TONY SLY & JOEY CAPE: Acoustic: Volume Two: CD

Sep 11, 2012

Just a week before I had to turn this in to Todd, I got the shocking news of Tony Sly’s death on August 1, 2012. I had a completely different review written prior to hearing about his passing, but now I’d like to say that although I wasn’t a huge fan of No Use For A Name, I was a budding fan of Tony Sly’s solo work which was more than folk punk, more than a former frontman flying solo. While I know I’m supposed to be writing a review here, I’d like to point to Tony’s diverse body of work: eight records with No Use For A Name, two solo albums, Scorpios, a collaborative work with Cape, Jon Snodgrass and Brian Wahlstrom, plus Acoustic: Volume Two and its predecessor. Yes, Sly’s death was sudden. Yes, he will be missed. And yes, he was an awesome example of a constantly evolving musician, courageously tramping down the acoustic route. But now it’s time for you to find this out for yourself.

 –Kristen K (Fat Wreck Chords)

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