Jul 21, 2011

I’ve reviewed two or three albums by bands on Tenzenmen and I’m starting to realize that they are like the Australian version of what I heard on Thrill Jockey Records in the mid- to late-’90s. There’s lots of Chicago-influenced, angular math rock: things that have been influenced a great deal by Bob Weston and Steve Albini and the projects they have recorded. Furthermore, the way To The North starts things out, I was reminded of a relatively unknown band from the Seattle area called Eyes Of Autumn that are no longer together but which showcased a great deal of youthful energy in their math rock stylings. To The North have an aggressive sound that is kept from being burdensome by the use of delicate guitar tones. The vocals are a bit harsh at times because they don’t show a lot of diversity. This isn’t bad but it’s not something I’m likely to hold on to, either. As with the rest of Tenzenmen material, if you miss the mid- to late-’90s indie rock/post-punk Chicago sound, then you’ll dig on this.

 –kurt (Tenzenmen)