Top 10s of 2007: From our assorted cast of beardos, weirdos, and dillholes.

Jan 03, 2008

Adrian Salas
Amy Adoyzie
Art Ettinger
Ben Snakepit
Chris Kohler (Bikefight/ Special Ed)
Clint Baechle (Acts of Sedition/ Stop Go Destroy Zine)
Colin (Defect Defect)
Constantine Koutsoutis
Craven Rock
Dan Celebrity (Bored Straight)
Daniel James Oppermann (Chinese Telephones/Jack Moves)
Daryl Gussin
Dave Disorder
Dawn Wirth (photographer extraordinaire and phenomenal baker)
Denise Orton
Derek Lynn Plastic (Fashion! Fashion! And The Image Boys)
Designated Dale
Doug Burns (The Observers/ Red Dons)
Hallie Unloveable (Unloveables)
Jeff Burke (Marked Men/Potential Johns)
Jennifer Whiteford
Jessica Thiringer
Jimmy the Truth (Sick Sick Birds/Panthro UK United 13)
Joe Evans III
Jojo (Marked Men)
Johnny Misfit (The Muse, the News, and the Noose/ Silent Scone)
Jonathan Floyd (MRR)
Justin Telephone (Chinese Telephones)
Keith Rosson
Kid Kevin (Killer Dreamer)
Kurt Morris
Larry Hardy (In the Red Records)
Lauren Trout
Lil’ Dave Arrival (The Arrivals/ Textbook Committee)
The Lord Kveldefur
The Measure
Megan Pants
Mike Faloon
Mike Frame
Mike G. (Drinker’s Purgatory, Pteradacdudes)
Mike Hunchback (Hunchback)
Mitch Clem
Morgan (Tulsa)
Mr. Z.
Naked Rob (KSCU 103.3FM)
Nardwuar The Human Serviette
Nate Ganglehoff (Banner Pilot)
Nick (Banner Pilot)
PJ (No Idea/ Grabass Charlestons)
Rev. Maxwell Nordile (Minotaur/ UZI RASH)
Rhythm Chicken
Ryan Young (Off With Their Heads)
Sean Cole (Toys That Kill)
Sean Koepenick
Steve Larder
Stevo (1-2-3-4 Go!)
Tim Jamison
Todd Taylor
Ty Stranglehold 

Adrian Salas:
End of 2007 Top 10 Things That Are Sticking Out in My Mind
1. Seeing the Buzzcocks in a small club (Spaceland) which is amazing, considering how they’re only one of the best bands ever.
2. Seeing Naked Raygun live and singing my lungs out for the first time in years.
3. How incredibly horrible The Hills and Newport Beach are on MTV. These shows make me want to throw in the towel on humanity.
4. Seeing Superbad, and being brought right back to just how horrible high school was when you’re not popular.
5. Seeing No Country for Old Men and not being able to shake the creepiness of Anton Chigurh.
6. Reading Hairstyles of the Damned, The Idiot, and Blood Meridian, and wondering if decent people ever really win out.
7. A Slint show.
8. Seeing the Plugz and marveling at just how amazingly badass Tito Larriva is and how I hope I can be that cool when I get older.
9. An awkward elevator ride at Punk Rock Bowling.
10. Graduating college and the extreme letdown thereafter.
10 ½. Subsequently taking refuge in a lot of Nomeansno, SNFU, Buzzcocks, Decendents, Ergs, Swingin’ Utters, Filthy Thieving Bastards, Jawbreaker, The Methadones, and Naked Raygun.

Amy Adoyzie:
Things to Do, Done in 2007
• Volunteer: Taught oral English to 1,350 Chinese students. HuarongNumberOneMiddle School (Hunan, China)
• Travel: China, Lao, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet
• Bike: Yangshuo, Guangxi. Jinghong, Xishuangbanna. Mui Ne, Vietnam. Portland, Oregon.
• Work: Green Noise Records (Portland’s best record store at SE 26th & Clinton). Freelance design and dishwashing.
• Zines: Monster of Fun Volume One, Scrawl, Pinky Swear and Post-It Diaries (2nd printing)
• Craftmania: Lum Jums, journals, awesome embroidery.
• Band: China Loca
• Love & Hope: All the effing time and with everyone I know

Art Ettinger:
Top Ten Saddest Celebrity Deaths of 2007 (in chronological order)
• Nidge Blitz (Blitz) 02/09/07
• Roger Watkins (director) 03/06/07
• Bob Clark (director) 04/04/07
• Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (writer) 04/11/07
• Bruno Mattei (director) 05/21/07
• Hilly Kristal (CBGB) 08/28/07
• Mikey “Offender” Donaldson (MDC/Offenders) 09/22/07
• Lance Hahn (J Church/Cringer) 10/21/07
• Linda Stein (early Ramones manager) 10/30/07
• Hayden Milligan (Witching Hour Video) 11/20/07

Ben Snakepit:
1. Shellshag: Destroy Me I’m Yours: LP
2. Brokedowns: New Brains for Everyone: CD
3. Tulsa: Sour Digs: LP
4. Ringers: Curses: CD
5. Lefty Loosie: 100 Miles an Hour: CD
6. Arrivals: Marvels of Industry: CD
7. Punkin Pie: Broke Truck Good Luck Song: CD
8. Various Artists: Let’s Do It for Lance!: CD
9. Underground Railroad To Candyland: Bird Roughs: CD
10. Japanther: Don’t Trust Anyone over 30: LP

1. Getting hitched to a hot school teacher named Robyn and honeymooning in Vietnam and Cambodia!
2. Green History of the World by Clive Ponting (book that explains man’s missteps from ancient civilization until now)
3. Third Wave by Alvin Toffler (book—Twenty-seven years old and still relevant!)
4. Culture Jam by Kalle Lasn (book—if there’s hope, it is through the media activist!)
5. Refused: The Shape of Punk to Come: CD (still as intense as the first day I heard it!)
6. The Bellakun: Bendicion Maldita: CD
7. Howard Zinn: You Can’t Remain Neutral on a Moving Train (documentary movie)
8. Black Lips: Let It Bloom: CD
9. Les Savy Fav: Let’s Stay Friends: CD
10. FKenal: live all over San Diego! (better than blotter paper)

Chris Kohler(Bikefight/ Special Ed):
1. Dory Ben Shalom. My best friend. I hope you rest in peace you fucking genius. I miss you.
2. Megan Pants trivia information hotline. It’s been invaluable.
3. Ravi (Congested Few, Little Army) all of a sudden being a bartender in the city.
4. Stand up Ms. Pacman at the swankest laundromat in the mission.
5. Living in San Francisco. What the fuck?
6. Oakland, California. Por vida.
7. The story of why Arinell’s pizza is called Arinell’s.
8. Cali Mucho printshop. Those dudes are running shit. San Pedro all day.
9. San Pedro. All day.
10. Staying alive thru the worst year of my life. (And staying black.)

Clint Baechle (Acts Of Sedition/ Stop Go Destroy Zine):
Top Ten Live Bands of 2007:
1. Princess Thunderstorm: You might remember some of these wasted weirdos from such dirty south ensembles as Queerwulf, but what I'm going to remember most from this year was Princess fuckin’ Thunderstorm, assailing the audience like a hurricane, making my friends act stupid and get hurt, and pulling off uniquely catchy brand of chaotic hardcore.Y’all wanna get in tha night?

2. Bleach 03: Their album’s called Three Girls from Okinawa, and that's what they are. They also rule so hard live that I had to change my underwear not once, but three times! Don’t be fooled by the appearance of these petite, harmless-looking nerds! This is a ploy to get you close to them so they can RIP YOUR MIND OUT so much more easily! A nonstop barrage of thrashy, noisy, slightly grungy hardcore; fast, to the point, and showing absolutely no remorse.

3. High On Fire: Not new to the game of Bay Area metal at this point, but definitely hitting their stride and reaching epic new heights previously unseen. Face it, the new album rips, new bass player Jeff (ex Zeke) fits the band like a glove, and Matt Pike has basically huffed some rubber cement fumes and then used the remaining rubber cement to glue down his place as one of the most vicious metal guitarists of our age! Seeing this band live is like falling down an icy hill, then getting beat up by a pack of yetis at the bottom, and then wanting it all to happen again.

4. Holy Shit!: What happens when you take four average beer-guzzling Milwaukee dudes, raise them on a steady diet of Midwestern hardcore and powerpop, and then chain them in a closet for a while so that they become so misanthropic that they decide to lash out at society in savage ways? Holy Shit! They always live up to their name. If powerviolence had been invented for the first time in Wisconsin, and had clean guitar, it might sound something like this... live they are falling over drunk, one mass of insane jerks who will want to get some more twelve packs or a huge bottle of brandy after the show.

5. Under Pressure: Sweet rockin’ hardcore, Canadian style. Poison Idea, Motörhead, a little thrash metal to sweeten the pot... I don't know what that one guitar player is on that makes him run around ALL THE TIME, but please can I have some so that I will fearlessly jump off of a high location and rupture my spleen?

6. Hatchet: Lords of the Bay Area’s latest wave of thrash metal revivalism, loved by many and for good reason. While not breaking any new ground, they have the classic sound completely dialed in, and they whip the kids in a frenzy of circle pitting, head banging, devil sign throwing, tranquilizer abusing madness.

7. Talk Is Poison: I can’t decide whether or not TIP is Brian Stern’s best band ever, or whether it’s just a relief to see him doing something else once in a while, but AAAGGHHH! Talk is Poison rules! Relentless, pummeling dark hardcore. Still unrivaled in their genre.

8. Ganglion: An indescribable style of music that emphasizes complexity over accessibility. Elements of punk, black metal, and outright mind-fucked weirdness, served up flawlessly by a crew of striking Nordic Minneapolites.

9. Government Warning: RVA brings us yet another generic early‘80s hardcore band. The problem with generic early ‘80s hardcore? I can’t get enough of it! Combine a completely obnoxious skinhead lead singer, a tight rhythm section, and good songwriting, and you get Government Warning: Fuck you!

10. Vicious: Thanks to Canadian Mist, I don’t actually remember seeing this band, but due to the way my behavior was described to me later by my friends, it sure sounds like I was having a good time! From the records, I know that these Swedes pull off a non-stop, stripped-down mid tempo bashing that suggests the Wipers, with excellent lyrics that suggest to darkest and cruelest parts of the human mind.
Honorable Mention: Sonic Youth and Melvins perform classic albums in their entirety. Kind of like going to a museum, except I’m on pot brownies and I snuck in a bottle of whiskey in my pants.

Colin (Defect Defect):
• PRF: We Got Disease
• Government Warning: Arrested
• Sleepwalkers RIP
• B.U.S.H.: Sao Paulo LP
• Lebenden Toten: Death Culture Deprivation
• Ethiopian Children: demo tape
• Invasion: Self-titled LP
• Genetic Angry: demo tape
• Criminal Damage: No Solution 12¨
• Autistic Youth: Empty Eyes

Constantine Koutsoutis:
1. Heartsickle by The Unlovables
2. We Are by Cloak/Dagger
3. Where Our Failures Are by The New Dress
4. Four One Five Two by Sundowner
5. Beards
6. Please Come Home by Dustin Kensrue
7. Coney Island in August. Word up to that.
8. Cristy C. Road
9. Getting a chance to see the totally awesome William Gibson speak.
10. Dressing up as Misfits/early Samhain-era Glen Danzig for Halloween.

Craven Rock:
Stuff I Liked This Year (counting down)
10. Drumcorps at some club in Seattle
9. Deliver Us from Nowhere by Tennessee Jones (book)
8. Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky
7. Epoxies and Bugs Of Lightning at Tonic in Portland
6. Strum and Drang: The Great Moments in Rock ‘n’ Roll
5. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park: John Prine, Del McCoury Band, Doc Watson, Steve Earl, Gillian Welch, Lester Flatt, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Guy Clark
4. “The Whistling Song” by Stephan Beachy
3. Zine Archiving and Publishing Project (zine library) (The Richard Hugo House can take their Reaganesque asses and roll up a fuck for closing the biggest zine library in the world.)
2. Mexico
1. Oakland/Bay Area (tie)

Dan Celebrity (Bored Straight):
1. Jesu: Conqueror
2. Pink Reason: Cleaning the Mirror
3. Double Negative: The Wonderful and Frightening World of...
4. A Place To Bury Strangers: Self-titled
5. Clockcleaner: Babylon Rules
6. John Zorn: Asmodeus
7. Thurston Moore: Trees outside the Academy
8. Greg Ashley: Painted Garden
9. Homostupids: The Intern
10. Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones: To Bury Strangers: Self-titled

Daniel James Oppermann(Chinese Telephones/Jack Moves):
1. The Modern Machines moving to Brooklyn
2. High Tension Wires: Midnight Cashier
3. Triclops: Cafeteria Brutalia
4. Day 1 of Radio Heartbeat Fest (20/20, Nikki Corvette, Josie Cotton)
5. Witchcraft: The Alchemist
6. The Ergs!: upstairs/downstairs
7. The first seven Alice Cooper records
8. Potential Johns 7”
9. Truthdealer 7”
10. (tie) Everything from 2007 that isn’t The Stooges’ The Weirdness

Daryl Gussin:
10 Mind-blowing 7”s of 2007
1. Last White Flag: Surrender
2. Hospitals: Canadian Rifle
3. “Inside/Out” b/w “Song for Dave Berg”: Hunchback
4. Union Pool: Measure SA
5. Part II: Future Virgins
6. Books about Miles Davis: The Ergs!
7. Princess Thunderstorm
8. Harpoon Guns
9. Just Kicked In: Violent Minds
10. Bon Appetite!: Reagan SS

Dave Disorder:
Top 10 Things, I Guess, of 2007, According to Me, Who Is Nobody You Should Ever Pay Attention To... Ever. This List Is Not in Any Specific Order. Oh Yeah, I Was Drunk When I Wrote This.
1. The new Tim Version record, which was recorded in like April, but it still has yet to be released, maybe this month?

2. Fest 6 in Gainesville: god damn so much tight shit, not even Party Marty could be everywhere he wanted to be. Tony, thanks for keeping us stupid!

3. All the shit Off With Their Heads put out in 2007. Fuckin’ A, I finally found some dudes that hate stuff as much as I do.

4. All the Tiltwheel releases on vinyl in the year that is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the compact disk.

5. Pretty Boy Thorson w/ Vena Cava, Watson, and the Tim Version at the Punkhouse in Tampa, June 30th, 2007. Congrats Punkhouse on your tenth anniversary. Ten years of great house parties in awesome town. Mullethead Rick, where you at?

6. Witches With Dicks (r.i.p.), stupid ass name = great band. I saw you at Fest, you were fucking amazing, and now you’re not a band. Jerks.

7. Radon and Tiltwheel at some dive bar during punk rock bowling in Vegas. Radon outside of Florida? It was fucking tight, and I didn’t fall asleep in the bar like all those slags from Diego, and the flyer actually didn’t say... “Radon, Our Last Show?”

8. Getting to hang out with the Daves for a week: pizza, beer, weed!

9. All the TV time I logged in 2007. Punks pretend not to watch TV, but I’m not punk. In fact, I hate that word, and I’d be happy if I never had to hear it again. A punk is someone in prison who takes it up the out hole. I learned that from watching TV.

10. Convincing Todd Taylor to let me contribute to this magazine, although he probably regrets that now, see Mayday Parade review in issue #40 for clarification. Todd likes my dog’s balls.

Dawn Wirth (photographer extraordinaire and phenomenal baker):
1. and 2. She Wants Revenge and Radiohead both put out this year BRILLIANT CDs.
3. I had a solo show of my photography, that I am sure would not have happened, had I not been in Razorcake Magazine.
4. Chris Walter is an amazing writer who I just adore!
5. Punk 365 (book) by Holly Warren
6. Louis Jacinto—photographer
7. The Drkrm Gallery—Silverlake, CA
8. Live at The Masque—Nightmare in Punk Rock Alley by Brendan Mullen & Roger Gastman
9. The Bags album— release this year from Artifix Records
10. Alice Bag's performance on Cinco De Mayo at the JensenRecCenter 5/5/07 (I thought I was at the Masque!)

Denise Orton:
Favorite Live Bands of 2007
1. Small Brown Bike
2. Tiltwheel
3. Luca Brasi
4. Avail
5. Sparta
6. Cutman
7. In The Red
8. Battle!
9. The Tim Version
10. Dillinger Four

Derek Lynn Plastic(Fashion! Fashion! And The Image Boys):
Top 10 Everything of 2007
1. Gonerfest 4
2. Florida’s Dying Wild Weeekend
3. Derek Lyn Plastic: Negative Feelings 7”
4. Fashion! Fashion! And The Image Boys: Shithouse Pussy Stretcher 7”
5. Search and Annoy Fanzine
6. Black Lips: Good Bad Not Evil
7. Jeanie And The Tits: Floridas Dying 7”
8. The Wax Museums: Claw U Like a Cat 7”
9. The Daily Void: Self-titled LP
10. The Carbonas: LP

Designated Dale:
1. My Yvonne, for always being there for me.
2. Watching a cop come pick up a sexual dysfunction RX in a pharmacy. In his uniform. With his name badge on. Talk about your getting off with a warning…
3. Ramones: It’s Alive 1974-1996 double disc DVD. Part of the It’s Alive LP…on video!
4. The Tranzmitors self-titled debut LP. Canada’s greatest band export as we speak.
5. Charlie Brown will never be the same again.
6. Sitting in once again with The Controllers for the Masque 30th Year Reunion show. Sorry you couldn’t be there, Maddog.
7. The Masque 30th Year Reunion show in L.A. with The Plugz, Deadbeats, Eyes, Controllers, Gears, Crowd, Flyboys, Skulls, Shock (with Holly Vincent!), Dogs, and a shit-ton more. Helluva show.
8. Off With Their Heads: All Things Move Toward Their End LP. A fantastic collection of past gems, and yes, it IS weak that Kim never wrote back.
9. Bands and people who don’t suck. Don’t take these for granted, folks.
10. Our own Mr. Todd Taylor busting through yet another year of the Razorcake circus, getting engaged, leading the tedious process of getting a skatepark built in his ‘hood, and finally getting his feet permanently mortgaged in a house (from which he has plain view of said skatepark). And you say you’re too busy or tired. Shut the fuck up.

Doug Burns (The Observers/ Red Dons):
1. Gorilla Angreb: Discography (Vinyl Release)
2. Fucked Up: Hidden World
3. Clorox Girls: J’aime Les Filles
4. Cola Freaks: 4-song EP
5. The Chemicals: BubbleCity
6. Power Chords: Demos
7. The Vicious: Igen
8. Hannah Hirsh: Radiance Kills
9. The Estranged (cool new band 7" forthcoming)
10. Shitty Limits (cool new band 7" forthcoming)

Hallie Unloveable (Unloveables):
1. The Arrivals: Marvels of Industry
2. Banner Pilot/ Monikers: split 7”
3. Chinese Telephones/Dear Landlord: split 7”
4. Lefty Loosie: 100 Miles an Hour
5. Smoke or Fire: This Sinking Ship
6. Noise Noise Noise: Blazing Hot Title Track
7. Demander: The Unkindness of Ravens
8. Full of Fancy: Sweet Baby Jesus
9. Ghost Town Trio: Lose Your Voice
10. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists: Living with the Living

Jeff Burke (Marked Men/Potential Johns):
Chinese Telephones: Self-titled
Hex Dispensers: Self-titled
Shark Pants: Automatic Pinner
Underground Railroad To Candyland: Bird Roughs
The Carbonas: Self-titled
Holy Shit!: Self-titled and live
Black Lips: Good Bad Not Evil
Future Virgins: 7”s
Birthday Suits, live
The Pumpers, The Wax Museums and all the other great Denton bands

Jennifer Whiteford:
1. The Geek and Dork Tour
2. The Unlovables: Heartsickle (LP)
3. Rose of No Man’s Land by Michelle Tea (novel)
4. The Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg (graphic novel)
5. The Ergs! : upstairs/downstairs (CD)
6. The Wire: Season Four (DVD)
7. Hairspray (the new movie, the old movie, and the styling product)
8. Bottle Rocket Hearts by Zoe Whittall (novel)
9. Hiding Out by Jonathan Messinger (short stories)
10. The Measure [SA]: Historical Fiction (CD)

Jessica Thiringer:
1. Chop Tops
2. Music blogs
3. New job = more writer’s block
4. Cult of the Psychic Fetus
5. ElkCity: White Walls
6. A root canal for Christmas?
7. Hank III & Those Poor Bastards: Pills I Took
8. Tom, Missy & Duke
9. Reprioritizing
10. Made it through another year

Jimmy the Truth (Sick Sick Birds/ Superchinchillarescuemission/ Panthro UK United 13):
Not Really a 2007 Current Deal, but for My 2007....
• The Reatards: Not Fucked Enough
• Camera Obscura: anything they record
Undeclared: complete series DVD
• Botch: American Nervoso (repress)
• Deerhoof: Friend Opportunity
• Big Business: Here Come the Waterworks
• The D.O.C: No One Can Do It Better
• Kid Dynamite: Shorter, Faster, Louder
• Plow United: Narcolepsy
• Boris: Pink

Joe Evans III:
Top Long Players:
• The Ergs!: upstairs/downstairs (and all the other stuff too)
• The Arrivals: Marvels of Industry
• The Unlovables: Heartsickle
• Career Suicide: Attempted Suicide
• Full Of Fancy: Sweet Baby Jesus
• The Underground Railroad To Candyland: Bird Roughs
• Chinese Telephones: Self-titled
• Lefty Loosie: 100 Miles an Hour
• Brutal Knights: Feast of Shame
• The Trashies: What Makes a Man Get Trashed?

Top Other Stuff:
• Defect Defect: Words 7”, and live.
• The Sass Dragons/ Party Garbage: Split 7”.
• Dear Landlord/ Chinese Telephones: Split 7”.
• Tours (Shemps/ I Farm Midwest spring break, and the day and a half I spent on the Geek And Dork tour).
• The Underground Railroad To Candyland – Live, and frisbee.

Jojo (Marked Men):
Top Ten Live Bands (In No Order)
• Underground Railroad To Candyland
• The Bananas
• Tulsa
• Shark Pants
• Wax Museums
• Young Offenders
• Lemuria
• Toys That Kill
• Vena Cava
• The Reds

Johnny Misfit (The Muse, the News, and the Noose/ Silent Scone):
Best Albums:
• American Steel: Destroy the Future (Fat Wreck) + their live set @ Fest 6!
• The Ergs!: upstairs/downstairs
• Delay: Don't Laugh
• Lifetime: Self-titled
• Tin Armor: A Better Place Then I Have Been
• Short Attention: Self-titled
Best TV:
Sarah Silverman Program Season 1 DVD (Comedy Central)
Planet Earth documentary series (BBC/Discovery Channel)
Best song of 2007:
• The Ergs!: “Every Romance Language” from their split w/ Grabass Charlestons split (No Idea)
Other top hits:
• Kayne West/Daft Punk: “Stronger”

Jonathan Floyd (MRR):
• Tranzmitors: Self-titled LP
• Hex Dispensers: Self-titled LP
• Underground Railroad To Candyland: Birds Rough LP
• Copyrights: Make Sound CD
• Eddy Current And The Supression Ring: Self-titled LP
• La Fraction: La Vie Rêvée LP
• Clockcleaner: Babylon Rules LP
• Arrivals: Marvels of Industry LP
• Gonerfest IV
• Fest VI

Justin Telephone (Chinese Telephones):
My Top 11 Albums in No Particular Order, and with Very Little Thought Put into It...
• The Arrivals: Marvels of Industry LP
• High Tension Wires: Midnight Cashier LP
• Hex Dispensers LP
• Black Lips: Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo LP
• Underground Railroad to Candyland: Bird Roughs LP
• Black Lips: Good Bad Not Evil
• The Goodnight Loving: Crooked LakeLP
• Tulsa: Sour Digs
• Patton Oswalt: Werewolves and Lollipops
• The Ergs!: upstairs/downstairs LP
• Busy Signals LP

Keith Rosson:
• American Steel: Destroy Their Future: CD
• Dan Padilla/Madison Bloodbath: split 7”
• Pteradon: tour CD-R and live
• Tim Armstrong: A Poet’s Life: CD
• Seeing Thought Patterns live at Ground Kontrol about a billion times over the past year
• Shinobu: Worstward, Ho! CD and live
• Sundowner: Four One Five Two: CD
MVP by James Boice (novel)
The Road by Cormac McCarthy (novel)
In Persuasion Nation by George Saunders (short stories)

Kid Kevin (Killer Dreamer):
• Shellshag: LP
• Tulsa: LP
• Pterodacdudes/Shred Savage: split 7”
• Spits at Babe’s warehouse
• Portland, Oregon
• Thee Cormans
• Mike Watt And The Missingmen
• Bikefight
• SugarMountain Studios
• Destroy L.A.

Kurt Morris:
1. Pig Destroyer: Phantom Limb
2. The Swell Season: Once (Soundtrack)
3. Dating relationships that have no hope of going anywhere
4. Patton Oswalt: Werewolves and Lollipops
5. Band of Horses: Cease to Begin
6. Darkest Hour: Deliver Us
7. The Simpsons Movie (movie)
8. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (movie)
9. No Country for Old Men (movie)
10. My zine, Welcome to Flavor Country

Larry Hardy (In the Red Records):
In the Interest of Being Unbiased, I Didn’t Include Release That Came Out on My Own Label. Numbered But in No Particular Order ....
1. Black Lips: Good Bad Not Evil (Vice)
2. Tyvek: Summer Burns double 7” (What's Your Rupture?)
3. The Scientists: Sedition (ATP)
4. TV Ghost: Bird Flu 7” (Di Stasi)
5. The Horrors: Strange House (Loog) + live show at El Rey
6. Haunted George: Pile O’ Meat (Hook Or Crook)
7. Final Solutions: Songs by Solutions (Goner)
8. Grinderman: Self-titled (Mute)
9. Goodnight Loving: Crooked Lake (Dusty Medical)
10. Blank Dogs: 7”s (Hozac), (Sweet Rot), (Florida's Dying) and 12”s (FreedomSchool) and (The Herald)

Lauren Trout:
• Paper Bird (live show)
Meet the Robinsons (movie)
• Concan, TX (road trip)
• Explosions in the Sky: All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (CD)
Infecticitis #6 (zine)
Psychology 1301 (class)
• Mike Bukowski (artist)
Greasespot #4 (personal project)
• Monkey Wrench Books (place to volunteer)
• Black bean (burrito)

Lil’ Dave Arrival (The Arrivals/ Textbook Committee):
Shit That Rules (in no particular order)
• The Brokedowns
• Underground Railroad To Candyland
• Big Business
• Sass Dragons
• Monotonix
• Brooklyn, NY
• Canadian Rifle
• The Party Downers
• Robert Pollard
• Buncha Draculas and Star Wars (tie)

The Lord Kveldefur:
1. Aiken Brewing Company, Aiken, SC
2. The Interstate Men of Leisure at my wedding
3. My wedding
4. Terror Pop, Guerrilla Warfare CD
5. Sean Carswell’s apt analogies on how Ong’s theories of orality function
6. “2000 lbs.” by Brian Turner (poem)
7. 6-pound bags of gummi bears
8. Total War: Medieval II (game)
9. The ever-growing pertinence of Dante’s Divine Comedy
10. National Geographic

The Measure:
• The New Dress: Where Our Failures Are
• Ben Snakepit: My Life in a Jugular Vein
• The Ergs!: upstairs/downstairs
• American Steel: Destroy Their Future
• Dinosaur Jr: Beyond
• The Weakerthans: Reunion Tour
• World/Inferno Friendship Society: Addicted to Bad Ideas
• Lance Hahn
• Womprat the overenthusiastic basset hound with a garbage eating problem (aka the dog from the Alamo)
• The Fest 6. More specifically, us not sucking at the Fest 6

Megan Pants:
Stuff I Heard
• The Ergs!: upstairs/downstairs
• High Tension Wires: Midnight Cashier CD
• Chinese Telephones: Self-titled
• The Arrivals: Marvels of Industry LP
• Future Virgins: 7”s
Stuff I Wished I’d Heard by Now Because I’m Sure They’d Be Contenders
• Hex Dispensers LP
• Underground Railroad to Candyland: Bird Roughs LP
• Lefty Loosie: 100 Miles an Hour CD
• Tulsa: Sour Digs LP
• Busy Signals LP
• Shellshag: Destroy Me I’m Yours LP
• Carbonas: Self-titled (third album) LP
• The Brokedowns: New Brains for Everyone

Mike Faloon:
10 Favorite Records of ‘07
1. The Ergs!: upstairs/downstairs CD
2. High Tension Wires: Midnight Cashier CD
3. Hussalonia: Matt Barber Hussalonia, CD-R
4. Jennifers: Colors from the Future CD
5. Marked Men: Fix My Brain CD
6. Primate 5/Traditional Fools: split 7”
7. Something Fierce/Hangouts: split 7”
8. Toys That Kill: Shanked CD
9. The Underthings: Shake Me Just a Little Bit More 7”
10. The Unlovables: Heartsickle CD

Mike Frame:
1. Lucinda Williams: West (Lost Highway)
2. John Fogerty: Revival (Fantasy)
3. Public Enemy: Sell Soul (SlamJamz)
4. (tie) Lifetime (Decaydence)
Lemuria side of Split LP
5. The Go: Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride (Cass)
6. Queers: Munki Brain (Asian Man)
7. Tegan And Sara: The Con (Sire)
8. Chesterfield Kings: Psychedelic Sunrise (Wicked Cool)
9. Billy Joe Shaver: Everybody’s Brother (Compadre)
10.(tie) Steve Earle: Washington Square(New West)
Ian Hunter: Shrunken Heads (Yep Roc)

Mike G. (Drinker’s Purgatory, Pteradacdudes):
Top 10 Reasons Why I Wanna Quit My Job Everyday and Go on Tour.
10. The Chinese Telephones are way better than your and your friends’ pop punk bands.
9. The Arrivals really are the future of classic rock.
8. I will bake my face anytime with Killer Dreamer.
7. Megan, Troy, and I remove and replace a broken, piss-filled toilet.
6. Tulsa and their sour dogs.
5. J. Wang, biggest sweetheart award for ‘07.
4. Everything about Anaheim’s biggest Steven Seagal/Megadeth enthusiasts: Shred Savage.
3. Shark Pants, No People and Swing Ding Amigos for seven days straight in Japan.
2. Smoking weed with Holy Shit! during Monday Night Football.
1. Triclops!
**Shit, special recognition goes out to Las Cruces, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee homies, and duh, The Marked Men.

Mike Hunchback (Hunchback):
• Cheeky: Choke on a Cheeseburger EP—It’s as sober and face-punching of a debut EP as I’ve ever heard. Super-solid musicianship doesn’t often meet up with the kind of wonderfully warped minds that deliver lines like “YOU NAMBY PAMBY! YOU FUCKING TWINKIE!” It’s pure genius, and they’ve only just begun.

• Triclops!: Cafeteria Brutalia EP—The first time I heard about Triclops! it was described to me as “band made up of people who happen to be into unpopular things and feel the time has come to wear those influences on their sleeves.” Well, it couldn’t have been more accurate, and the result is a swooping demon of swirling intensity. They’re like a pre-historic acid trip; you’re speared on the Triceratops’s horns while the drugs start to kick in and you’re seeing trails, man. Hey, I like Faith No More too, you know?

• Lemonheads: Self-titled LP—Evan Dando takes on Karl Alverez and Bill Stevenson as his rhythm section. One of the best moves in the history of music. It’s a sweet and sour ride of awesome pop punk, completely essential to those intelligent enough to be into the last two Descendents records. The Stevenson penned “Steve’s Boy” is as great as anything he’s ever done. Totally brilliant, and I really hope they do another one.

• Shellac: Excellent Italian Greyhound LP—Their other LPs are incredible, but they only began to accomplish what “Excellent Italian Greyhound” displays in full. And it’s something most records do not and cannot display at all – a pure, thoroughly untainted vision of a band. This is the music that Bob, Todd, and Steve would still make if they were completely isolated from the planet Earth for their entire lives. It’s a total sonic treat too, with the crispest, freshest, and poppingest sounds that Albini’s ever laid on a record.

• Shellshag: Destroy Me I’m Yours LP—Not many records start off with firecrackers exploding then get BETTER. Shellshag is nothing short of everything that is right with music, and this album is a huge testament to that. It’s genre-bending psychedelic-art-punk madness from two real true hearts that are living the dream. It’s Shellshag’s world, baby. You and me? We just dance in it.

• Big Business: Here Come the Waterworks LP—A lumbering giant of slow motion, head-banging heavyosity that quite seriously touches the hidden place in my memory where I store my feelings of sadness from when I was a child. If fact, in case anybody hasn’t noticed, it seems to be a theme album of this sort.

• Tulsa: Sour Digs LP—Every song is a juicy, bittersweet monster. The rhythm section thumps and thwacks along wherever may be exactly appropriate, while the guitar painfully bends itself out of this world in a way that could occupy an hour’s worth of conversation between Neil Young and J. Mascis at a party.

• Screaming Females: What If Someone Was Watching Their TV? LP—The basement meets art class in this smile-inducing journey of three totally free spirits. Prominently shown off here is the group’s irresistible ability to smear post punk and straight-up rock together without losing even one ounce of intensity. Wholly original grooves are supplemented by sheer personality here; this band is a character indeed.

• The Ergs!: upstairs/downstairs LP—Absolutely masterful. The impossible is done when the three guys with twelve eyes actually manage to top dorkrockcorkrod. They’ve gained maturity associated with other genres of music but still pull off the impossibly sweet and sad at break-neck speeds. Nothing is held back here, and it’s hard to reveal yourself like this. This is an album that has a very big heart. They’re giving you everything.

• Trashies: What Makes a Man Get Trashed? LP—A masterpiece. A stoned-out-of-its-mind psychedelic journey through a punk-house-garbage-dump. It’s brown, just like the wrapper—you dig? Lotsa echo too! De-evolution has never been more real and this record is a road movie to it. They shun all their denier’s claims with this, a surfed-out garage punk opus to trash and the people who live in it. Complete with explosive ending. I miss them so much.

• And how’s about—Neverending Party’s Dog Eat Rat Fight 7”, Vivian Girls CDEP, the Party Garbage 7” EP, High on Fire’s Death Is This Communion LP, OM’s Pilgrimage LP, and Neurosis’s Given to the Rising LP. Damn, this year totally rocked.

Mitch Clem (illustrator extroadinaire):
1. Ben Weasel And His Iron String Quartet: These Ones Are Bitter
2. Methadones: ...This Won’t Hurt
3. Chinese Telephones: Self-titled
4. The Ergs!: upstairs/downstairs
5. Cloak/Dagger: We Are
6. Queers: Munki Brain
7. Arrivals: Marvels of Industry
8. J Church: The Horror of Life
9. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: Living with the Living
10. Down in the Dumps: Dumps Luck

Morgan (Tulsa):
Keepin’ It Casual: Ten of the Most Ruling Bands I Managed to Get Supremely Stupid to This Year:
• Boom Boom Kid
• Nasty Ponies
• Roky Erickson
• Pierced Arrows
• Marked Men
• Hidden Spots
• Johnny 2x4 And The Ripshits
• Nar
• Tina Age 13
• Party Garbage

Mr. Z.:
• Manu Chau: La Radiolina
• Streetlight Manifesto: Somewhere in the Between
• Lefty Loosie: 100 Miles an Hour
• Japanther: Scuffed up My Huffy
• Killer Dreamer: 2007 LP
• Off With Their Heads: all of their 2007 releases
• Cobra Skulls: Sitting Army
• The Copyrights: Make a Sound
• Dear Landlord/Chinese Telephones Split 7" (With a li’l shout out to Razorcake!! WOOOOO)

Naked Rob (KSCU 103.3FM):
1. Totimoshi: Ladron CD
2. Akimbo: Navigating the Bronze CD
3. Midnight Bombers: Evil Streets CD
4. Triclops: Cafeteria Brutalia CD
5. Zero Down: Old Time Revival CD
6. Cobretti: Violation Guaranteed CD
7. The Family Curses: The Family Curses CD
8. The Radishes: Good Machine CD
9. The Phenoms: Home Brain Surgery Kit CD
10. The Heavy Hearts: The Heavy Hearts CD

Nardwuar The Human Serviette:
1. Ugly Things Magazine # 25
2. music blog
3. Pointed Sticks: My Japanese Fan 7”
4. Mynah Birds: The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 6: 1966 (Neil Young’s band with Rick James band finally unleashed!)
4. Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers: Motown Anthology CD (Tommy Chong’s band finally unleashed!)
5. Go Metric Fanzine #20
6. Unlovables: Heartsickle CD
7. Cub: Betti-Cola CD
8. Equalizing Distort Fanzine
9. Brtutal Knights: The Pleasure Is All Thine LP
10. Tranzmitors: Bigger Houses, Broken Homes 7”

Nate Ganglehoff (Banner Pilot):
1. Gaslight Anthem: Sink or Swim
2. Tegan and Sara: The Con
3. Copyrights: Make Sound
4. Ringers: Detention Halls
5. Ben Weasel: These Ones Are Bitter
6. Lifetime: Self-titled
7. Dear Landlord / Chinese Telephones: split
8. Sundowner: 5412
9. Dead Mechanical: Medium Noise
10. Short Attention: Clever, Maddening, Annoying

Nick (Banner Pilot):
1. The Guts featuring Wimpy, live at Insubordination Fest in BaltimoreMD
2. The Unlovables: Heartsickle LP
3. Ben Weasel: These Ones Are Bitter
4. Dear Landlord / Chinese Telephones Split 7”
5. Chinese Telephones: Self-titled LP
6. Tegan and Sara: The Con LP
7. Drunken Boat, live at the pre-Fest in Tampa, FL
8. Witches With Dicks, live at the Fest in Gainesville, FL
9. The Gaslight Anthem: Sink or Swim LP
10. Toys that Kill, live at the Fest in Gainesville FL

PJ (No Idea):
• The Arrivals: Marvels of Industry
• The Ergs!: upstairs/downstairs
• Chuck Ragan: Feast or Famine
• Against Me!: New Wave
• The Tim Version: The Decline of the Southern Gentleman (not out yet but it’s awesome)
• The Gaslight Anthem: Sink or Swim
• High Tension Wires: Midnight Cashier
• The Hidden Spots 7”
• The FEST 6
• Naked Raygun getting back together
• The Tom Petty movie
• Grabass touring Puerto Rico, I highly recommend it.

Rev. Maxwell Nordile (Minotaur/ UZI RASH):
Top 10 Bands of 2007 Not Covered by Razorcake (in no particular order)
1. Homostupids
2. Blank Dogs
3. Pink Reason
4. Double Dagger
5. Pissed Jeans
6. Doglove
7. Unnnatural Helpers
8. Shellshag
9. Hunchback
10. Triclops!

Rhythm Chicken:
1. Supernova, live in Green Bay
2. Blue Heels, live in Sister Bay
3. Happy Schnapps Combo, live in Sister Bay
4. Brett Favre
5. A.J. Hawk
6. Al Harris
7. Skull Time: Self-titled CD
8. Giants Chair reunion gigs
9. Chili
10. The Hamms’s Bear, live sightings!!!

Ryan Young (Off With Their Heads):
1. The Low Budgets: Leave Us a Loan
2.The Arrivals: Marvels of Industry
3. Re-Volts: CDEP
4. Moving from Minneapolis to Los Angeles
5. Brainworms: Live at the Fest
6. Touring with Four Letter Word
7. Andrew Jackson Jihad: People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People
8. Touring Japan (when Yoichi wasn’t around)
9. Shyboy: Live in Japan
10. Pretty Boy Thorson: new record

Sean Cole (Toys That Kill):
Top Pathologists of All Time!
1. Thomas T. Noguchi (coroner to the stars)
2. Cyril Wecht (Anna Nicole)
3. Giovanni Morgagni (father of anatomical pathology)
4. Alice Lorraine Smith (rated 88.6 in wichita)
5. Quincy, M.E.(Rad dude)
6. Carl Rokitanski (defects in the septum of the heart)
7. Rudolph Virchow (denounced nordic mysticism)
8. Julius Cohnheim (discovered the origin of pus)
9. George Nicolas Papanicolaou (pap smear anyone?)
10. Dmitri Leonidovich Romansowski (malaria hater/fighter)

Sean Koepenick:
1. Effigies: Reside
2. Naked Raygun: What Poor Gods We Do Make (Live CD w/DVD)
3. Smoke Or Fire: This Sinking Ship
4. Chinese Telephones: Self-titled
5. Bad Religion: New Maps of Hell
6. Chelsea: Faster, Cheaper, and Better Looking
7. Dropkick Murphys: The Meanest of Times
8. The Methadones: This Won’t Hurt
9. The Stooges: The Weirdness
10. Shellac: Excellent Italian Greyhound

Steve Larder:
1. Visting Norway
2. Trashfest
3. Visting Iceland
4. Graduating
5. Drawing a lot
6. Touring seaside towns
7. Moving (again)
8. Exhibiting
9. Buying no end of records, books, and comics
10. Starting a new band

Stevo (1-2-3-4 Go!):
• The Arrivals: Marvels of Industry
• The Brokedowns: New Brains for Everyone
• White Stripes: Icky Thump
• Tim Armstrong: A Poet’s Life
• Patton Oswalt: Werewolves and Lollipops
• Arcade Fire: Neon Bible
• Modest Mouse: We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
• Gaslight Anthem: Sink or Swim
• Spoon: GaGaGaGa Ga
• Ringers: Detention Halls (I give not one shit that I put this out.)

Tim Jamison:
1. Seeing Beasts of Bourbon in L.A.
2. Seeing Beasts of Bourbon in Austin (without being part of SXSW myself)
3. First new Beasts of Bourbon album in ten years, Little Animals.
4. Only Crime in St. Louis, MO and Lawrence, KS.
5. Only Crime “Virulence”
6. Pegboy with The Arrivals NYE show in Chicago (in the future as of the writing of this list, but I’m sure it will be cool)
7. Black Cross: Severance Pays
8. Young Livers: The New Drop Era
9. The Methadones: This Won’t Hurt
10. Seeing Annihilation Time in a basement in St. Louis. Having the cops show up at the end of the set actually sort of added to the fun.

Todd Taylor:
• Arrivals, Marvels of Industry LP
• Fucked Up, Hidden World 2 x LP
• The Dan Padilla / Tiltwheel San Diego brain trust*.
• The Toys That Kill / Underground Railroad to Candyland San Pedro / Killer Dreamer braintrust.
• Future Virgins, 7”s
• Tranzmitors, self-titled LP and 7”s
• Marked Men / Riverboat Gamblers / Potential Johns / High Tension Wires Texas braintrust.
• The No Idea / A.D.D., Gainesville / Tampa braintrust.
• Chinese Telephones, self-titled LP
• The Measure [SA], Historical Fiction LP and 7”s
• The Ergs! upstairs/downstairs LP and 7”s
TIE: Knugen Faller Lugna Favoriter LP, Canadian Rifle 7”s, Tulsa Sour Digs, and Vicious Alienated LP.

* Braintrust = DIY punk’s regional again. Lots of folks are helping each other out, sharing resources and members, and kicking ass.

Ty Stranglehold:
• Forbidden Dimension: A Cool Sound Outta Hell
• The Subhumans: New Dark Age Parade
• Sheglank’d Shoulders (live and on record)
• Playing with Tiltwheel and Radon in Vegas!
• Celebrating five years of The Hoosegow
Pray For Me: The Jason Jessee Movie
• My daughter singing “The KKK Took My Baby Away”
• Jay Brown (you will live FOREVER!)
• Prime Rib wrapped in bacon