TITLE FIGHT: Last Thing You Forget: CD

Crisp production, big melodies and a vocalist that can hit all the right notes and still sound a little ragged and roughhewn. While I’m always impressed with the seamless quality that bands like this almost always showcase playing live, it takes a lot more to sell me on an album. And I’m really not sure why, as Title Fight seems to be mashing all the right buttons, but there’s something here that’s falling just a little bit flat. It just seems like nowhere on The Last Thing You Forget do these guys ever really ever go off—there’s a sense of restraint here that just doesn’t work in their favor. I feel like they’re capable of going ape-shit crazy but they’re just meekly walking around pretending to be orangutans, know what I mean? To their credit, I’m hearing echoes of bands like Saves The Day, Lifetime and labelmates Death Is Not Glamorous, but they’re distant ones—Title Fight’s well into the process of firmly carving out their own place. It’s just that I don’t really feel like they’re quite there yet. Decent melodic punk stuff but just a little too unfocused and tame for me.

 –keith (Run For Cover, runforcoverrecords.com)