TONGUE : Sweet Meat: CD

The terror from Pasadena unleashes another assault upon an unsuspecting public. They’ve actually managed to add more depth to their already pretty cerebral art-damaged hardcore and there’s the occasional tinge of (gulp) pop on some songs. Liz’s voice is in fine form, Ivan’s guitar noodling is top notch and Rickles and Kevin lay down one hell of a solid backbeat. The production is excellent and the whole effort seems to have considerably more punch than their last effort. As if quality punk rock noise wasn’t enough, the damn thing is also filled with a bunch of CD-ROM stuff, including pictures of tours and other bands (Hey, ain’t that Beast and “Halfers” George from Media Blitz? Ron TSOL? Jula Bell?!), live footage and an unnerving loop of a severed finger. Coming from a person who notoriously talks shit even to his friends, this is one impressive release, kids. Dos lenguas sticking straight up, way up, courtesy of the East Los chapter of the Bitter Old Punk Bastard Brigade. There Rick, you got your good review. Where’s the 20 bucks you promised me in exchange for singing your band’s praises in print?

 –jimmy (Hello)