TOOTH SOUP : $11, photocopied, 36 pgs.

Nov 20, 2012

This zine is included in a package with a fourteen-track CD, stickers, and an awesome embroidered patch. There’s also some beautiful artwork by Emily, a comic, and some poetry. Tooth Soup is a folk punk group on Plan-it-X Records. They go for that Andrew Jackson Jihad vibe, with songs about adventures, loneliness, and idealism. In the track listing, each song has an explanation for what it is about, and most of the explanations are longer than the songs. Breaking down what you mean for your listener can come across as patronizing, but since the record came as a package with a zine and everything, its effect is slightly more endearing than condescending. –Katie Dunne (Plan-it-X Records, PO Box 2312, Bloomington, IN47402)



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