TODD CONGELLIERE: People in the Sand: 7”EP

Mar 31, 2009

Todd C., of FYP, Toys That Kill, Underground Railroad To Candyland, and Recess Records is a humble guy. When I saw this record sitting around and asked him if I could have a copy, he became embarrassed. He’s super comfortable with getting excited about bands he’s put out, like The Arrivals and the Bananas, but turn the conversation directly to his personal music, and… let’s just say we both get uncomfortable. I hate words like “genius” (unless you figure out cold fusion or discover a sustainable model for DIY punk worldwide, where musicians get paid as well as plumbers), but I think Todd’s a really, really smart guy, a creative and courageous musician. When I’m talking about him and say, “This is great singer-songwriter stuff. If you liked the feel of Bird Roughs, this isn’t that far from it,” please don’t picture Todd being a douchenozzle, petting his ego with a feather while glazing himself in self-importance like a winter ham, but a guy playing stripped-down, slower songs that are pleasing, odd in Todd ways, and a nice, “makes sense” addition to his catalog. Imagine a movie like The Life Aquatic without the preciousness but all of the charm and wit. Are there really only fifty of these or is this part of a limited press?

 –todd (Ol’ Tennis Shoes—try Steinbeck’s old address in Salinas?)