TOO MANY DAVES: Dawn of the Daves: 7″

With this EP you don’t get the cleverness as found on the first 2 7”s, but the overall insanity has definitely increased, which makes for an interesting listen. With a sound that’s more akin to good New Bomb Turks than any of the members’ other bands, you really get a chance to dissect the tracks on an individual basis. The opening track “I Drink Everywhere” sets an appropriate mindset for the overall tone of this record. The closing track “Sweet HomeAmerica” definitely takes it up a notch, layering delusional, patriotic talk radio over wailing guitar solos. And the four tracks in between offer varying levels of quality, but through it all you still get the ‘Daves: belligerent, unapologetic punk that there’s no point in arguing with because they’re not listening to you. It’s just pure, uncut tunnel vision, but they happen to be pointed in the right direction. Too Many Daves is an anthropology major’s thesis waiting to happen.

 –Daryl Gussin (ADD / Eager Beaver / No Shy Of The DIY)