TOO MANY DAVES: Weekend at Dave’s: CD

Jan 20, 2011

The first time I met Davey Tiltwheel was in Vegas. We were neighbors at the amazing NevadaPalace hotel. In a (totally uncharacteristic... yeah right) bout of drunkeness, I foisted a Hoosegow beer cozie on him and he returned the favor with a Too Many Daves one. I was struck by the band’s code. Beer, weed, pizza... I’m no Dave, but those are cornerstones in life. I was hooked. Many years later, I’m still listening to the Daves. They still play songs that feel like they’re taken right out of my life. Seriously, I’ve been eying up a hot dog spinner for a looooong time. I can’t get enough of the disc. Fun songs about... Beer, weed, pizza, dudes... It doesn’t get much better that that. Also, this disc supplies us with an answer to the age old question: How can you improve on Body Count’s “Cop Killer”? You get some kids to chant “FUCK THE POLICE” in the breakdown, that’s how! Shirts off, Dudes on!

 –ty (ADD)