To Hell with Research and Planning!: A Brief, Spontaneous, Pointless Interview with the Ends By Norb

Jun 25, 2004

Rev. Nørb: I've got a question. Where did you get your shoes? Tell me a little bit about your shoes.
Alex: Actually, they were a Christmas present.
Rev. Nørb: Really?
Al G.: They're Duane Peters, right?
Alex: Right.
Rev. Nørb: Go on.
Alex: That's about it. What else do you want to know? Size?
Rev. Nørb: Let us know about those fine, fine pink-looking shoes.
Alex: They were a Christmas present. They're size nine and a half. They're very comfortable. I enjoy them. I like to add pink to my wardrobe every day.
Rev. Nørb: Pink is good, pink is good. Sir, do you like the band the Equals?
Alex: I have never heard of the Equals.
Rev. Nørb: Ahh! Sir, tell me a little bit about your belt buckle.
Ian: He bought it for me for Christmas.
Rev. Nørb: There's a whole lot of Christmas spirit in this band.
Alex: We really get into it.
Rev. Nørb: Sir, how old are those shoes? That's not a current Converse color.
John: About two years.
Rev. Nørb: Really? I was a stockholder in Converse until they went bankrupt. Sir, tell me a little bit about YOUR shoes.
Al G.: These shoes were made for a guy who runs a shoe store called Atomic City in Austin. He told me he had a pair of shoes like these growing up in the fifties and he got some company to make them just because he wanted to sell them.
Rev. Nørb: Excellent. Thank you very much. That's all for today.