Top 5s From #42: Blah, blah, blah...

Mar 20, 2008

Adrian Salas
Top 5 Lyrics from Steve Albini Bands
5. “Kill the dog.”—Big Black, “Things to Do Today”
4. “I suppose I’m not too threatening presently but wait ‘til I start Nautilus.”—Rapeman,
“Up Beat”
3. “This here’s Jordan, we do what we like.”—Big Black, “Jordan, Minnestoa”
2. “I was born wearing pants.”—Shellac, “Be Prepared”
1. Tie between the entirety of “Prayer to God” by Shellac, or “Kerosene” by Big Black

Amy Adoyzie
Top 5 Awesomeness I Wish I Could Take with Me to Bangla-fucking-desh
• Green Noise Records
• Portland Summers
• China Loca
• Hamm’s

Art Ettinger
• Wretched Ones, Make It Happen CD
• Underground Railroad to Candyland, Bird Roughs LP
• Carbonas, Self-titled (third album) LP
• Children’s Crusade, Get Awesome 10”
• Something Fierce / Hangouts, Split 7”

Ben Snakepit
1. Deskonocitos, live
2. The Sass Dragons side of the Sass Dragons/Party Garbage split 7”
3. Andy Dale Petty, Sings the Lonesome Country Wail
4. The Matt Kurz On, live
5. Sleepwalkers RIP, 7”

1. Hostile Combover, Self-titled CD
2. Fever Sleeves, CDEP
3. Tera Melos, Comples Full of Phantoms, CD
4. Behind the Wagon: live only. Record already!
5. Prize Country, Lottery of Recognition

Chris Pepus
• Norman Mailer writing until the end.
• James Wolcott’s short film about Norman Mailer for WNET-TV
• Agent Orange and the Avengers coming to St. Louis the same week
John Cassavetes: Five Films (DVD set)
• Seymour Hersh’s New Yorker articles on Bush, the Saudis, and Iran

Constantine Koutsoutis
1. Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ‘72 by Hunter S Thompson (book)
2. Being called “successful” as a writer by a friend.
3. Sneaking our own bottle of superior whiskey in the bar with my best friend. We’re mad criminal.
4. Singing Hot Water Music’s “Free Radio Gainesville” out loud on the subway.
5. Take It, Somebody, Modern Machines

Craven Rock
(Counting Down)

5. Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu (book)
4. Turkey Day Ride in Sacramento
3. Dinosaur Jr, Beyond (CD)
2. Neil Young, Living with War (CD)
1. Creating True Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh (book)

Cristy C. Road
Top 5 Bands to Bone to in the Winter, While It’s Snowing
1. Nile
2. At The Gates
3. Envy
4. Saetia
5. The Slackers (after you get wasted and it feels like summer again).

Daryl Gussin
• “Hallowed Ground”—High Tension Wires
• B-side of the Poison Control 7”
• Witches With Dicks: American Railroads 7”
• Fucked Up: Year of the Pig 12”
• Children Of War (the perfect cinematic representation of crust)

Dave Disorder
1. Blotto, RememberBuy the Vinyl First... Singles Collection 2004-07 CD
2. Underground Railroad To Candyland, Bird Roughs CD
3. Dear Landlord / Chinese Telephones, Split 7
4. Ergs, Upstairs /Downstairs CD
5. Witches With Dicks, American Railroads 7”

Denise Orton
Top 5 Things That Suck About Living in Gainesville
1. College football directly affects my livelihood.
2. Gator Cuts, Gator Alarm,
3. It’s 89 degrees in December
4. Gator fans
5. Alligators

Designated Dale
Top 5 Bands at The Masque 30th Anniversary/Book Release Show (11-11-07 at The Echoplex in EchoPark, East Los Angeles
1. The Eyes
2. The Crowd
3. The Controllers
4. The Dogs
5. The Plugz

• Red Dons: Death to Idealism, CD
• Pat Benatar, Best of CD
• The Assassinators, Self-titled 7”
• Born/Dead, The Final Collapse LP
• After the Bombs, Relentless Onslaught 12”

Jennifer Whiteford
1. The Hot Toddies, Smell the Mitten CD
2. Wallflower at the Orgy by Nora Ephron (essays)
3. My job getting changed from contract to permanent, woot!
4. The Wire, Season Four (DVD)
5. The snow… and four wheel drive.

Jenny Moncayo
1. My cousin getting a tattoo of a portrait of my grandma on his forearm.
2. Being able to walk to bars and stumble back to my apartment drunk.
3. The Razorcake benefit show with Underground Railroad To Candyland, Dan Padilla, and God Equals Genocide in Los Angeles at Safari Sam’s 11/25/07.
4. The Chicago deep dish pizza at Masa in EchoPark.
5. Joining the gym.

Joe Evans III
1. Full Of Fancy, Sweet Baby Jesus CD
2. The Sass Dragons/Party Garbage, Split 7”
3. Endless Mike And The Beagle Club, The Husky Tenor CD
4. Chinese Telephones, Self-titled CD
5. Triclops!, Four Letter Word, The Arrivals, Off With Their Heads, and The Underground Railroad to Candyland, live at Lost and Found in Brooklyn.

Julia Smut
• Spending my first Christmas in three years with Damon and NOT having to go to Kansas to do so.
• The Crowd, Letter Bomb re-issue on TKO
• Having the choice to blow my brains out or listen to stupid people.
• Dunkin Donuts coffee
• The Frogs

Keith Rosson
Top 5 Wimpy Acoustic Ballad-Things That Make Me Feel All Cool When I Hear ‘Em
• Sundowner, “Midsummer Classic”
• American Steel, “Hurtlin’”
• Greg Macpherson, “Bankrobber”*
• Josh Ritter, “Thin Blue Flame”
• Madison Bloodbath, “A New England”*
*Yeah, I know they’re covers, dirtmouth.

Kurt Morris
1. Pig Destroyer, Phantom Limb
2. Quicksand, Slip
3. No Country for Old Men (movie)
4. Trader Joe’s Bean and Cheese Burritos
5. Reading, reading, reading

Lauren Measure
Top 5 Recently Discovered Bands Who I Wish Lived in My Town
1. Traffic and Weather
2. Vena Cava
3. The Deep and HolySea / Cassette
4. The Riot Before
5. Amateur Party

Lauren Trout
Favorite Songs to Dance Around the House to When I Wake Up
• “Age of Consent” by New Order
• “Got a Backbeat” by American Steel
• “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones
• “Hold My Life” by The Replacements
• “White Wedding” by Billy Idol

Lord Kveldefur
1. 86 Mentality, Final Exit 7”
2. Brats and kraut for Thanksgiving dinner
3. An 11-2 Green Bay Packer squad at the time of this writing
4. 123 Linden Street
5. John Niles, Homo Narrans (book)

Megan Pants
Top 5 Songs to Listen to On Repeat while in the Depths of a Chicago Depression
• Red Forty: “Outsider”
• Replacements: “If Only You Were Lonely”
• Billy Bragg and Wilco, “California Stars”
• Whiskey & Co., “One Man (Too Many)”
• Leadbelly, “Goodnight Irene”

Mike Frame
1. John Fogerty, “Gunslinger”
2. John Fogerty, “Take It No More”
3. John Fogerty, “Long Shot”
4. John Fogerty, “Creedence Song”
5. John Fogerty, Revival CD

Miss Namella J. Kim
1. The Cult at the Wiltern—they still got it. Okay, Billy Duffy still has it.
2. Wonderful Tonight by Patti Boyd—“Layla” tells all. A must read for all rock’n’roll girls. 3. Noble Fir Christmas trees
4. Salvador Dali exhibit at LACMA—go see the films associated with the show.
5. Murakami show at the Geffen MOCA—“This guy did some heavy raving back in the days…”

Mr. Z
Top 5 Albums in Constant Rotation
1. Streetlight Manifesto, Somewhere in the Between
2. The Lillingtons, Technically Unsound
3. Manu Chau, La Radiolina
4. Japanther, Scuffed up My Huffy
5. Intro5pect, Realpolitik

Naked Rob (KSCU 103.3FM)
1. Frightener, Guillotine CD
2. Squalora, Squalora CD
3. Black Eyes & Neckties, Apparition CD
4. Skullflower, IIIrd Gatekeeper (re-issue) CD
5. The Busy Signals, The Busy Signals CD

Nardwuar The Human Serviette
1. The Sonics playing Psycho at Cavestomp 2007 (
2. Riot on Sunset Strip by Dominic Prior (book)
3. All Your Ears Can Hear Book and Double CD (Amazing comp of Victoria BC Punk Rock 1978-1984)
4. The Plimptons, Pomp CD
5. Canned Hamm featuring Neil Hamburger Christmas Office Party

Rhythm Chicken
Top 5 Beverages for the Last Two Months
5. Old Milwaukee
4. Blatz
3. Hamms
2. Grain Belt
1. Schmidt

Sean Koepenick
Bands That Need to Make a New Record in 2008
1. Gang Green
2. Naked Raygun
3. Moving Targets
4. Circle Jerks
5. The Damned

Steve Larder
Top Five Bands at the Moment.
1. Ulver
2. Nortt
3. Look Back And Laugh
4. Neurosis
5. Yann Tiersen

Todd Taylor
• Off With Their Heads, All Things Move toward Their End LP
• Ringers, Detention Halls LP
• Chinese Telephones, Self-titled LP
• Carbonas, Self-titled LP
• Fucked Up, Year of the Pig 12”EP

Ty Stranglehold
Top Five Christmas Punk Songs
1. TVTV$, “Daddy Drank the Christmas Money Again”
2. Showcase Showdown, “Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman”
3. The Yobs, “C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S”
4. The Vandals, “Oi to the World”
5. Sloppy Seconds, “Lonely Christmas”

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