Top 5s From Issue #43: Free time is for the weak and fortunate.

May 22, 2008

Adrian Salas
Songs That Make Me Want to Learn Twangy Guitar
• “Chicken Squawk,” MDC
• “Look at the Rain,” Meat Puppets
• “Keep on Hoppin,’” Mekons
• “Border Ska,” Camper Van Beethoven
• The entirety of The Gun Club’s Fire of Love album 

Amy Adoyzie
Top 5 Things Not to Be Taken for Granted
• China Loca’s Thumbs Up Tour
• First world amenities like clean water and clothes dryers
• Knowing where to go, when to stay, and who to stick around
• Goodnight Loving, Japanther, Mr. Cartwright
Avow #22

Art Ettinger
• Traditionals, Generation of Today CD
• Paint It Black, New Lexicon LP
• Brain Handle, Self-titled LP
• Crap Corps, Self-titled7”
• Rot Shit, Have You Scene Rot Shit? 7”

Ben Snakepit
1. Land Action, Spanish Lisp 7”
2. The Young, Demo CDR
3. Tim Version, Decline of the Southern Gentleman CD
4. Blotto, Remember Buy the Vinyl First CD
5. Chinese Telephones, Self-titled CD

Bradley Williams
Top 5 People, Things, and Visions That Keep My Head Held High
1. China Loca (Amy The Zilla, and Gusley The Scary Man)
2. Addy Banks (the one the only Abbaphone documentarian of Punk House!)
3. Drunk people singing to dogs in the past-midnight hours
4. Long Lost Phone Numbers
5. The War Eagle Reader (Jeremy Dale Henderson!)

1. Turbo Fruits, Self-titled CD (Ecstatic Peace)
2. Circle Jerks and Hit Me Back, live at HOB, San Diego (the security sucked and the kids broke barricades and stage dove. Keith Morris railed on everything!)
3. Trans Am, Sex Change CD
4. Weird War, Illuminated by the Light CD (DragCity)
5. Ted Leo And The Pharmacists, Living with the Living CD (Touch and Go)

Chris Pepus
• Congressman John Conyers’s investigations of the Bush administration
• KDHX’s Monday night punk shows: Scene of the Crime and The Super Fun
Happy Hour
(radio programs)
The Oozing Skull (DVD with comments by former Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast members)
Killer of Sheep (film)
• Crag Unger, Fall of the House of Bush (book)

Constantine Koutsoutis
Top 5 Reasons to Stay up to 4 AM
1. Pig Destroyer, Phantom Limb CD
2. Rob Sheffield, Love Is a Mix Tape (book)
3. A crate of Yeungling in the boiler room
4., the best sci-fi blog ever
5. Armalite, Self-titled CD

Craven Rock
(Counting Down to 1)
5. Tatiana (that tiger that mauled its oppressors in San Francisco)
4. Drive-By Truckers, The Righteous Path(song)
3. John Fogerty, Revival  CD
2. Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten (movie)
1. Joe Strummer (the man, his life, and philosophy)

Cristy C. Road
Top Five Records to Drink Yourself to Death Because I Hate Winter
1. DRI, Crossover
2. The Doors, Best of
3. Nile, Black Seeds of Vengeance
4. What Happens Next, Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter
5. Tom Waits, Blue Valentine

Daryl Gussin
• Songs For Moms, The Worse It Gets the Better LP
• Tim Version, Decline of the Southern Gentlemen LP
• Crossed Eyes, Rattled 7"
• Firestarter, Livin’ On the Heat CD
• The new 21 inches of Onion Flavored Rings songs.

Designated Dale
Three Recent 7-Inchers and Two Other Reasons to Celebrate the Rock That Is Off With Their Heads (Thanks Again to Todd for My B-Day Stash!)
“One For The Road” split 7” with Four Letter Word on No Idea. Four the Four makes me want to pogo so hard on the bed, I’m gonna go through the fuckin’ ceiling. • Split 7” with Dear Landlord on No Idea. If and when OWTH ever do some dates with Motörhead, Lemmy has to come out and sing back-ups on “Shambles.” Fuck, yeah.
• Split 7” with The Measure [SA] on Chunksaah. If there was ever a different version of the Ramones’ 1976 classic, “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend,” this is it. Keep trying and failing miserably, the rest of you emo shitbirds.
All Things Move Toward Their End compilation LP on No Idea. Possibly the perfect party platter, pinche pendejo.
• Any band that backs The Muffs (especially the Melanie & Chris era!) is A-O-fucking-K with me.

• My wife buying me a new camera for X-mas!
• Utopia, Self-titled CD
• Sowa We Krwi, Przebudzenie CD
• OldHcDude & I’s Photo Exhibit @ Cafe Kashmir
• Tecate

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 shows from 2007
• Subhumans (UK) at Slim’s
• Bad Brains at Slim’s
• Pleasureboaters at Hemlock
• Arctic Monkeys at Warfield
• Extra Action Marching Band at 12 Galaxies

Jennifer Whiteford
Top 5 Things I Highly Enjoy That Are Not Really Punk Rock At All
1. Blueprint Magazine (it’s published by Martha Stewart!)
2. The new Cat Power album.
3. Lorna Landvik’s feel-good novels.
4. Watching The Amazing Race and discussing it with my mom.
5. Going to bed early.

Jenny Moncayo
1. Death Proof by Quentin Tarantino (movie)
2. Compilation, Sh-Boom, Doo Wop Classics
3. The Troggs, “I Can’t Control Myself”
4. Receiving a season of America’s Funniest Home Videos for my birthday.
5. Season 1 of 30 Rock (TV)

Joe Evans III
• The Evaporators, Gassy Jack and Other Tales CD
• Prizzy Prizzy Please, Self-titled CD
• Love Songs, Hot Buns (The Sequel to the Theme of the Sequel to Top Gun) 7”
• Getting laid off
• Immediately interning at Whoa Oh records.

Josh Benke
• Eddie Ware, Lima Beans 7”
• Carbonas, Self-titled LP
• The Better Beatles, Mercy Beat LP
• Lonnie the Cat, I Ain’t Drunk 7”
• George and Teddy and the Condors, In Person from Ciro’s Le Disc LP

Keith Rosson
• Ringers, Detention Halls
• Banner Pilot, Pass the Poison
• Tiltwheel, Hair-Brained Scheme Addicts
• Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels, Take It Easy
• Mullett making a huge-ass banner with Gus and Amy’s faces on it for the last China Loca show

Kurt Morris
1. Jawbreaker (everything)
2. Neurosis (everything)
3. Doing my taxes
4. Welcome to Flavor Country #13 (zine)
5. Coalesce (everything)

The Lord Kveldulfr
Five Records That Are as Fresh for Me Today as They Were Back in High School
• Soul Asylum, Hang Time
• Meatmen, Rock ‘N’ Roll Juggernaut
• SNFU, If You Swear You’ll Catch No Fish
• Doughboys, Whatever
• Soulside, Trigger

Maddy Tight Pants
Best Records Right Now for a Punk Rock Dance Party!
1. Tranzmitors, Self-titled LP
2. Jay Reatard, Blood Visions LP
3. Barracudas, Through the Mysts of Time CD
4. Busy Signals, Self-titled LP
5. Onion Flavored Rings, Used to It LP (still!)

Megan Pants
Top Reasons I Need to Get off My Ass and Get a Record Player
• My record reviews are all sorts of backed up
• Tranzmitors LP
• “Hey, you wanna come over and listen to records?” pickup line deemed useless
• Only owning The Swingin’ Medallions’ “Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love)” on a 45
• Sitting on the floor just looking through all my records just isn’t all that fun

Mike Faloon
5 Great New Bands I Discovered During My Last Visit to Underground Medicine
1. Thee Almighty Handclaps
2. Boston Chinks
3. Cheap Time
4. Coconut Coolouts
5. Tuff Bananas

Mike Frame
• Lemuria, Get Better LP
• Drive By Truckers, Creation’s Dark CD
• The Blessings, Bare Bones CD
• Hollywood Brats
• Boston, Self-titled CD

Mike Head
(A nice subscriber from the U.K. who sent in a hand-written list)
1. Lawrence Arms/Falcon/Sundowner/American Steel shows
2. Against Me! live
3. Sundowner visiting the U.K.
4. My Boring Ass Life, Kevin Smith (book)
5. The Future Is Unwritten (the movie about Joe Strummer)

MP Johnson
Rambo (movie)
Kite Runner (The book. I’m not going to bother with the movie.)
King of Kong (movie)
• M.I.A., Kala

Mr. Z
1. The Arrivals, Marvels of Industry
2. The Queers, Munki Brain
3. Shang-A-Lang, Error: You Cannot Add Yourself as a Friend EP
4. MIA, Kala
5. DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, The Hard Sell

Nardwuar The Human Serviette
1. Devil Born without Horns by Michael A. Lucas (Amazing book by a Phantom Surfer!)
2. Ugly Things Magazine # 26 (Mike Stax’s ‘zine is absolute tops, year after year!)
3. Love, Comes in Colours CD(Dominic Priore’s Riot on Sunset Strip book is still inspiring me six months after I bought it! )
4. Mr. Plow, Apocalypse Plow CD 
5. Fuad and the Feztones, Beeramid CD (Bobby and John from The Gruesomes wicked Frat-rock dance party band!)

Nick Toerner
• The Copyrights, Learn the Hard Way CD
• Till Plains, We Neither CDEP
• The Arrivals, Marvels of Industry CD
• Ringers, Curses LP
• Brickfight, Grown Ass Men

Rev. Nørb
• They Might Be Giants, Here Come the 123’s CD/DVD
• Cute Lepers, So Screwed Up 45
• Nice Boys, Very Mary 45
• Archies, The Complete Archie Show DVD set
• Crime/Rock & Roll Adventure Kids/Top Ten, Live at Café du Nord, 2.22.08

Rhythm Chicken
• The Figgs, Continue to Enjoy the Figgs (live CDs, vol. 1 & 2). Best live rock’n’roll stuff I’ve heard in long long time.
• The Vulcaneers, Beat Me Off Scotty! LP
• Bill Cosby, Hurray for the Salvation Army Band! LP
• Brewcity Bruisers (Milwaukee Roller-Derby!)
• My dream movie which I hope will come out soon: Jaws vs. The Planet of the Apes!

Naked Rob (KSCU 103.3FM)
1. Grannies, Incontinence: Outtakes & Demos 1999-2008 CD
2. The Juke Joint Pimps, Boogie the House Down-Juke Joint Style CD
3. Touch My Rash, Doomed from the Start CD
4. Brutal Knights, Living by Yourself 12”
5. Iron Lung, Sexless//No Sex CD

Sarah Shay
1. The Loved Ones, Build and Burn
2. Chris Thile, “Set Me up with One of Your Friends” (song)
3. Mark Twain, “Punch, Brothers, Punch!” (short story)
4. The Can Kickers, Dark Molly 7”
5. Jason Webley, Counterpoint

Sean Koepenick
My Favorite John Fante Books
1. The Road to Los Angeles
2. Ask the Dust
3. Full of Life
4. Dreams from Bunker Hill
5. Wait until Spring, Bandini

Todd Taylor
• Cuntifiers, Never Coming Out CD-R
• The Tim Version, Decline of the Southern Gentleman LP
• Shorebirds, Self-titled 7”
• Dan Padilla / Tim Version / Hidden Spots / Tiltwheel, Split 7”
• Pine Hill Haints, Ghost Dance CD
• (tie) County Line Rd., The Birth of Hank Malloy 7” and Pretty Boy Thorson and the Fallen Angels, Take It Easy CD


Ty Stranglehold
Top Five “A” Bands
1. Adolescents
2. Angry Samoans
3. Agent Orange
4. AK-47
5. Alcoholic White Trash

Uri G.
1. Against Me!, live
3. Naked Mighty Mango juice
4. American Cockring, 12-13 Deep LP
5. Fog Machine

Vincent Battilana
Top 5 Records I Still Can’t Find
1. Shooting Fish In A Barrel Full Of Moneys, 1st 7”, 2nd pressing (yellow labels, NOT GOLD)
2. Fishstick Kitties, Midnite Alleys 7”, any pressing
3. Shark Jumpers, Winkler’s Revenge (Dale Earnhardt tour edition cover)
4. No Steers, Boar Riding Hippies, any press
5. Dead Horse Kickers, Alone In a Crowd Tribute 10”