TITANARUM: Spastis Progressivus Aggressiorum: 7” EP

Oct 06, 2008

Two assumptions I gotta make about this band while listening to this 45: 1) They must spend oodles of money on espresso; 2) They just hafta be living on a steady diet of jazz. These two assumptions are the only way my noggin can comprehend the audacious aural onslaught they set forth over the course of the six tracks here. Dude screams his lungs out, his buddies flail on their instruments, and all of it is done at warp speed. Okay, you say, I get the caffeine connection, but jazz? Well, they lay all that clamoring and wailing on a solid bedrock of tempo, rhythm, and timing changes that fly all over the place in each song, giving an extra added spastic, ADD sheen to the proceedings. Shit, if you listen closely, you can even hear a bit of Slayer in their prime in there, which is quite a feat considering there’s precious little in the way of metal to be found. I know we’re only at the midpoint of the year, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this will handily make it into the top three hardcore releases this year.

 –jimmy (Titanarum)

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