TOMBOY: Sweetie: LP

Jan 13, 2016

A solid entry in the “fuck the gender binary” canon. Loud, but deliberately paced in that ‘80s alt rock kind of way. The slowed-down aesthetic does some favors for their overall sound, as the dynamics between the drums and guitars play well against each other. There’s an underlying post-punk influence that fills out the room, like the production legends of old. Tomboy sounds big, their presence is commanding on record. I can only imagine the science these guys bring to the stage. Their songwriting strength really comes out on Side B, with the off-kilter call and response of “Bethany” and the aggressively stoned but gentle “Can’t Stand You,” which make a case for the disc themselves. That’s not even mentioning their absolutely essential jam “I’m in the Fucking Band,” which is a must-listen for everyone. Buy the record if you want, absolutely listen to “I’m in the Fucking Band.” Grade: A.

 –Bryan Static (Ride The Snake,

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