Nov 10, 2008

There’s something about streetpunk. I mention it and I get that “Here we go” look from people. Apparently, I’m a meathead, I’m a racist, I’m a thug, all because I like it. Enter Tommy And The Terrors. First of all, to call them streetpunk is a bit off because there’s way more going on than that. There’s no getting away from the strong hardcore presence, but then there are other parts, especially the guitar, that are reminiscent of early/proto-punk like the Dictators. And, yes, they do sing about rallying the boys, but the difference is that it’s followed with lyrics about going to the show to dance and how others are “acting tough” and that they “feed on fear.” There is a balance to all of it. For a song about conspiracy, “Under Surveillance,” they balance it with “Avoid the Noid,” a song about the neighbors thinking the narrator is part of a conspiracy when he’s just having a pizza party. Their lyrics are topical, intelligent, and witty, the music is inventive, the production (by Matt Kelly) is spot-on. So, when Tommy And The Terrors are what I think of with streetpunk, I’ll gladly accept the sneers and enjoy the hell out of it.

 –megan (TKO)