TOKYO DRIFTERS, THE: Demos Project, Vol. 3: one-sided LP

Apr 13, 2008

STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES, I FINALLY HEARD A VERSION OF “I’M A MAN” THAT DOESN’T SUCK. BO DIDDLEY INCLUDED! Sounds a bit like what i imagine the Dirtbombs would sound like if all of them were Caucasian but none of them were overweight and they knew people who could get them a really good deal down at the harmonica store. I debate the functional utility of my mentioning how the second song reminds me a bit of “Hoochie” off the second Moby Grape album, thus i shall conclude my review leaving that last line unsaid. Certainly kicks ass on The Statics, if anyone would care to hear my opinion on that matter. BEST SONG: Since the powers-that-be did not feel it necessary to equip this release with track listings, i’ll say it’s one of the two covers i recognize: “I’m a Man” or the Rolling Stones’ “Stoned” BEST SONG TITLE: I’ll say “Stoned.” Boy, that Nanker Phelge had a way with words. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: It said “ /200” on the back cover of my copy. I didn’t much like the looks of that, so now it says “201/200.”

 –norb (Rockin' Bones)