TNS RECORDS #14: $2.50, 8 ½” x 5 ½”, copied, 36 pgs.

Mar 07, 2013

This cool zine dedicated to DIY punk in Manchester, England is loosely based around TNS Records and its bands. It manages to be a focused and spirited effort, run by a group of people that seem incredibly organized, and is much more than a label peddling its catalog. The layout’s a little dry but cleanly laid out and still better than the majority of zines covering this sort of stuff. There are interviews with plenty of bands, mostly in the U.K., as well as folks doing radio shows, festivals, and distros. There are interesting columns about the state of DIY punk, downloading, and the concept of nihilism as a cultural focal point in British politics. Similar in scope to, say, Geneva 13, though definitely more focused on punk, this zine is a community-based, contributor-heavy effort with its heart right on its sleeve. Well done. I know I’ll be checking out some bands mentioned here. –Keith Rosson (Andy, 17 Heywood Rd., ManchesterM25 1FB, England)