May 26, 2008

Holy hell, this is intense. It’s a loveless wreck of commotion overlaid with gravel-throated, mostly unintelligible vocals that are equally likely to ravage the throat of the “singer” as they are the ears of the listener. While it does take a few forays into political commentary and offbeat industrial touches here and there, it always ends up going back to the spewing guitars and light speed drumming that ask you how fast you can slam your neck. By basic classification, it’s loud, noisy, heavy metal, but this kind of simplification is unable to convey just how sincerely disturbed this is. Originally from 1993, Supernova is one in a series of TITD re-releases on their fresh label of the same name. Now, while the new version’s slick packaging, lyric booklet (largely pointless) and retouched cover are all nice to have, how could anyone dare to consider remastering something that comes off as the soundtrack to an alien baby bursting out of its fetal pod to begin hunt for earth-flesh? Remastering should be reserved for bands who thrive on a cleaner, more accessible sound; let this fucker live to conquer in the way it originally appeared. –Reyan 

 –guest (Supernova)

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