Todd: I’ve enjoyed the Cong’s eclectic output over the years—the snotty FYP, the more focused Toys That Kill, the weird party jams of URTC, so I’m not surprised I like this “solo” material (I picked this up just before seeing a solo set, where he was accompanied by music-life-mates Jimmy and Chachi). It’s acoustic-backed with assorted drums, melodica, and a few other odd instruments. I feel that if they were going to remake one of the Twilight Zone episodes that takes place in a small town with a little weirdness, this would be the perfect soundtrack, and I love the Twilight Zone. Jacob: Conversely, never heard of the fellow. Seems to go back and forth between echo- and reverb-soaked acoustic, to full band stuff, most of which sounds like it would belong on Plan-It-X, before it had really established itself.

 –joe (People’s Republic Of Rock And Roll)