TOM TOM #6: $6, 8½” x 11”, color printed, 55 pgs.

Sep 11, 2012

Tom Tom is a magazine about female drummers that is filled with interesting articles covering all aspects of the subject. The magazine has events, gear reviews, up-and-coming drummers, tips and techniques, music reviews, and interviews; pretty much everything you could ask for. With all of the details covered, from professional-looking graphic design to an oft-updated website, you can tell that the people working on this magazine aren’t phoning anything in. Another thing that I love about Tom Tom is that they don’t try to explain and defend their female-only focus; they just present their magazine to the world without apology. Take it or leave it. There’s no cutesy shit to patronize the female readers, and there’s no macho shit trying to appeal to guys as well. This magazine is brilliantly done and it covers a niche that I didn’t even know that I was interested in. Absolutely recommended. –Lauren Trout (302 Bedford Ave., PMB #85, Brooklyn, NY, 11211, [email protected])



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