TOM TOM MAGAZINE #4: $6.00, 11” x 8 ½”, printed, 54 pages

Apr 08, 2011

All bands are only as good as their drummers, so the maxim says, and I don’t disagree. All of my favorite bands are anchored by powerful drummers. I often say that punk rock needs drummers to take more of a lead role. I think that it’s time that punk rock branched out percussively—while the Melvins and Kylesa are using two drummers, with much success—I’d like to see even a bigger battery of percussion. Because of this, I was absolutely thrilled to read Tom Tom Magazine, a magazine about female drummers. I often read drum magazines because, although I’m a guitar player, I really wish I could play drums. That said, most drum magazines suck and feature drummers who I can’t stand, who don’t have a personality or play bad, boring music. Tom Tom Magazine has everything that I’m looking for—drummers that play indie rock, punk rock, world beat, movie score percussionists, Indian tabla players, avant turntablists, moms that drum, drummers who paint—Tom Tom Magazine has it all. Issue four has a great article on a group of female drummers in Rwanda, which is absolutely riveting, along with interviews and smaller pieces on female drummers from all genres. Expertly laid out, with great photos and supremely written articles, I’ve become a huge fan and will subscribe immediately. I can’t say enough about how cool the concept and execution of this magazine is—a magazine that pushes music forward instead of rehashing nostalgia. –Steve Hart (301 Bedford Ave. PMB #85, Brooklyn, NY11211)

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