. Parisian bouncer with Mentally Vexed tattoo across the back of his neck. Crown of Thornz 4 life.

Mademoiselle Ever a.k.a "the girl about town"
1. The Spits at Five Star Bar
2. Christ On Parade at Infest Warehouse
3. RIP / Eskorbuto, split repress on Munsterama
4. Mutoid Men, Mutoid World LP
5. A Serious Man (movie)

Jake Shut
Top 5 Shows in Late 2009
1. Jesus Lizard, Toys That Kill, and Riverboat Gamblers (Go Ian!) at Fun Fun Fun Fest
2. Dwarves at The Triple Rock
3. Motörhead at First Avenue
4. Toxic Holocaust and Skeleton Witch at The Annex
5. Baroness at The Triple Rock

Jeff Proctor
Top 5 Hot Dog Brands
1. Nathan's
2. Applegate Farms
3. Hebrew National
4. Vienna Beef
5. Sabrett

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Bands to Listen to When You Don’t Feel Like Listening to a Damn Thing
1. The Briefs
2. Black Elk
3. The Ramones
4. Circle Jerks
5. Black Flag

Jimmy Alvarado
Five Black Sabbath Songs You Rarely Hear on the Radio
• “Planet Caravan,” Paranoid LP
• “Into the Void,” Master of Reality LP
• “Under the Sun,” Vol. 4 LP
• “A National Acrobat,” Sabbath Bloody Sabbath LP
• “Hole in the Sky,” Sabotage LP

Joe Dana
Top 5 Bands of the Year (As in I Listened to Their New Records a Lot)
1. Dear Landlord
2. Cheap Girls
3. Dillinger 4
4. Shang-A-Lang
5. Sass Dragons

Josh Benke
1. King Khan and BBQ Show, live and Invisible Girl LP
2. Mickey, live
3. Shannon And The Clams, live
4. The Yolks, live
5. Sonic Chicken Four, live

Juan Espinosa
Top Five Black Flag Rollins-Era Songs
1. "Nothing Left Inside"
2. "Black Coffee"
3. "Bastard in Love"
4. "Damaged 2"
5. "My War"

Keith Rosson
The Butt by Will Self (novel)
• Ghostlimb / Fischer split 10"
• The Have-Nots, Serf City USA CD
Where the Money Went by Kevin Canty (stories)
• White type on black

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
Comics and books I have been reading
1. Dear Andy Kaufman I Hate Your Guts!—Lynn Margulies. Mostly just looking at all the pictures of girls from the ‘70s.
2. Archie Americana Series: Best of the Fifties—Written and drawn by uncredited ghost creators. I always hated Archie comics growing up, but now I secretly like the vintage ones. Don't tell anybody.
3. The Boy Detective Fails—Joe Meno. Large type and short chapters makes finishing a book possible for me.
4. The Baby Sitter—Andy Ristaino. Extra large format graphic novel with mind-bending detailed art.
5. X-Statix (the complete run)—Peter Milligan and Michael Allred. A superhero comic for people who hate super hero comics.

Kurt Morris
Top Five Albums of the Year (In No Particular Order)
1. Slayer, World Painted Blood
2. Converge, Axe to Fall
3. Propagandhi, Supporting Caste
4. Pelican, What We All Come to Need
5. Isis, Wavering Radiant

Lauren Measure
Top 5 Records of 2009
• The Reigning Sound, Love and Curses
• Cheap Girls, My Roaring 20's
• Masshysteri, Vår Del Av Stan
• Neko Case, Middle Cyclone
• P.S. Eliot, Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds

Maddy Tight Pants
1. Magic Kids, Hey Boy 7”
2. Dear Landlord, Dream Homes LP
3. Popettes, Love Visions LP
4. Okmoniks, Party Fever!!! LP
5. Remember Shirley (Shirley Temple double LP!)

Matt Average
• Kiss, live at Staples Center
• Struck By Lightening, Serpents CD
• Gestapo Khazi, Self-titled 12" EP
• Wizzard Sleeve, Make the World Go Away LP
• Abortti 13, Viimeinen Veriloyly EP

Marcus Solomon
1. True Friends (they will save your life.)
2. Buddhist monk power (they will save your life, too.)
3. Teaching and learning (it makes life worth living.)
4. The Dickies (This is the soundtrack to my life.)
5. The Melvins (This is also the soundtrack to my life.)

Mike Frame
1. Psyched To Die, Year One CD
2. Drivin N Cryin, Bubble Factory CD
3. Shadows Fall, Retribution CD
4. Tegan And Sara, Sainthood CD
5. Rose Melberg, Homemade Ship CD

Miss Namella Kim
5 Things to Share with You
1. Gestapo Khazi—I managed them for a few weeks. Best of luck to them. They complained about not getting any press. Here ya go, boys. They put on such great live shows. I know you will love them. Split single with Ebonics (another great band!) available now. Find them on MySpace or Facebook.
2. Night Of Pan—art film with witchcraft. Vincent Gallo dressed as a demented satyr (not really a stretch, eh?) and really good noise music soundtrack.
3. The Chameleons at Part Time Punks—this was in late summer but I gotta give it props. Man, it was really hot in the club. Andrew Aestheik is such a goth god, and to think he was just a MySpace personality a few years back. See, kids, practice playing your guitar and pump yourself up on social networks: magic formula for success!
4. Little Red Radio—Lara and her crew of extra-hot, model-worthy boys pound out some brazen and catchy electro punk dance for you to get your ass on the floor. Man, that drummer is fucken good!
5. Pure by David Aaron Clark. This is a porn film based on the movie Realm of the Senses. It is probably in a league of its own when it comes to adult films. Unfortunately, the director passed away over Thanksgiving. He was a friend, mentor and genuinely sweet guy. I will miss him a lot.

Mor Fleisher-Leach
1. Black Time's last tour ever!
2. Roman Polanski
3. Rock n' Roll High School on VHS
4. Books that are too sad to get through (currently: Stefan Zweig's The Post-Office Girl).
5. Jean Boullet's obsession with Bela Lugosi

MP Johnson
• Funfunfun fest in Austin, TX (Danzig!)
• Misfits, Land of the Dead 12”
• Shakira, She Wolf CD
• Soul Asylum Live at First Ave
• Bobcat Goldthwait, live

Naked Rob
KSCU 103.3FM
1. The Sons Of Hercules, A Different Kind Of Ugly CD (Texas garage rock)
2. Snowbyrd, Diosdado CD (Texas rock)
3. Hickoids, The Hairy Chafin’ EP (Texas cowpunk)
4. Fancy Fenetix, No Need for Therapy CD (Austrian punk rock)
5. Stout City Rockers, Self-Titled CD (San Jose Punk grupo)

Bands I Had Never Seen Before Until Fest 8
• Virgins
• Cheeky
• Ghost Knife
• Stoned At Heart
• Hair Beard Combo

Rene Navarro
1. Tijuana, Baja California Norte
2. X, Under the Big Black Sun LP
3. Cortes Crudos Skate Zine, October Issue
4. New Order, Movement LP
5. Maladie, Self-titled LP

Replay Dave
Top 5 Items Currently Checked out from Alachua County Library
• Alan Moore, League of Extordinary Gentlemen
• Black Sabbath, The Dio Years
• Osamu Tezuka, MW
• Stan Lee, Fantastic Four collection
• David Byrne, Grown Backwards

Rev. Nørb
• Hunx & His Punx, Gay Singles LP
• Mojomatics, Another Cheat on Me 45
• Hex Dispensers, Winchester Mystery House LP
• Sweet Sixteens, Sweatin’ to the Oldies Cassette
• Holly & The Non-Italians, Self-titled CD

Rhythm Chicken
• Television, Marquee Moon
• The Clash, The Clash
• Big Star, Big Star
• Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker (book)
• The entire Enon discographpy

Ryan Horky
1. Superchunk, Crossed Wires 7"
2. The Measure {SA} / The Ergs! 7"
3. Huey Lewis And The News, Sports LP
4. Brutal Truth, Machine Parts+4 7"
5. Dear Landlord, Dream Homes CD

Ryan Leach
• Wall Of Voodoo
• Marc Moreland
• The Clean
• Ramones
• May 1968

Samantha Beerhouse
Top 5 Records to Cook to
1. White Wires, Self-titled LP
2. Roger Allen Wade, All Likkered Up CD
3. Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears, Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is! CD
4. The Devil Makes Three, Self-titled CD
5. Lovage, Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By CD

Sean Koepenick
Bands I Am Enjoying Reading about in Bomp! 2: Born in the Garage
• The Seeds (RIP Sky Saxon!)
• The Standells
• The Leaves
• Pretty Things
• The Troggs

Shahab Zargari
Top 5 Viewed Music Videos on Our Youtube Uploads
1. Intro5pect "No More Time"
2. Underground Railroad to Candyland "Yuppie Hip Hop Ad"
3. The Unlovables "Feelin’ all Emo"
4. Off With Their Heads "Idiot"
5. HOTS "Modern"

Steve Hart
Top Five Songs by David Bowie That Most People Hate, But That I Like
1. “Amazing,” Tin Machine
2. “Absolute Beginners”
3. “As the World Falls Down” (From the Labyrinth soundtrack)
4. “Loving the Alien”
5. “Time Will Crawl”

Steve Larder
Top Five Records That Make Me Wanna Smash Things
• Wolfbeast Destroyer, Self-titled demo
• Disfear, Soul Scars LP
• Gasmask Terror, Self-titled LP
• Skitkids / Exhale, split 7”
• The Horror, Spoils of War LP

Todd Taylor
• Hidden Spots, Hundred Million Voices LP
• Shang-A-Lang, Sad Magic LP
• Marked Men / This Is My Fist, split 7”
• RVIVR, Derailer 7”
Daylight Robbery, Red Tape EP 7”

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 “L” Bands
• Leatherface
• Los Olividados
• Lower Island Dealers
• Lunachicks
• Leaving Trains

Vincent Battilana
• Fleabag, tape and live
• Dirty Marquee, demo CD-R and live
• Hidden Spots, Hundred Million Voices LP
• RVIVR, Fleabag, and Dirty Marquee at Julia's House in Oakland on Nov. 20th
• Three-way tie: Snuggle, Zero Real Hearts LP; Cheeky, What the Heck? 12" EP; Mutoid Men, Mutoid World 12" EP