Jan 23, 2012

I had a hard time figuring out what to make of this. It’s a bit of a concept album. An extended intro and the first few songs which follow seem to be telling a story, and the album art and design feel like they tie in to this concept. However, the songs on Side B of the record didn’t seem to fit conceptually with the rest of the album. Musically, this is screamy, emo-tinged post-hardcore, but with a very subdued sound. There’s a dark and almost nihilistic feel to this despite the relative lightness of the music. The guitar work is quite interesting at points, which kept my attention for multiple listens, and the drums hold down a solid beat, but the screamed stream of consciousness vocals didn’t appeal to me. Overall, this album was interesting enough to listen to a few times for purposes of a review, but it didn’t strike me as something I’d go out of my way to listen to.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Revolution Winter)

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