TONY SLY: 12 Step Program: CD

Sep 07, 2010

Well, it’s Tony Sly from No Use For A Name playing acoustic songs. Sometimes there’s a keyboard or a violin or some vocal harmonies, but otherwise it’s pretty much a stripped-down affair of Sly and his guitar. I’m gonna admit, I don’t really dig this wave of guys from punk bands trying to go the singer-songwriter route (ala all this Revival Tour nonsense). It’s not that I’m opposed to acoustic music on principal, it’s that I find a lot of what I’ve heard really boring. There have been couple of great things out of this trend, like Kepi Ghoulie’s inspired acoustic music, the Sundowner, and a few Frank Turner songs. As for this, like so many of the other acoustic punk outings, it feels like something you would pick up on the pop up display at a major coffee chain while you’re grabbing an Americano.

 –Adrian (Fat)