TOO MANY DAVES: A Shit-Faced Odyssey: 7”EP

Jan 06, 2009

In this size-ist, dumb-ist, clothes-ist shit stain of a culture we call society, there was something missing: a party soundtrack that celebrates fat dudes partying without their shirts off in not-necessarily-homosexual-but-it’s-cool-if-you-are situations. This is like the Village People’s party record (I’m just assuming there is one) for those of us who mix up malt liquor for champagne and “bad ideas” for “life purpose.” And if “Fat Doodes” isn’t the catchiest rallying cry of the DIY disenfranchised to be played like Gary Glitter at half time, I don’t know what is. Is it hot in here, or is my beer crying on its own? PS: Ladies can be doodes. 

 –todd (ADD)