TOMBSTALKER / DAWN OF WOLVES: Cemetery Wolven Ritual: Split CD

Jul 13, 2010

What do you want to learn about when you listen to music? Do you want to learn about labor disputes that took place decades ago? Political struggles in countries you can’t even afford a plane ticket to? Hell no (actually, you probably do, and I do too, but just go along with me here, okay?), you want to learn about monsters! On this CD, Dawn Of Wolves teaches about the Rusalka (although they spell it Rasalka), gorgeous fish-women from Slavic mythology that lured men in with songs before drowning them (or tickling them to death, if you believe wikipedia, which you shouldn’t). Tombstalker’s death metal is a good match for DOW’s, but their educatin’ leaves something to be desired.

 –mp (Pragmatic)