Top 5s from #58: Out & About

Oct 31, 2010

Adrian Salas
Five Sure-Fire Songs to Put on in the Car to Save a Sinking First Date
5. Ramones, “Baby I Love You”
4. Cheap Trick, “I Want You to Want Me” “He’s a Whore”
3. Elton Motello, “Jet Boy, Jet Girl”
2. Dicks, “Saturday Night at the Bookstore”
1. Slayer, “Dead Skin Mask”

Art Ettinger
• Todd Congelliere, Clown Sounds LP
• The Thermals, Personal Life LP
• Hot New Mexicans, Self-titledLP
• Icon Gallery, Self-titledLP
Touch and Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine ‘79 -’83 (Book)

Ben Snakepit
Top Five MAME Roms
1. Hotdog Storm
2. Psycho Soldier (just for the song)
3. Crude Buster
4. JJ Squawkers
5. Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja
Bill Pinkel
• Hex Dispensers, Trouble in Mind 7”
• The Spits and Nobunny, live at the Echo
• Statues, everything I’ve been able to get my hands on
• Crusaders Of Love, Never Grow Up LP
• The Measure [sa] / New Bruises, split 7”
Billups Allen
Top 5 Cover Songs1. Fear, “Hoochie Coochie Man”
2. The Minutemen, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”
3. Electric Frankenstein, “I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk”
4. The Sex Pistols, “Substitute”
5. His Name Is Alive, “The Man on the SilverMountain”

Bradley Williams
Bands from the July Hippy Riot tour with Bombon
1. Lenguas Largas (Arizona)
2. Rise Up Howlin Werewolf (Alabama)
3. Pigs (Oakland)
4. Echo (Texas)
5. Taylor Hollingsworth (Alabama)

Bryan Static
• Tiltwheel, The High Hate Us
• Sass Dragons, New Kids on the Bong
• Sundowners, Gnome & Glaciers
• Statues, Holiday Cops
• Iron Chic, Not Like This

Chris Pepus
Reel Injun (film)
•  “Obama’s War,” a lecture by Tariq Ali (
 Kolchak: Night Stalker of the Living Dead (comic book series)
•  The Seashell and the Clergyman (film)
•  Phaedra’s Love (play)

Craig Horky
1. Frank And Earnest, Old Francis
2. Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska
3. Natural Disasters, Self-titled
4. Tin Horn Prayer, Get Busy Dying
5. Daddy Rockin Strong, A Tribute to Nolan Strong

CT Terry
1. Captain, We’re Sinking, It’s a Trap 7”
2. Roc Marciano, Marcberg LP
3. La Roux, Self-titled LP
4. Paco Ignacio Taibo II, No Happy Ending (novel)

Craven Rock
5. On Losing a Friend (zine)
4. Pine Away, Barefoot Feeling (tape)
3. Olytopia camp at the Autonomous Mutant Festival
2. My vasectomy
1. Colton-Harris Moore (outlaw/folk hero)

Daryl Gussin
• Black Wine, Self-titled LP + live
• Crusades, Self-titled 7” + live
• Sopors, Golden Era #267 + live
• Libyans, A Common Place LP
• Knights Of The New Crusade, Knight Vision CD

Designated Dale
Top 5 Disgusting “Foods,” As Witnessed at the OrangeCounty Fair In Costa Mesa, CA.
1. Deep fried butter (!) Yeah, this would be great to chow down on, right before I shoot freshly popped popcorn out of my ass, then everyone wins! Yeesh.
2. Chocolate covered bacon. Come now; maple crème dipped, possibly, but chocolate? How dare you foul the supreme taste of these two food heroes?!
3. Zucchini Weenie. A hollowed-out zucchini that acts as a condom for the ample wiener that’s stuffed inside it and thrown in the deep fryer. Gag, choke, splash. Thanks, I just vomited.
4. Deep fried White Castle sliders. As if the normal WC sliders don’t make one’s ass bark at the porcelain moon, these stomach-turning pucks of muck will have your buttocks hiccupping putrid puddles in no time.
5. Deep fried avocados. What did the avocado ever do to you to receive such disrespect and be treated so poorly as this? Shame on you.

Mademoiselle Ever
a.k.a “the girl about town”
• Bombon, Las Chicas Del… LP
• The Spits, free show in a airplane hanger@ the Santa Monica airport
• Devo, show @ Hollywood Park Racetrack
• Thee Undertakers @ The Redwood Bar
• Las Sangronas y El Cabron, Demo

Ian Wise
Top 5 Things That I Am Stoked On
1. My son running around a children’s museum in firefighters overalls and talking to a little girl in a Ramones dress.
2. The staff of the Reckless Records on Madison/that cute girl at the Reckless on Broadway.
3. Old guys giving me old records.
4. The Spring Street Firehouse
5. Ryan FCS becoming an honorary southerner.

Jake Shut
Five Books by Geographers Everyone Should Read
• Neil Smith, The New Urban Frontier: Gentrification and the RevanchistCity
• David Harvey, A Brief History of Neoliberalism
• Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities
• Kenneth Jackson, Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States
• Lees, Slater & Wyly, Gentrification

Jeff Proctor
5. The Spits, Tokyo Electron, Stalins Of Sound @ the Kensington Club, San Diego, July 24th
4. The Spits, Nobunny, Audacity @ The Echo, Los Angeles, July 25th
3. Destruction Unit, Mexico City Rollers, Stalins Of Sound @ The Tower Bar, San Diego, August 7th
2. The Spits, Personal And The Pizzas, SlabCity @ Spaceland, Los Angeles, August 15th
1. Pavement and Sonic Youth @ the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, September 30th!

J. Federico
Top 5 Records I Picked Up in Denmark
1. De Høje Hæle, Skal Vi Aldrig Videre?
2. P. J. Bonneman, Jeg Kendte Dem Ikke 7”
3. Dansetten, Mask Rouletta
4. No Hope For The Kids, Das Reich 7”
5. Masshysteri, Vår Del Av Stan

Jim Ruland
1. Go to Goner Records and bug Eric and John with questions about Memphis punk
2. Eat beef brisket at Central BBQ in front of a fan the size of a jet engine
3. Go to the Hi-Tone Cafe and see the Arrivals and Off With Their Head (and feel badly about missing River City Tanlines the next day)
4. Wander around Burke’s Books
5. Replenish fluids with Coffee Shop iced tea that’s nine parts sugar one part tea

Joe Dana
Top 5 Funniest Razorcake Interviews from Issue 36 (When I Started Subscribing)— Present
5. Future Virgins #41: “Man, these questions are difficult for a GED recipient”
4. Tiltwheel #50-52: “Her butthole is fucking disgusting”
3. Brokedowns #52: “Stay in your room. If you need anything, let me know. Don’t be too loud and if you’re gonna puke, puke out the window”
2. Sass Dragons #47: “A brutal melee of butts and penises”
1. Dude James #56: “Billy Ray (Cyrus) is down for life, man”

Joe Evans III
1. Max Levine Ensemble, Them Steadily Depressing… 7”
2. Big Eyes, Demo
3. Various Artists, Coffee Stains and Cigarette Burns CD
4. Grabass Charlestons, live
5. Big Lake

Joshua Ian Robles
1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “Home”
2. Weezer, “Let It All Hang Out”
3. Year Zero, “Haunted”
4. Polysics, “Electric Surfing Go Go”
5. Social Distortion, “I Was Wrong”

Juan Espinosa
1. American Cheeseburger / Bukkake Boys, Split EP
2. Young Offenders, Leaders of the Followers 12”
3. The Shitty Limits, “Last Orders” b/w “Selling Point” EP
4. Plutocracy, Off the Pigs 12”
5. The Mean Jeans T-shirt I ordered from Dirtnap

Garrett Barnwell
1. The Power of the Riff Fest 2010
2. Touch And Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine ‘79-’83, by Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson (book)
3. Marked Men, On 7”
4. Dice Magazine #33
5. Red Dead Redemption (game)

Keith Rosson
• The Effort, Wartime Citizens CD
• Concrete Blonde, live on KCRW, 4/23/87
• PioneerMemorialMuseum in Douglas, Wyoming
Seven Inches to Freedom zine
• Swimming and canoeing in the Grand Tetons

Kurt Morris
1. Osker, Idle Will Kill
2. Strand Of Oaks, Pope Killdragon
3. Notorious B.I.G., Life after Death
4. Notorious B.I.G., Ready to Die
5. Welcome to Flavor Country #21 (zine)

Lauren Measure
• Des Ark, “Which of You Assholes Ate Christmas”
• The New Dress, “Hey Kid”
• Aye Nako (formerly Fleabag), “Bent Out Of Shape”
• RVIVR, “Real Mean”
• P.S. Eliot, “Sadie”

Lisa Weiss
Five Experiences on My Summer Vacation That Made Me Proud to Be an
American, I Mean, from the
1.Landon Donovan’s last-second
gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool against Algeria in the World Cup
2.Turkish Techno in Chino and Riverside
3.Fish and chips and Guinness on the 4th of July in Brooklyn
4.150 varieties of soda available from the programmable machine at
Rubio’s in Irvine, Calif.
5.Old friends and a new pool in San Diego

Marcos Siref
• Eskera, Self-titled, download EP
• The Transgressions, Waste My Time
• Titus Andronicus, The Monitor
• Tender, Rough C16 cassette/download
• Lost Sounds, Black Wave

Matt Average
• Systematic Death / See You In Hell split EP
• Executioner, Hellbound EP
• Nu Sensae, TV, Death, and the Devil LP
• Much Worse, Proper Execute EP
• Total Abuse, live and Mutt LP

Megan Pants
Top 5 Things to Do on a Monday Afternoon in August
• see Shang-a-lang
• have a root beer float
• see Das Kapital
• see Future Virgins
• see Grabass Charlestons

Mike Faloon
1. Black Wine, Self-titledLP
2. Sharon Jones, I Learned the Hard Way LP
3. Night Birds, Killer Waves 7”
4. Night Birds, Prognosis: Negative 7”
5. Superchunk, Digging for Something 7”

Naked Rob
The Thrash Attack
1. Early Graves, Goner (R.I.P. Makh Daniels)
2. Burning Love, Songs for Burning Lovers LP (fast punk)
3. White Lung, It’s the Evil LP (L.A. punk in Vancouver, BC)
4. Acephalix, Aporia LP (metal punk)
5. Masakari, The Prophet Feeds LP (brutal crust)

Nardwuar The Human Serviette
1. Nu Sensae, TV, Death and the Devil LP
2. SexChurch, 6 Songs by SexChurch12”
3. The Pack A.D., We Kill Computers CD
4. Devo, Something for Everybody CD
5. Various Artists, Bloodstains Across Alberta  7”

Nick Toerner
• Holy Shit!, K.B.D.O.O.P. LP
• Sass Dragons, New Kids on the Bong CD
• Toys That Kill / Grabass Charlestons, split LP
• The Manix, Van Activities 7”
• The Reds beating the Cardinals in the NL Central this year (fuck you, Nighthawk)

• Windy City Sound Clash
• Throwing up in a car wash
• Tunnel Rats, Run for Your Life 7” (thanks Andy Junk!)
• Printing Daryl’s first Dudes Magazine article
• Teen Idols, Old Days, Old Ways 7”

Rene Navarro
1. Masshysteri, Self-titled LP
2. Lenguas Largas, Lonely Summertime 7"
3. Swingin Utters, Five Lessons Learned CD
4. Fifth Business by Robert Davies (book)
5. Watching Coliseum, Trap Them, and From Ashes Rise at the Echoplex with my little brother.

Rev. Nørb
• Sweet, The: Live in Denmark 1976: LP
• Bare Wires: Seeking Love: LP
• Goodnight Loving, The: Supper Club: LP
• Candy Snatchers: Down at Delilah’s: LP
• Eric Davidson: We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut 1988-2001 (book)

Russ Van Cleave
Top 5 on the Heavy Rotation Shelf
1. Fleshies, Brown Flag
2. Charlie Rich, Lonely Weekends (the one that came out on Mercury, not the one on Sun)
3. Black Sabbath, Master of Reality
4. Sick Sick Birds, Heavy Manners
5. Tampa Red, Guitar Wizard

Ryan Horky
1. Superchunk, “Digging for Something”/”February Punk” 7”
2. Raw Power, You Are the Victim LP
3. Necros, Conquest for Death LP
4. Brutal Truth, Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses LP
5. Bottomless Pit, Blood under the Bridge LP

Samantha Beerhouse
1. TTK, Sick Sick Birds, and O.G. Tiltwheel @Harold’s, on a drunken Thursday night
2. The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson
3. Clifton’s Cafeteria for Joe Dana’s DTLA Birthday Special
4. Statues, Terminal Bedroom
5. (predictions of awesomeness) Tie: North Park Awesome Fest, Mummies of the World @ the CA Science Center

Sean Koepenick
Top 5 Bands That I Am Stoked to See at Riot Fest 2010
1. The Bhopal Stiffs
2. OFF!
3. Zero Boys
4. Explode And Make Up
5. The Effigies (original lineup)

Steve Hart
1. Amebix, Redux
2. Te Vaka, Haoloto
3. Maui Adult Baseball League
4. Christopher Moore, Bite Me
5. Grand Rapids Is Screaming (website)

Steve Larder
1. Godflesh, Streetcleaner
2. Swans, The Great Annihilator
3. Kowloon Walled City, Turk Street
4. Dropdead, second LP
5. Bastard, Wind of Pain

Todd Taylor
• Masshysteri, Self-titled LP
• El Banda, Skutki Ubonczne double LP
• Marvelous Darlings, “I’ll Stand by Her” b/w “Friend of a Friend” 7”
• Young Offenders, Leader of the Followers LP
• Year Zero, Year One LP
• Egghead, Would Like a Few Words with You LP

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 “P” Bands
1. Poison Idea
2. Public Enemy
3. Pixies
4. The Pricks (Victoria B.C.)
5. Pointed Sticks

Vince Battilana
• Stoned At Heart, Party Tracks Vol. 1 LP
• Unnatural Helpers, Cracked Love and Other Drugs LP
• Sleepies, Self-titled LP
• Megacools, Introducing the Fun Police LP
• Rag Rage, Good, Wholesome, and Sexy LP