Gotta say, I’m enjoying the shit out of this current mild resurgence in cassette culture, whether or not it’s laced in irony. Jacob Hamilton’s (Tubers) got some really nice songs on here; the best ones seem to be built out of a kind of honest openness, as if the guy’s voice is about to crack from emotion (or the high notes), even though it doesn’t ever quite get there. The vocals are juxtaposed with some nice and catchy folk stuff. Whether it’s acoustic or electric, it works nearly all of the time. Comes across very similarly to an old Kind Of Like Spitting odds and ends collection tape I’ve got laying around. Nice work. Todd Congelliere (Recess Records, Underground Railroad, etc.) takes up the other side with his own batch of weirdly off-kilter yet catchy pop songs. Again, solid work; Congelliere’s stuff manages to be both bouncy and somber as fuck, and he does it in a way that I just can’t figure out. Weird songs that are surprisingly evocative. Anyway, point is this is a full-length cassette of two solo arteests who can’t sing for shit and yet sound resoundingly rad. Refreshing.

 –todd (People’s Republic of Rock And Roll)