Top 5s From Issue #53: Like you didn't know.

Nov 23, 2009

Adrian Salas
The Irrefutable List of Greatest Mind-Blowing Drumming (Post-Keith Moon)
5. Todd Trainer, Shellac – So heavy, but incredibly sparse at the same time.
4. John Wright, Nomeansno – Jazz played as punk, or maybe the other way around.
3. Alan Myers, Devo – What I imagine a cyborg would play drums like.
2. George Hurley - He seems genetically incapable of just playing straight 4/4.
1. Tie between Spit Stix on Fear’s The Record and Lucky Lehrer on the Circle Jerk’s Group Sex. – Sheer perfection. (Runners up I’m throwing on – Dave Lombardo, Bill Stevenson, Tabor of the Widow Babies, Cissi of Those Dancing Days, and Jimmy of Toys That Kill)

Amy Adoyzie
Stuff From Friends That Make Being Home Just a Little More Bearable
1. From Marah: Greg Cartwright, Live at the Circle A LP
2. From Anna: Hand-knitted, organic cotton, insanely soft neck warmer.
3. From Gus: Catharsis through a .9 mm and a .44 Magnum
4. From Joni: Bottomless mugs of soy chai tea.
5. From Corey: Words upon words.

Aphid Peewit
• Flipper, Public Flipper Limited – Live 1980 – 1985
• Teenage Bottlerocket, They Came from the Shadows
• Anti-Nowhere League, The Punk Rock Anthology
• Reagan Youth, Punk Rock New York
• Old Skull, Get Outta School

Art Ettinger
• Class War Kids, Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!CD
• Kepi Ghoulie, Life Sentence LP
• Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine, Audacity of Hype LP
• Cocksparrer, Guilty As Charged 2009 LP
• Mission Of Burma, Sound the Speed of Light LP

Ben Snakepit
Top Five Music Blogs
5. (although last time I tried to go here it was password protected)

Billups Allen
Top 5 Albums with Only Text on the Cover
1. Howling Wolf, This Is Howling Wolf’s Electric Guitar Record
2. The Sex Pistols, Never Mind the Bollocks
3. Black Sabbath, Master of Reality
4. The Cockney Rejects, Greatest Hits: Volume One
5. Talking Heads, 77

Chris Pepus
Pierrot le fou (film)
Cléo de 5 à 7 (film)
Fists in the Pocket DVD
Tales of Ordinary Madness DVD
• The Riverboat Gamblers, making their St. Louis show after their van broke down (Lower Class Brats and the Humanoids also rocked)

Corrine Smida
Top 5 Shows of North Park Awesome Fast
• Cheap Girls
• Tiltwheel
• Sunnyside
• Too Many Daves
• Dan Padilla

CT Terry
1. The Spits, IV and live
2. Raekwon “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx pt. 2”
3. Lee Fields And The Expressions “My World”
4. Whatever Prince LP I’ve got on the turntable this week
5. My short story “Deadly Nightshade” in Burly Bird #2

Danny Martin
Top 5 “J” Artists
• John Heartfield
• John Gutmann
• Jim Phillips
• Jim Henson
• Joseph Beuys

Danny Spit
• Mike Watt, The Secondman’s Middle Stand
• At The Drive-In, Acrobatic Tenement
• Screaming Females, What If Someone Is Watching Their T.V.?
• Reigning Sound, Time Bomb High School
• J. Period & K’NAAN, The Messengers (Episode 3)

Daryl Gussin
• Canadian Rifle, Visibility Zero LP
• Shang-A-Lang, Sad Magic LP
• Baseball Furies, Throw them to the Lions CD
• Peligro Social / TV Evangelists, split 7”
• Snuggle / No High 5s To Bullshit, split 7”

Dave Brainwreck
Five Steps to Achieve Inner Peace
1. Write: complaint letters to coffee companies
2. Walk: all over with a friend who loves trespassing
3. Listen: Dylan Bredeau / Dead Uncles split tape
4. Read: Seven Inches to Freedom and Eduardo Galeano
5. Kill: the Gaslight Anthem (at least cops don’t pretend to be punk)

Designated Dale
Top Five Reasons to Love Chuck Berry
1. First and foremost, the eternal rock’n’roll music he laid down in the studio. No one since has even come close.
2. His instantly recognizable, crazy-insane guitar technique that still inspires people to pick up a guitar to this day (all you Thunders advocates take notice here).
3. Thumbing his nose at the man pretty much his entire life. And yes, he continues to do so.
4. Punching Keith Richards some years back. Because he can.
5. Chuck still at his tricks at eighty-three years old. Here’s to Lemmy (who turns sixty-four this December 24th) following in his footsteps.

Evan Katz
1. Baroness, Blue Record
2. Greymachine, Disconnected
3. Zombieland (movie)
4. A Serious Man (movie)
5. Dim Sum!

Mademoiselle Ever a.k.a “The Girl About Town”
1. Crucial Justice, Get in Line demo
2. The Hex Dispensers, Winchester Mystery House LP
3. Leuzemia, Self-titled LP
4. Oct.10 .2009 The day the
Los Angeles Dodgers swept the St. Louis Cardinals and The Los Angeles Kings beat the St. Louis Blues.
Gar Ryness, aka “The Batting Stance Guy” on ESPN

Jake Shut
• Banner Pilot, Collapser
• Chooglin’, Sweet Time
• The Gateway District, Some Days You Get the Thunder
• Pissed Jeans, King of Jeans
• The Reigning Sound, Love and Curses

Jeff Proctor
Top 5 Shows of Summer 2009
1. Dinosaur Jr w/Earthless @ the Casbah, San Diego
2. Digital Leather w/Earthmen and Strangers @ the Kensington Club, San Diego
3. The Spits w/Woven Bones @ the Cake Shop, Manhattan
4. The Spits w/Woven Bones @ the Bug Jar, Rochester, NY
5. The Spits w/Personal And The Pizzas @ Mr. T’s Bowl, Los Angeles

Jennifer Whiteford
1. Jenna Woginrich, Made from Scratch (book)
2. Haruki Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (book)
3. White Wires, Pretty Girl 7”
4. The super-wicked new record player I got for my birthday
5. Whip It (movie)

Jimmy Alvarado’s Scintillating Cinco
• Dale ‘n’ Yvonne’s wedding: Thee social event of the season, filled with friends and fun. Hugs and congratulations to you both.
• Being Art Fuentes’ personal photographer: A man as (in)famous as he indeed leads a hectic life, but the photo ops are plenty and his fans rabid.
•  “Part-Time Punks” radio show on KXLU: A great way to spend four hours on a Thursday afternoon.
• Video Disease, Make Me Pure 7” EP: Too damn short, but packs a punch.
• The Fingers, First Time/Barracuda 7”: An oldie, yes, but an East L.A. punk classic and a fine single from Brady and the boys.

Joe Dana
Top 5 Best Moments of North Park Awesome Fast
1. Being introduced to the Cheap Girls—New Favorite Band of everyone in my house.
2. Giving Ryan from Off With Their Heads a piggy back ride at the end of their set.
3. Dance Party to Rick James’ “Give to Me Baby” outside the Radio Room in the Suburban Death Machine. Punk!
4. Mid Fast Beach Trip/End of Fast Beach Trip
5. I propose there be yet another volume to the three-part Tiltwheel Interview. This time Todd interviews the Brady Brothers, Bearpaw and other San Diego legends and luminaries. (Bearpaw and the Cool Bus will be on the cover.)

Joe Evans III
1. The Kung Fu Monkeys, Half-Baked CD-R
2. The Menzingers, Hold On Dodge 7”
3. Patton Oswalt, My Weakness Is Strong CD/DVD
4. David Sedaris, When You Are Engulfed in Flames
5. Craig Ferguson, American on Purpose

John Di Marco
Top 5 from North Park Awesome Fast
5. Quietly singing King Friday songs with Ritchie to a nervous hotel security.
“You’ve got the wrong guys, man!”
4. Converting to Greek mythology at a poolside ceremony: “So many Gods to choose from!”
3. Confusing the Daves’ rhythm section by yelling the start of the wrong song. (Only remembered ‘cause it’s captured on video. Have ten beers and tell me those chords aren’t the same!)
2. Singing Joe Lally songs with Replay, from coast to coast. Dave: “There aren’t many of us”
1. Half the bar cheering at the mention of “Joose”

Juan Espinosa
1. The Spits: IV LP
2. Statues: We’re Disparate EP
3. Young Governor: Hidden Love 12”
4. MK-Ultra: Discography 2 x LP
5. Dodgers game with Razorcake staff (Fun!)

Kurt Morris
1. Always with the Christian scare films
2. Converge, Axe to Fall
3. Early Day Miners, The Treatment
4. Pelican, What We All Come to Need
5. Pelican, Ephemeral EP

Lauren Measure
Top 5 Ways Music Barely Redeemed This Year for Me
• Harvest of Hope Fest
• Frank Turner songs, “I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous” and “Try This at Home”
• Thorns of Life / Forgetters
• Onion Flavored Ring’s probably last show in Brooklyn and excessive use of capo’s
• Looking forward to Fest 8, aka our family reunion

Lisa Weiss
Records and Cassettes That Changed My Life Twenty-Five Years Ago This Month
1. Dead Kennedys, Holiday In Cambodia / Police Truck 12”
2. UK Subs, Brand New Age
3. Subhumans, The Day the Country Died
4. DOA, Bloodied but Unbowed
5. Honor Role, Judgment Day 7”

Matt Average
• Bare Wires, Let Down 7”
• Hellshock, anything and everything I can get my hands on
• Burial, Speed at Night 12” EP
• Mundo Muerto live at the Blvd.
• Nerveskade live at the Blvd., and Acid Attak EP

Mike Frame
1. Shadows Fall, Retribution CD
2. Rose Melberg Homemade Ship CD
3. Psyched To Die, Year One CD
4. Visqueen, Message to Garcia CD
5. Takers, Weight, Lucero, new records

MP Johnson
• Alice in Chains, live
• Normandie / theStart, live
• In Defence, Into the Sewer CD
Crank 2: High Voltage (movie)
• No Doubt, live

Nardwuar The Human Serviette
1. JandekPortland Thursday CD
2. Los Yetis  Nadaismo A Go-Go!  CD (Amazing 1966 Columbian garage rock!)
3. Garage Punk 66Blog,
4. B-lines, Burnt CDs  7” EP 
5. The Action, Complete Punk Recordings 1977-1978 CD (From Ottawa, Ontario!)

1. Baseball playoffs
2. Dollar Menus
3. Whiskey and water
4. Sanford and Son, Season 1 on DVD
5. Riverdales, Storm the Streets on vinyl

Noah Kaplan
5 Bands I Can’t Stop Listening to
5. The Statues
4. Tin Armor
3. Cheap Girls
2. Underground Railroad To Candyland
1. The Sw!ms

Raymond Bailey
Top 5 Bands I Discovered ‘Cause of Razorcake
1. Ringers
2. Toys that Kill
3. Bananas
4. Knockout Pills
5. Busy Signals

Rene Navarro
1. My sister feeding me and letting me sleep on her floor, again.
2. Razorcake letting me make copies for free, because I can’t afford library prices.
3. My wife being the coolest person ever.
4. Reigning Sound, Love and Curses
5. John Steinbeck and the Los Angeles Public Libraries.

Rhythm Chicken
• The Blueheels, The Only Dance You Know CD
• The Jetty Boys, Self-titled LP
• Shellac, Live at Action Park LP
• Spotted Cow
• Blue-cheese burgers, medium rare

Ryan Gelatin
• Rad Company and Drunken Boat in James’s Garage
• Breaking Bad
• Johnny Ryan’s “Prison Pit” comic
• Uhm, Halloween? Sure.
• I dunno, bonfires, I guess.

Ryan Horky
1. Pegboy live at Liar’s Club, Chicago, 10/11/09
2. COC, Eye for An Eye LP
3. Wax, Hangin’ On 7”
4. Superchunk (just in general)
5. Dead Milkmen at the Metro, Chicago 10/10/09

Sean Koepenick
Top 5 hidden Gems on The Power of Negative Thinking Box Set By Jesus and Mary Chain
1. “Something I Can’t Have”
2. “F.Hole”
3. “Bo Diddley Is Jesus”
4. “New York City”
5. “Reverberation (Doubt)”

Naked Rob
KSCU 103.3FM / Pirate Cat Radio 87.9FM
1. No Friends, Self-titled LP (hardcore/punk)
2. Eddie Current Suppression Ring, Self-titled CD (rock/garage)
3. Krum Bums, Different Day, Same Old Story CD (punk)
4. Doomriders, Darkness Comes Alive CD (Sick shit!)
5. White Mice, Ganjahovahdose (Loud and painful)

Steve Larder
1. Punch, Self-titled 12”
2. Cocksparrer, Here We Stand 12”
3. Endless Blockade, Demo 7”
4. J Church, The Precession of Simulacra 10”
5. Burning The Prospect / Bacchus, split 7”

Todd Taylor
• North Park Awesome Fast, just that it existed and was great.
• Shitty Limits, Beware the Limits LP
• The Spits, IV LP
• The Gateway District, Some Days You Get the Thunder LP
• Tenement, “Ice Pick” b/w “Summer St.” 7”
• Something Fierce, There Are No Answers LP
• Black Rainbow / Hidden Spots, split 7”

Ty Stranglehold
Top Five “K” Bands
1. Keg Killers
2. King Missile
3. Killer Dreamer
4. Knockout Pills
5. Krupted Peasant Farmers

Vincent Battilana
• Shang-A-Lang, Rvivr, Love Songs, Underground Railroad To Candyland, and The Bananas on Aug. 14 at SubMission Gallery SF, CA
• Shang-A-Lang, Sad Magic LP
• Dirty Marquee, Year One, Fleabag, Gunner, and Onion Flavored Rings  on Oct. 10 at 29th St. House SF, CA (R.I.P. OFR.)
• Onion Flavored Rings, Funny 7” (Again, R.I.P. OFR.)
• Reading a new issue of Razorcake for the first time in over a year and a half without having read a lot of it as computer files before it was printed.  It was definitely an unsurprisingly awesome experience!


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