TOOTH: Animality: CD

Sep 27, 2008

Hardcore-metal hybrid music that’s adequately played. “Moderate Monster” has an overly long intro before kicking into a chugging first verse. The tempo slows for what I think is the chorus (but can’t be sure), and the chugging continues after that with some finger-tap soloing. There’s an annoying note in the one sheet stating that the second song, “The Stallion,” has explicit lyrics. Hey, pal, this is punk rock. We don’t need no warnings; bring on the swearing, goddammit! “The Stallion” also has a great deal of chugging, sticking with the unintended chug theme of the EP. More chugging on “Dogs of the Fight,” (thank god!) and the singer really shreds his vocal chords on a couple of screams. “Ants” is the final track and rounds out the animal chug-o-thon. It’s actually the best song on the CD and probably should have appeared first. There’s some cool artwork under the CD tray. If this were a basement show, I would have walked out after they strummed the first chord.

 –benke (Churchkey)