This hard-hitting 7” combines the musings of crust groups To What End? from Sweden and Witch Hunt from Philadelphia. These bands both unleash their mayhem with a tag-team mantra that highlights their female/male dynamic lineups with both sexes offering biting vocal exchanges. In Witch Hunt’s “Punk by Numbers,” guitarist Nicole takes the verses while guitarist Rob belts out the choruses and Janine supplies backup. Gotta love bands that play as bands. Witch Hunt’s cover of Rudimentary Peni’s “Cosmetic Plague” makes for a pleasant ending track to their side of the split. To What End? brews up metallic riffs in a stew of social/political lyrics. Words to their song “Common Reject” read like direct affront against our war with Iraq: “A bullet with a chaser, so easily embraced. When served without fine points.” This fine example of Swedish hardcore makes this split worth getting. –N.L. Dewart

 –guest (Witch Hunt, Final Attempt, Fight for Your Mind)