Top 5s from Issue #52: Yep, they actually like this crap.

Oct 13, 2009

Adrian Salas
Top Five Potential Songs for the Hardcore Band Vince Was Reluctant to Try to Start with Me
5. “Drowning in BRUTALITY!”
4. “N.Y.H.C. Pride L.A. ‘09!”
3. “Stabbed in the Back… from Behind!”
2. “Close! The! GAAAAAAAATE!!!” (A song in honor of leaving Razorcake HQ in the evening.)
1. “Mosh Away My Tears”

Art Ettinger
• Razorblade, Dutch Steel: The Best of Razorblade 2001-2009 CD
• The Spits, Vol. IV LP
• The Apers, You Are Only as Strong as the Table You Dance On LP
• The Casualties, We Are All We Have LP
• Pinhead Gunpowder, Kick over the Traces LP

Ben Snakepit
1.Wild America, demo tape
2.Dear Landlord, Dream Homes CD
3.Serious Tracers, live (check their myspace)
4.Pinhead Gunpowder, Kick Over the Traces CD
5. I need to get out of Texas and see some new bands! I’ll see ya at Fest 8!

Bill Pinkel
5. Used Kids, Yeah No (Thank you
4. Vaginasore Jr., This HerePeninsula LP
3. John Hughes (RIP)
2. Muy Autentico & Traffic Street Records
1. Dancing to Shang-A-Lang at my wedding

Billups Allen
Top 5 Bands That Distinctly Changed Their Sound and Continued to Put Out Good Albums
1. The Beatles
2. The Makers
3. The Bell-Rays
4. D.R.I.
5. The Registrators

Chris Peigler
1. Finally Punk, Casual Goths LP
2. White Lung, Local Garbage 7”
3. I Object, America Today 7”
4. Government Warning, Paranoid Mess LP
5. The Absentees, Illegal Listening Device: 1979-2000 CD

Chris Pepus
Top 5 John Cassavetes Films
(after seeing the Cassavetesretrospective at Webster University)
1. The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
2. A Woman under the Influence
3. Faces
4. Husbands
5. Opening Night

Top 5 Punk Moments with My Mom
1. My mom on the guest list for Radon at Fest 6.
2. Hearing reports from FL while I lived in SF that my mom was at the David Dondero show.
3. Seeing her wearing her Tim Version shirt.
4. Eating pizza with us at Fest 5 at 4AM.
5. Listening to Cheap Girls with my mom in her last days and her telling me she liked it.

Cristy C. Road
Top Five Songs to Force Depression into Mania in the Summer of 2009
5. “That’s The Way I Want It,” Tina and The Total Babes
4. “No Reason,” Against All Authority
3. “Fast Car,” 20/20
2. “Your Love,” The Outfield
1. “Westside Highway,” Pinhead Gunpowder

Craven Rock
5. Seven Miles a Second, by David Wojnarowicz (out of print, but worth hunting down)
4. The Roaming Heart: So What? #8 (zine)
3. Nardwuar: Welcome to My Castle (DVD)
2. Olytopia camp at Autonomous Mutant Festival
1. Rejoining a DIY creative community in the Northwest/old buddies in Seattle, WA

Craig Horky
1. The Menzingers, A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology
2. GDP, Realistic Expectations
3. Mario Bourzac
4. Spanish Gamble
5. Bad ideas and poor decisions

CT Terry
1. Fresh-O-Matics 7”
2. Little Gold EP
3. Red Arlington, The Long Weekend EP
4. Fletch, the movie and book.
5. Finished that novel draft.

Daryl Gussin
• Reigning Sound, Love and Curses, tie with Future Virgins, Easiest Years 7”
• Blind Shake and Michael Yonkers LP + live, tie with The Shitty Limits, Beware the Limits LP + live
• In Disgust, Reality Choke 10” + live, tie with the Ultra Twist, Lurch Loves to Shimmy! 7” + live
• Government Warning, Paranoid Mess LP, tie with Spits IV LP
• The Gateway District, Some Days You Get the Thunder LP, tie with Hex Dispensers, Winchester Mystery House LP

Dave Disorder
5 Things Not Likely To Happen Anytime Soon in My Life
1. I stop drinking
2. I get a real job
3. I start hanging out with some “normal” folks
4. I go to an AA or NA meeting sober
5. The new Tiltwheel record comes out

Dave Williams
Top 5 Reasons Fest 8 Will Rule
1. Radon!
2. American Steel!
3. Hanging with fellow Razorcakers
4. Going to Florida after the rainiest summer in Ottawa history
5. Innumerable other awesome things
(I’d also like to acknowledge that I had 6 items in last issue’s Top 5s because I am a moron. Thanks to whomever for changing numbers to bullets on that one)

Designated Dale
• 10-10-09. I’m one hell of a lucky guy.
• Mustasch, one of Sweden’s finest rock’n’roll exports:
True Blood on HBO.
• If you don’t laugh, you obviously have no sense of humor. This guy’s great.
• The Zeros bringing back the rock to the Troubadour on 07-16-09. Viva Chula Vista!

Evan Katz
1. Old Speckled Hen beer
2. Not smoking.
3. Themselves live at Spaceland
4. “This American Life” podcasts
5. Big Business, “Mind the Drift”

Ever Velasquez
• Manny Ramirez pinch hit grand slam off the first pitch into Mannywood on Manny’s bobble-head night!
• Ill Repute & Social Unrest @ Alex’s Bar
• Off With Their Heads @ Angelo’s
• The Zeros @ The Troubadour
• The Classics Of Love @ the Blue Star

Jake Shut
1. Leatherwolf, the little brown bat that slept in my bedroom window this summer
2. The Paper Chase, Someday This Could All Be Yours
3. Dear Landlord, Dream Homes
4. The Future Of The Left, Travels with Myself and Another
5. Bottle Rockets, Lean Forward

Jeff Proctor
Top 5 Onion Headlines, Following It’s “Buy-Out” By Yu-Wan-Mei Fish Salvagery
1. Selfless Jason Kendall Sacrifices Bunt, Self For Good Of Team, Advancement Of Runners
2. Grandfather Disrespected In Own Home
3. Area Man Uninterested In Creating A Better Community Even Though This May Benefit Him In The Long Run
4. Paul Reiser, Benevolent Possessor Of Many American Hearts, Looking To Direct
5. Selfish Couple Lives In Studio Apartment Large Enough For 34

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Cool Things about a Quick Trip to London
1. Hanging out with Sharky!
2. Butterfly Jungle at the Museum of Natural History
3. Surviving the bogan pub crawl not only intact, but, dare I say it, with decorum
4. City cruise on the Thames (Execution dock! The Mayflower!)
5. Greenwich flea markets

Jimmy Alvarado
Funky Four Plus One More (no particular order)
• Razorcake’s 50th issue celebration/benefit: No one rocks a Batgirl suit like Toby.
Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison: Took me two decades to finally read it, but was worth the wait.
• Invisible Animals live at the Knitting Factory 7/17/09: Loud, art-damaged, hypnotic, and a buncha other adjectives for a helluva band.
• X-Mal Deutschland, Tocsin CD: An oldie from a band that loves the gray area between Cocteau Twins and Siouxsie & the Banshees
• Filmin’, DJin’, podcastin’, playin’, and writin’: The virtues of each are obvious, methinks.

Joe Dana
1. Off With Their Heads, Dear Landlord, and Underground Railroad to Candyland at the Blue Star
2. Dear Landlord, Dream Homes (You know a record is good when you have to force yourself to stop listening to it)
3. Commemorating my thirty-second birthday by having my band play in the living room (The cops shut us down right before we were going to start to suck.)
4. Todd “Sticky Fingers” Taylor returning my Razorcake Beer Koozie. I almost called the cops, but they were busy busting up house shows.
5. Starting each week climbing up one of Los Angeles’s steepest streets (Eldred Street) and admiring the view of the neighborhood.

Joe Evans III
• Dear Landlord, Dream Homes CD
• Nightbirds, demo CD
• Scharpling And Wurster, At the Speed of Sound CD
• John Coltrane
• Thelonious Monk

Josh Benke
• The Yolks, self-titled LP
• The Box Elders, Alice and Friends LP and live—“Is that Chris Cattan or Jonathan Richman on drums?”
• Cococoma, Ask, Don’t Tell 7”
• The Smith Westerns, Self-titled LP
• Hangin’ with Billy Pepperoni in Chicago on Ferris Nobunny’s Day Off.

Juan Espinosa
1. Hunx And His Punx: Teardrops on My Telephone EP and live
2. Deep Sleep and Psyched To Die live
3. Fy Fan: Ah Nej EP
4. The Arrivals/Grabass Charlestons Sister Series EPs
5. Non-musically related but still awesome: Claudia Hernandez

Keith Rosson
• The Gateway District, Sometimes You Get the Thunder CD
• Make Do And Mend, Bodies of Water CD
• Empty Grave, Abandoned LP
• Various Artists, Dangerous Intersections, Vol. III 7”
• Trujaca Fala cassette label

Kurt Morris
1. Sudoku
2. Welcome to Flavor Country #18
3. Seeing old friends in Indiana and Seattle
4. The Story podcasts
5. My blog:

Lauren Denitzio
Top Five Bands I Just Started Listening to Constantly
1. Dark Dark Dark (waltzing seafaring-ish songs with accordion involved. Amazing.)
2. Grass Widow (girls sounding like the Raincoats and ruling)
3. Zombie Dogs (all-female hardcore!)
4. Dos Tornados (melodic punk; drum-guitar duo)
5. Hurray For The Riff Raff (sweet, loud folk)

Lisa Weiss
Top 5 Songs about Taking a Job in Guatemala Because I Couldn’t Find One in the States
• “In America,” The Fastbacks
• “Born to Love Volcanoes,” The Dead Milkmen
• “An American Girl,” Crash Kills Four
• “Bored with You Esse,” Manic Hispanic
• “Nowhere Is My Home,” The Tim Version

Top 5 Presents I Got on My Birthday!
1. Children’s Bible Trivia Game! (Actual slogan: Where the trivia isn’t trivial.) One of my favorite questions: “How do you spell Satan?”
2. Getting taken on a surprise trip to a teddy bear-themed drive-in diner called the Peppermint Twist, complete with an outdoor ‘60s jukebox and an official “dancing area”!
3. A stuffed animal from my sister in Russia, named Mels (which stands for Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin—and yes—some Russians actually named their children Mels. Ridiculous!)
4. A France Gall record! (Note: amazing ‘60s French pop record)
5. An actual Young Pioneers hat and flag! Punk rock!

Matt Average
1. Resist Control, demo
2. Cat Party, Tar & Feathers LP
3. Hjertestop, Aarh Fuck... EP, and Vi Ses I Helvede... LP
4. Judas Priest, live at Universal Amphitheater 
5. Bloodhorse, Horizoner CD

Mike Faloon
1. Pax Nicholas, Pax Nicholas and the Nettey Family LP (Daptone)
2. Night Birds CDEP (self-released)
3. Psyched To Die, Sterile Walls 7” EP (Grave Mistake/Firestarter)
4. Skipper, Cold Pizza and Pop 7” EP (Chocolate Covered)
5. Young Fresh Fellows, I Think This Is CD (Yep Roc)

Mike Frame
1. Rhino Bucket, Hardest Town CD
2. New York Dolls, Cause I Sez So CD
3. Reigning Sound, Love and Curses CD
4. Motley Crüe, Too Fast for Love LP
5. Dinosaur Jr, Farm CD

Mr. Z’s
Top 5 DIY Do-gooders (in no particular order)
2. Indiepit
3. Razorcake
4. Double Down Radio
5. Kraftworks Publishing

Nardwuar The Human Serviette
1. Mongrel Fanzine #6
2. Tunnel Canary, Jihad CD (amazing 1978 Vancouver noise punk!)
3. Sonic Boom: The History of Northwest Rock Book by Peter Blecha
4 Pretty Vanilla, 7inches Deep 7” EP
5. Michael Rault And The Mixed Signals, Sure Are Fun CD

NL Dewart
Top 5 Favorite Suburban Home Bands
1. The Gamits
2. Adventures Of Jet
3. The Fairlanes
4. Jon Snodgrass
5. Love Me Destroyer

1. The Methadones blowing up the sound board at the Old Creepy Crawl in 2004. (D4 had to wait for another one to play their set.)
2. Phillip from Teen Idols letting a kid play guitar on “Porno Shop” at the Old Creepy Crawl in 1999.
3. Mike from Blanks 77 walking off stage mid-set at the Galaxy in 1999. (Renee had to go get him and walk him back on stage.)
4. Weird Al calling his parents over the PA and having the crowd wish them a happy anniversary at the old glory amphitheatre at Six Flags in 1999.
5. J.J. from the Nobodys jumping off stage to break up a fight while the band continued to cover “Whole Lotta Nosie” at Fireside Bowl in 1999. (He got back on stage and finished the tune.)

Rene Navarro
• Jawbreaker, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
• Bruce Springsteen, The Rising
• Conner Oberst & The Mystic valley Band, Deep South
• Deep Sleep, Three Things at Once
• Coliseum, Goddamage

Rev. Nørb
• Underthings, Big Hits CD
• Nobunny, Raw Romance cassette
• Thee Makeout Party, self-titled LP
• King Tuff, Was Dead LP
• Bobby Ubangi, Inside the Mind of Bobby Ubangi LP

Rhythm Chicken
Top 5 Bands at Insubordination Fest ‘09
1. KEPI the Band.
2. Dillinger Four
3. Jetty Boys
4. Beatnik Termites
5. Boris the Sprinkler & Pansy Division (tie) (Now that Joel from MTX is aboard the Starship Pansy Division, it’s a whole new ballgame… so to speak.)

Ryan Horky
1. Unsinkable Molly Brown, A Handful of Songs CDEP
2. Naked Raygun, Basement Screams LP
3. Hombrinus Dudes/Merkit, split LP
4. Pharaoh Sanders, Karma CD
5. Gang Of Four, Entertainment! LP

Samantha Beerhouse
Top 5 Reasons Summer ‘09 Has Kicked Ass
1. Learning to make caipirinhas
2. Dear Landlord, Underground Railroad to Candyland, and Off With Their Heads @ the Blue Star, 8/24/09
3. Starting to help out the Razorcake crew
4. Delicious al pastor taco cart opened on my street (I can see it from the porch!)
5. North Park Awesome Fast (this is a prediction, but a shrewd guess, nonetheless)

Sean Koepenick
Top 5 shows on Boomerang
1. Thundarr the Barbarian
2. Birdman
3. Huckleberry Hound
4. Atom Ant
5. Banana Splits

Steve Larder
Top 5 Lines in Terminator 2
1. “I know now why you cry, but it’s something I could never do.”
2. “Your foster parents are dead.”
3. “Say, that’s a nice bike.”
4. “Take a hike, dickwad.”
5. “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.”

Todd Taylor
• Reigning Sound, Love and Curses LP
• Future Virgins, Easiest Years 7”
• Hex Dispensers, Winchester Mystery House LP
• Dear Landlord, Dream Homes LP
• Sick Sick Birds, Heavy Manners LP

Ty Stranglehold
Top Five “J” Bands
1. JFA
2. Jerk Ward
3. Jabbers
4. Jesus Lizard
5. Jawbreaker

Vince Battilana
• Songs For Moms, I Used to Believe in the West LP
• Pig Heart Transplant, Hope You Enjoy Heaven LP + 7”
• Charles Albright And The Colonels CD-R and 7” that he sent to me. Thanks!
• Hummingbird Of Death, Show Us the Meaning of Haste LP
• Ecoli, Judas Cradle 7”