Top 5s From Issue #40: An open air market of ideas and staunch opinioneering.

Oct 29, 2007

Amy Adoyzie
Top 5 Bands I Saw in Chinars
1. Ten Bottles Heart
3. No Pants
4. Queen Sea Big Shark
5. Blind Stereo

Art Ettinger
Top Five Most-Welcomed Recent Reunion/Comeback Shows
• The Connie Dungs
• The Pist
• Iron Cross
• Murder Junkies
• Reagan Youth

Ben Snakepit
1. ShellShag, Destroy Me I’m Yours LP
2. Tulsa, Sour Digs LP
3. Shang-A-Lang, Error You Cannot Add Yourself as a Friend 7"
4. Arrivals, Marvels of Industry CD
5. Pink Razors’ new songs with Erin Tobey! Holy FUCK!

Chris Pepus
Top 5 Vincent Price Movies
1. The Abominable Dr. Phibes
2. The Last Man on Earth
3. House of Wax
4. The Masque of the Red Death
5. The Fall of the House of Usher

Constantine Koutsoutis
1. The New Dress at Lost and Found in Brooklyn July 27th
2. Historical Fiction by The Measure [SA] on CD
3. The awesomeness that was the beard I had up until two days ago.
4. Hairstyles of the Damned by Joe Meno (book)
5. Cutoff short-shorts are once again cool

Craven Rock
1. Tie: Seattle (city)/my friends in Seattle and Olympia (See ya’ll soon. Hey Portland, I got some dirt on my shoulda. Can ya brush it off for me?)
2. Tom Waits, Orphans CD
3. Doris #24 (zine)
4. The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon (book)
5. Listen Up #1 (zine)

Cristy C. Road
Top Five Doobie Summer Jamz
1. Tim Armstrong, Life of a Poet
2. Ken Booth, A Man and His Hits
3. Cypress Hill, Black Sunday
4. The Gaslight Anthem, Sink or Swim
5. At The Gates, Slaughter of the Soul

Daryl Gussin
• Canadian Rifle, Hospitals 7”
• The Arrivals, Marvels of Industry LP
• Reagan SS, Bon Apetit! 7”
• La Piovra, “Risacca” b/w “Danni Collaterali” 7”
• Princess Thunderstorm 7”

Dave Disorder
D’oh top five-erino, okilly dokilly doodilly
1. Simpson’s Movie
2. Simpson’s Movie
3. Simpson’s Movie
4. Simpson’s Movie
5. Simpson’s Movie

Designated Dale
1. Tucson, AZ this past August. We’re getting closer!
2. Karma smiling down upon me on eBay. Fuck you, shady Canadians.
3. Moldy Marvin’s Rat Fink Car Show in Palmdale, CA. with Blazing Haley.
4. Bill Florio’s Donut Brigade. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
5. The Ramones’ It’s Alive film footage possibly coming to DVD this fall!

• My Wifey!
• La Fraction, La Vie Revee, CD
• Bad Religion, New Maps from Hell, CD
• Out Cold/Bill Bondsmen, split: 7”
• Fucked Up, live

Jason Donnerparty
1. Shellac, Excellent Italian Greyhound CD
2. Mr. Lif, Mo’ Mega CD
3. Dead Baby Bike Race Party XI
4. The Aurora Roarers/Paper Dolls/One Eye/Jr. Porkrinds show at Cafe Racer
5. Richard James and the Special Riders, Music for People Who Have Been Wrong(ed) CD

Jennifer Whiteford
Top Five Books/Comics:
1. Rose of No Man’s Land by Michelle Tea
2. The Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci
3. No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July
4. Everything I’m Cracked up to Be by Jennifer Trynin
5. Love and Rockets (issue no. 20)

Jenny Moncayo
1.Charles Shaw a.k.a. Two Buck Chuck wine from Trader Joe’s.
2. Against Me, “Thrash Unreal”
3. Receiving a package from a reader with a T-shirt and a letter approving of my grandma almost hitting a bike cop with her car (See Top 5 Issue #38)
4. Leaving for Europe in a couple days.
5. Bouncing Souls, “Neurotic”

Jessica T
Top 5 Recent Automotive Playlist
1. Joy Division, Substance
2. Liz Phair, Exile in Guyville
3. Holly Golightly, Painted On
4. Various Artists, Art Fein Presents LA Rockabilly
5. Various Artists, Louisiana Saturday Night

Jimmy Alvarado
The Faboo Five (no particular order)
Zorro in Hell (play): Culture Clash can still skewer like no one else.
• Flamethrowers self-titled CD EP: Pure-bred rock‘n’roll LAMF, baby.
• Double Negative, The Wonderful and Frightening World of LP: Hardcore done right.
• Haiku d’Etat, Coup de Theatre CD: Turning hip hop into something Charlie Parker would dig.
Les Diaboliques: a French film from 1955 that is a total must-see. Go figure.

Joe Evans III
• Dear Landlord/Chinese Telephones Split 7”
• Conquest For Death, Front Row Tickets to Armageddon CD
• Lefty Loosie, 100 Miles an Hour LP
• The Arrivals, Marvels of Industry CD.
• Egghead, live.

Josh Benke
• Boys Club, Girls of Today 7”
• Romance Novels, Another Summer 7”
• Hex Dispensers, self-titled LP
• Slab City, Tall Can 7” and Reno Tour, live on the Roctocycle
• Brother Scott’s wedding in Milwaukee

Julia Smut
• Hangin’ with Ben and Jeff of Dreamer at VS
Home Prepared Dog & Cat Diets (book)
• Smut Peddlers staying a four-piece (go Prospect!)
• The new TKO record store in Fountain Valley
• Riding my bicycle to work

Keith Rosson
1. Playing shows and hanging out with Pteradon and Shinobu—awesome people and amazing bands.
2. Criminal Damage LP
3. Hanging out with Mike Delach again after seven years.
4. Cobra Skulls Sitting Army CD
5. Drunken, shirts-off cheerleading for Ugly Angels.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
Top 5 pickup lines at 2007 San Diego Comic Con
• I’ll be your Jabba the Hut if you’ll be my Slave Leia.
• Blow on my twenty-sided die for luck.
• My vagina is in mint condition.
• I wrap my penis in an archival Mylar bag.
• You remind me of a young Harry Potter

Kurt Morris
1. Making mixes I never give anyone
2. Hall & Oates, Greatest Hits
3. Patton Oswalt, Werewolves and Lollipops
4. Jeremy Enigk live at Chop Suey in Seattle
5. Pig Destroyer, Phantom Limb

Maddy Tight Pants
1. The Holy Land Experience (a Bible-themed amusement park!)
2. My new Japanese Ramones shirt
3. Ben Snakepit’s new book
4. Red Raspberry Slushies
5. Should You Encounter a Cougar zine

Megan Pants:
Top 5 Memorable Things to Happen When Driving from L.A. to Milwaukee in Three Days or Les:
1. Having the perfect carmate (Daryl) to listen to country, “Dead Ramones,” Pinhead Gunpowder, and Slayer all in the same day.
2. Having rad hosts in Lavin (Vegas) and Luke (Denver) who knew of bars with lots of snacks and rounds bought by bartenders and awesome vegan restaurants, respectively.
3. Losing my mind while going through the Rockies after temperature changes of more than seventy degrees and altitude changes of over a mile.
4. Driving into tornados in Iowa at 3AM where the ran was so bad we couldn’t see the front of the car and had to stop for more than an hour with a bunch of stranded truckers at a gas station.
5. After starting to drive again after the storm finding ourselves on a “highway” that seemed to be a back road. At a stop sign we noticed that what had looked like small branches, leaves, and rocks were actually frogs completely covering the road. Daryl drove on slowly trying to swerve around them but it was still one of the worst feelings ever.

Mike Frame
• Tegan and Sara, The Con CD
• Public Enemy, How You Sell Soul CD
• The GO, Haunted Beat CD
• Bayonettes, live
• Parliament, Funkadelic SUMMER!

MP Johnson
• The Start, Ciao Baby CD
• Conquest For Death, Front Row Tickets to Armageddon CD
• Hank III live
• In Defence, “Boom Box Crew” song
• Indian food

Mr. Z
Top 5 Bands Stuck in my Head:
• Dear Landlord
• Off With Their Heads
• Underground Railroad To Candyland
• Chinese Telephones
• Peelander-Z

Naked Rob (KSCU 103.3FM)
1. Akimbo, Navigating the Bronze CD
2. Turbonegro, Retox CD
3 Amplified Heat, How Do You Like the Sound of That CD
4. The Effigies, Reside CD
5. John Schooly, One Man against the World CD

Nardwuar The Human Serviette
1. Unlovables, Heartsickle CD
2. Pointed Sticks, My Japanese Fan/Found Another Boy 7”
3. Various Artist, Gravy Presents Get It Smash It Volume 1 LP
4. Tranzmitors, Tranzmitors LP
5. Cub, Betti-Cola CD

Rev. Nørb
1. Len Price 3, Rentacrowd, CD
2. Bob Burns & The Breakups, Terminal Breakdown CD
3. Black & Whites, You’re the Only One 45
4. John Schooley & His One Man Band, One Man against the World CD
5. Methadones, This Won’t Hurt… CD

Rhythm Chicken
• Beastie Boys, Check Your Head and Paul’s Boutique
• Against Me!, New Wave (Ramones, Replacements, Against Me!, odd but OK.)
• Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Cold Roses
• Wool, Box Set
• Skull Time, self-titled

Ryan Leach
1. Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica
2. Public Image Limited’s Metal Box
3. Rest in Peace, Sherman Torgan; keep on trucking, New Beverly Cinema
4. Gib Strange for being Gib Strange
5. Anton Pannekoek’s Workers’ Councils

Sarah Shay
Top Five Acoustic Bands
1. Nickel Creek
2. Even In Blackouts
3. The Senate4. The Lathe Symphonic
5. Defiance, Ohio

Sean Koepenick
Top 5 Favorite Bands from Insubordination Fest-7/6-7/7/07
1. The Methadones
2. Teenage Bottlerocket
3. The Ergs!
4. The Riptides
5. Banner Pilot

The Lord Kveldulfr
1. Gasoline Alley in Royal Oak, Michigan (bar).
2. “2000 lbs.” by Brian Turner (poem).
3. Upsetting a patron at one of the bars that I work at so much that he tried to get me fired and swore never to come back because I politely tore him to shreds in front of everyone for claiming that “all fuckin’ Muslims should get out of America.”
4. Watching (again) The Legend of Lambeau Field (DVD). Testify, Lynne Dickey!
5. Hill’s t/d (prescription teeth-cleaning dog food).

Tim Jamison
Top Five Vincent Price movies
Abominable Dr. Phibes
Dr. Phibes Rises Again
Theatre of Blood
Last Man on Earth
Scream and Scream Again

(Editorial note: Yes two contributors did both independently turn in Vincent Price movie lists for their top 5s this rotation. Coincidences like this are one of the many reasons we love our contributors)

Todd Taylor
• Arrivals, Marvels of Industry LP
• Future Virgins, Words & Sounds 7”EP
• Dan Padilla, Foosball Club CD
Hiding Out, by Jonathan Messinger (book)
• 3-way tie: Chinese Telephones / Dear Landlord split 7”, Canadian Rifle self-titled 7”, La Fraction La Vie Revée LP

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 Band’s Skateboard Decks
1. Big Boys (Zorlac)
2. Black Flag (Rip City)
3. Gang Green (Skull Skates)
4. JFA (Factory 13)
5. Smut Peddlers (Bat Skates)

Uri G.
1. Bad Tat practicing, live and recording
2. Tom Hamilton bobble head night! (fucking finally)
3. Kenny Lofton coming back to Cleveland
4. Playing air guitar to “Night of the Vampire” and “When Heaven Comes Down” by Grim Reaper while Jess stands there and gets turned on and bummed out simultaneously!
5. Towers of Hanoi live and Cheap Tragedies live