TODD CONGE: Clown Sounds: LP

Nov 16, 2010

Call me funny, but I have little desire to see most of humanity naked. I also have no desire to hear most bands stripped down to one band member. Because when there’s no loud volume to be camouflaged by, no other band members to hide in plain sight with, no pushing electricity to crackle and deafen, most punk songwriters aren’t that good by themselves. Just sayin’. It’s like putting a spotlight to a zit and the record’s a half hour of squeezing that zit. But in that kitty cat farm that is Todd Congelliere’s creative brain, those furry motherfuckers are playful, busy, complicated, adventurous, fearless, and will always let you know when they’re hungry. So, I’m not going to say genius—because what’s a genius but someone to crucify, vilify, or ignore in the future—but one of the main creative forces in FYP, Toys That Kill, Underground Railroad To Candyland, and Stoned At Heart has a unique musical vision, one that I abide by. When it’s mostly him, a guitar, and a cast of rotating friends, the result is yearning and often sad, but always worth listening to. And it sounds fully clothed, so it doesn’t feel like you’re staring at his wiggling wang the whole length of the whole record. Because that’d make most of us uncomfortable.

 –todd (Burger / Small Pool)